Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Memories !

We all have memories of past Christmas's some good, some bad.
My favorite are childhood memories,
I remember many Christmas's spent with my Moms
family and my cousins, fun times.

One at My Auntie Lo's, my dads sister and her family.

My mom always did everything to make our Christmas's special, she seemed to read our minds
about what we wanted.
I don't ever remember being disappointed

I hated it when I discovered there wasn't a Santa.
I was in 2nd grade and while I was at school
one day my younger sister found the dolls my mom had hidden.
After that, Christmas didn't have the same excitement.

Sometimes I wonder if we are wrong passing the Santa myth on to our kids.

My worst Christmas's were the result of deaths in our family.

My dad died two weeks before Christmas the year I was expecting my youngest son.
We had just moved into our new home two weeks before that and
we didn't have a tree, and the house was in disarray, so we spent
that Christmas at my Mothers and Santa came for the kids at my brothers house on Christmas Eve
My daughter and oldest son were way to young to realize the sadness in the house that year.
There have been many deaths during the holidays since then, and I am always a little more anxious when December approaches.

As our family grew, our day for Christmas changed to the weekend before,
last Sunday we had our family here for the afternoon.
It was a good day, because we were all together this year.

We were going to spend Christmas Day with extended family in Mankato, but the weather kept us home this year.
We have had a very quiet week and some how I feel much calmer, I hope it lasts through the year.

There are many challenges ahead in the New year, I hope we can handle them with grace.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Three Wise Woman

Today is our family Christmas and I am feeling a little overwhelmed.
The crowd gets bigger every year with Grandchildren marrying or bringing a friend.
It reminds me of those Wise Men and Shepherds that visited Christ at his birth.

I remembered a plaque I saw once at Cracker Barrel.

Three Wise Women would have.....
Asked directions,
Arrived on time,
Helped deliver the baby,
Cleaned the stable,
Made a casserole,
Brought practical gifts and
There would be Peace on Earth

Men are the ones that screwed up this world, maybe someday a wise Woman will be in charge!

Have a good week and don't get stressed!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Friday, December 11, 2009

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Minnesota needs a new Governor, But ,

Maybe it is time to give tests to those who want to run for public office.
Ole Savior is one of Minnesota's perennial candidates for public office.
Yesterday at the DFL State Central committee meeting he was back, this time running for Governor.
The audience was polite but restrained.

Running a State and a Country is serious business Ole,
Minnesota elected Jessie Ventura as a lark and we still haven't recovered.

Next year we have a surplus of good candidates.
There are so many good candidates, I am hoping that the convention recognizes that and doesn't endorse just one of them, that way the cream will rise to the top and one candidate will come out of the primary stronger.

Our current Governor is ignoring this State and traveling the Country searching for support in his race to the White House.
At least Sarah Palin recognized she wasn't going to have time to do her book tour and run a State, I have more respect for her then Governor T PAW.
In about a month the streets will be filled with more homeless citizens because of cuts this prim donna has made trying to prove his conservatism.
Most of the Republican candidates want to lead in the same way, we can't survive another 4 years of cutting services.

Thanks to Dusty Trice,
here is a glimpse of Ole at his best!

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Viet Nam Revisted ??

When Kim Ode wrote this column back in 2002, my gut told me she was right,
and it has stayed in my thoughts.
I had hoped that by now our kids would be coming home, but now hearing that President Obama plans on giving into the Generals and sending more troops.
I am again trembling along with Kim whose 9 year old son is now in college.
If this war is to continue then we need to reinstate the draft, and we need a war tax to pay for it.

I sent her an e-mail and asked her to send me the article here it is unedited.
I hope she doesn't mind!

Headline: The thought of going to war, and the trembling begins
Date: 10/20/02
Byline: Kim Ode; Staff Writer

It's been one of those weeks, a distracting week when I couldn't

seem to hold a thought any longer than my sneezes. The chill I feel

is not from the weather, but from a growing heat. I can't shake the

feeling that we're sliding into war with little idea of how we will

climb back out.

I can't shake the voices of the veterans who write their letters

to the editor and call the radio talk shows. They want to make sure

we're clear about what going to war really means and how hard it is

to shake the memory of slaughter and chaos and the stark fright of


I can't shake the gutsy futility of the people who ask that those

in Congress who voted to support making war be so kind as to tell

us in which branch of the armed forces their children and

grandchildren have enlisted. I would grant to President Bush a

wholehearted credibility that so far has been wavering if his

daughters were to walk into their local recruiting office.

I can't shake how strangely grateful I am that weaponry has

become so efficient that, by most projections, a war would be over

with ruthless rapidity, making the prospect of my ninth-grade son

eventually being called to fight seem slim - although mothers in

the Vietnam era might have thought the same thing.

I can't shake the suspicion that all the networks long ago signed

off on plans to get their news anchors on-site as soon as possible

to provide the most dramatic backdrop.

I can't shake a sense of trepidation about going to war against

people who use donated blood to paint election posters for Saddam

Hussein and who use their own blood to mark their ballots.

I can't shake the thought that there's a family of four in a

Baghdad suburb listening to the latest news reports and feeling

both frightened and outraged that a nation possessing weapons of

mass destruction is threatening a first strike against them.

I can't shake the sense that the administration will be caught

flat-footed by how quickly the "Hoo-ya!" mood of this country will

shift against it once they start offloading coffins onto the tarmac.

I can't shake my awe at the audacity of the serial sniper for

presuming to grab headlines with his weapon of singular destruction

while we're contemplating global war.

I can't shake the certainty of the bloodlust I'd feel if any harm

came to my family because of a foreign attack, nor the bitterness I

would harbor if my country provoked it.

I can't shake my fear that Saddam Hussein is a nut case, nor my

fear that we're playing into his hands.

I can't shake the weird optimism of ordering magazine

subscriptions for the school fundraiser, nor the prospect that even

in war, because we are the United States, that I might still make

use of Fine Cooking.

I can't shake the disappointment of knowing that some may label

me unpatriotic for these views at the same time they purport to

uphold the ideals of this country's freedoms.

I can't shake the sense that I need to be ready for something.

I'm not sure what that's going to mean. But it's causing me to

tremble, tremble, tremble.


- Kim Ode's columns run Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. Write

to her at, or 425 Portland Av. S.,

Minneapolis MN 55488. For past columns, go to

Monday, November 30, 2009

The Bloom is off the Rose !

I wish that the Media would get off Tiger Woods back.
So he has a temper, and he and his wife probably had a fight.
What married couple hasn't been there.
Everyone can speculate, but since no charges have been filed he doesn't have to explain to anyone.
Slow news week and I'm sure it will end as soon as the Media gets tired or finds someone else to

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tax Exempt?? Not for Long !

I have been busy checking blogs lately.
I was curious to see if anyone was writing about the Conservative Bishop in RI who is feuding with Patrick Kennedy.
Suggesting to him and other politicians not to take Communion because they support a woman's right over her own body.
I haven't seen him scolding Republican Catholics who support the death penalty.
Maybe some rules have changed that I haven't heard about, but I know that my priest ranks that just as high as abortion rights.

In 1960 voters were concerned about electing John Kennedy, they
feared that the church would try and influence his votes and that the Vatican would be ruling from the White House.

The Catholic Church isn't the only church blackmailing politicians today.
Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell and many others have been doing it for years.

Maybe it is time for the Government to revisit their tax exemption.

What do you think about this?

I am off today to work at a Senior Luncheon, our church is hosting,

I am going to pick some brain while I am there, and see what they think.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Happy 30th Baby !!

Our oldest Grandson is now a homeowner, he moved into his first house last month and Saturday night his mom, our daughter, put together a house warming.
It was also his 30th birthday, his Mom (Linda/runningwoman)looks like his sister and said it didn't faze her to have a son turning 30.
I remember when she turned 30 and I felt the same way at that time, but between you
and me, last night was the first time I actually felt old.
Seeing all his young friends arrive brought back memories of parties past.

But the next time I see a picture of George Clooney and my heart beats a little faster, this too will pass.

David has two younger brothers, identical twins, both married and home owners.
One is father of 7 year old Amalia our red headed Princess.
The Twins have a striking resemblance to Matt Damon, though they think they are much better looking.
It is funny watching them banter back and forth, like two little roosters strutting around the room,
playing the conservatives while trying to push our political buttons.

I told them they will never be able to rock my boat,because I know I'm right and my general message to them is "I don't care who you vote for, educate your self and
just vote.
I'm proud of my boys because they care.

The house David bought was an estate sale, a 90 something lady that moved to a nursing home.
He removed all the drapes and curtains to get the "old" smell out of the house, I assume it was a dusty, musty smell in the drapes, they probably had not been cleaned for sometime.
It needs a little TLC , I am sure the previous owner was unable over the last years she lived there to do much deep cleaning, but over all the house was in very good shape.
Luckily David is an Electrician, because the house wasn't wired for the oven the previous owners had installed in the kitchen.
He took care of that and it is working fine now.
I assume they took the original stove and replaced it with a cheaper one.
He plans on ripping up all the carpeting and refinishing all the hard wood floors.
The basement will get redone into a large recreation room, a room waiting for many games of pool and darts.
A nice fenced back yard for his St. Bernard mix Bitsy to run in.
I think the lady who lived thee would be happy with the new owner.
He is the right person for this house, because there isn't any thing this kid can't do

The boys are also are Sportsmen and
I regret that my dad died way too young unable to see those hunting, fishing, genes pass down to his
great grandsons.

David like my dad lives for fishing, and in fact he said before we left the house Saturday night, "I'm going fishing tomorrow if my minnows are still alive."
I noticed a keg in the Kitchen so doubt if he left very early

That's My baby !!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Mad World!

I am here but have been so busy and haven't been able to check in on every one.
I will soon.
I worked a funeral Lunch today for a 90 year old sweetie.
She would have been so proud of the send off her family gave her.

When we got to the church the main counter had pans of Chicken Breast's in plastic bags thawing out.
There had been little confrontation with our leader and the lady in charge of the dinner tomorrow night about the possible contamination.
But we were informed to keep our paws off her chicken.
She moved it to another counter and put a sign on it "Do Not Touch."
and left.
She was coming back later to refrigerate it.
Boy I hope the dinner goes well

So what does youtube have to do with anything? Nothing really,
I just can't wait for Adam's CD to come out :)

Friday, November 06, 2009

Hearing Voices?

I am very nervous about the month of November, probably because it is the anniversary of JFK's assassination.

It seems to bring out the nutcases and they are in prime form right now.

Yesterday the shooting at Fort Hood and today the attacks in Orlando.

Both cases show men who were despondent over something that is going on in their lives.
One because he didn't want to go to Afghanistan and the other who had lost his job and was in bankruptcy and had just given up.

But why do they have to take innocent people with them, and what is the difference between what they did and a suicide bombing in the Middle East?

Yesterday Crazy Michele Bachman encouraged her rabid followers to revolt.

This supposed Christian woman who claims that God speaks to her and
is stirring up hatred every time she opens her mouth.

I was once employed at St.Peter State Mental Hospital.
there I met a lot of people like her,
they were all diagnosed as Schizophrenics.

Can't anyone put a muzzle on her before there is a tragedy we will never recover from?

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Don't forget to Vote !

I am off to the polls to vote to raise my taxes.
The only thing on our ballot is a school referendum and
I always vote for the kids!

Wish I was in New York so I could vote
for Bill Owens in New York's 23rd district.
I want see Sarah Palin and the rest
of the Tea Bagger's with egg on their face

What a coup it would be if the Democrats won this one.

Watch how the Glee leaves "F" news !

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick or Treat

The number of trick and treaters have fallen a little, but tonight we still had about 30 kids.
Well not all kids there was one little adult who came with her Russian exchange student to show her one of our many American customs.
We opened the door and Hubba was busy getting the candy when this deep voice
"I don't want your stinking candy I want your money."
I looked at the little twerp dressed in black with her face covered, and then she pulled down the zipper and there stood Runningwoman giggling.
She and Alina were having a blast going to the neighbors who didn't recognize her.

We had a lot of little cuties too, Asian, Black, Latino
and my last visitor was a middle eastern handsome young man with his daughter.

I love Halloween

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Our Friend,, Our Senator Paul

When he died, so did the conscience of the Senate.

Paul his wife Sheila and their daughter, Marcia Markuson, along with three campaign workers and two pilots, were killed on Oct. 25, 2002, just days before the Senate election.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Thank you Kitty !

Kitty sent me this little silent film,
you may recognize it from my earlier post.
There are genius's amongst us.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

No prize in this cracker jack Box !

I want this blog to be as non partisan as possible.
So here are some reasons to bow to the Elephant.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Book Selling Maybe??

Sarah Palin has no love for the mass media and has been focusing on Facebook to get her message out to her adoring followers.
Currently she has 930,000 followers, kind of depressing isn't it?
Our Minnesota Governor better get his act together, cause it is obvious that intelligence isn't going to count in the Republican party in 2012.

"Through her [million] Facebook followers she is her own virtual broadcast platform and the size of that platform makes her a player," said the source. "She can create her own reality on whatever she likes in a way that is no different than the balloon boy 'reality' created by cable producers."

Palin has made no secret of her distaste for the media since she emerged on the national stage last summer, arguing repeatedly that the press is pre-disposed against her and will twist whatever she says for their own purposes. She clearly believes that the public image of her created by the media is fundamentally incorrect and is seeking to end-run the media to speak to her backers. (Worth noting: President Obama used a number of social networking tools to speak directly to supporters without the use of the media.)

"My guess is that Team Palin is very twitchy about what they perceive as the hostile 'filter' of the regular media, so Facebook offers a direct way to communicate," said Mike Murphy, a prominent Republican media consultant who has been broadly critical of Palin. "Plus, it's not that big on correct grammar."

Get the whole story here; from Chris Cillizza at "The Fix"

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Tea for me please!

Someone sent me this video.
I guess it is suppose to be funny, but to me it is the most depressing thing I have ever seen.
I wonder what happen to this young man.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

One Word !

I usually don't do these, but Kitty asked me so nice and I really didn't have anything else to post.

The challenge: answer the survey below…you can only use one word answers!

Where is your cell phone? purse

Your hair? poofed

Your mother? nurse

Your father? hunter

Your favorite food? asian

Your dream last night? searching

Your favorite drink? Tea

Your dream/goal? move

What room are you in? office

Your hobby? Volunteerism

Your Fear? heights

Where do you want to be in 6 years? Home

Where were you last night? cards

Something that you aren’t? tall

Muffins? Pumpkin

Wish list item? Peace

Where did you grow up? Town

Last thing you did? Laundry

What are you wearing? nighty

Your TV? On

Your pets? none!

Friends? Good

Your life? Hectic

Your mood? relaxed

Missing someone? always

Vehicle? Milan

Something you’re not wearing? shoes

Your favorite store? Herbergers

Your favorite color? Teal

When was the last time you laughed? tonight

Last time you cried? yesterday

Your best friend? Heaven!

One place that I go to over and over? Hometown

One person who emails me regularly? Sister

Favorite place to eat? Changs

*I'm supposed to pass this on to six other bloggers, so if you're up for it...*


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Procrastinating Again !

Yesterday we got our official first snow making it one of the earliest in our states history.
There is still a little covering on the ground but I suspect it won't last long.
This was a wake up call for me.
I have been putting off cleaning out my closets
Why is it so hard to get rid of clothes you never wear?
Hubba has one closet, I use three and
" I never have anything to wear."

Does that sound familiar?

The new styles are so ugly that I don't even want to shop.

I have been watching Project Runway for the first time this season, because there were two
designers from Minnesota.
Ra'mon is gone, but my favorite Christopher is still there, barely.
He has been in the bottom 3 the last couple programs.
This week he is going to have to come up with something spectacular or he will be gone too.
I watch it for entertainment only, because most of the styles on the show
or in the stores are not made for someone 5 ft tall.

Which brings me back to why I have trouble getting rid of clothes.
I need to find a designer for mature woman of short stature who don't want to wear
skirts that barely cover the crotch.

Until then I will stick with slacks

Friday, October 09, 2009

Old Friends are like Old Shoes! !

It was a fun trip down to St.Peter for my mini class reunion.
The leaves are turning and I don't think even the east coast can beat the beauty in the Valley of the Jolly Green Giant.

My first stop was at The Diva's accounting office.
An old house that had been converted to office space.
Very nice Marie I was impressed.

When I got to Whiskey River and walked into "The View", a separate room that overlooks a nature area,
my first impression when I saw everyone was,
"Do I look this old?"
After I made my way around the room and talked to everyone I realized it was the gray hair that made most of them look a little bit older then others.
Only a couple of us have refused to go that direction.

Over all, most of my classmates looked pretty well preserved.
Our former Homecoming queen looked great, and to be honest it was the former football players
that seemed to have the most problems with weight gain and bad knees etc.
My advice to any prospective athletes out there is stick with Golf or Tennis.

At our last Reunion about 3 years ago, a classmate came with her new husband, "number 3."
He was very attractive and she told us it was the love of her life.
Don't know what happen to him, because she brought her new fiancee this time, and no one wanted to ask
Out of a class of 85, about 30 showed up, which was pretty good since it was put together on such short notice.
We have lost a few members, one recently and it was the reason we decided to meet.

I have suggested that we skip the formal reunion coming up in 2011 and maybe just schedule one of these meetings every year at the same time.

After lunch most of the class headed over to to one of the classmates home for pie.
I decided I didn't need the dessert and headed out to my cousins who lives on a lake about
12 miles east.

It was raining pretty heavy, but was so peaceful and quiet that I hated leaving the next morning to go home.
My cousin will soon close up her place for the winter and head for her home in Mesa.
I won't see her till next spring unless I take a quick trip west.
We'll see what happens.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Rally against Racism

Borrowed this from Flash over at Centrisity..head over there if you want to check his links to the story.
It has been upsetting to those who live in Brooklyn Park and surrounding Communities.
The right wing in this country is stirring up hatred that has even spread to otherwise peaceful Areas.
What is it going to take before Limbaugh, and all the nuts at Fox news stop the hateful rhetoric?

"Derrick Thomas was on his bike with home in his sights, returning about 1 a.m. Wednesday from hanging out with his girlfriend and cousin in Brooklyn Park.

Before he knew to be terrified, Thomas, who has autism, found himself flying over his handlebars and writhing on his back on the concrete. Standing over him, he said, were three men armed with an ax, brass knuckles and a gun.

The community will not tolerate this form of behavior and are gathering this evening in a show of solidarity to the victim. More on the Rally Against Racist Attacks:

Residents of Brooklyn Park plan to hold a rally Thursday night in reaction to the beatings last week of two black men that authorities have characterized as hate crimes.

The Rally Against Racist Attacks and in Celebration of Diversity will be held from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at Hartkopf Park, 7300 Florida Av. N. The park is near the site of the attacks. (ed- If raining the rally will be at Zanewood Community Center at 71st Street North and Zane Ave North. )

Carol Woehrer and Linda Freemon planned the demonstration after reading news accounts about the beating, deciding, in Woehrer's words, "we shouldn't wait until something even worse happens."

Yes, that's frequent Centrisity commenter, Linda. Why don't you check your schedule and see if you can join them. Racism isn't a partisan issue, it is a human moral issue! "


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Autumn Leaves

Autumn is my favorite season and
the past few days have been gorgeous,

Today I sat on my deck and read for a couple hours,
before the old memories started.

As the leaves swirled down from the trees,
I remember the smell of burning leaves and at one point was tempted to go drop a match

This week is homecoming at my home town High School and I thought about my high school days.
I wonder if they still have some of the
traditions we had back then, probably not

I remember how a large group of us would snake dance down the streets, through the stores and the theater and then end up at the fair grounds for a big bonfire.
Each class would decorate a float and someone, I don't remember who, would award prizes.
The Homecoming Queen and her attendants would ride on one of the floats and then Friday night under the lights,
the big game.

We won some and we lost some, but we still had fun.
To this day I love high school and college football.

A week from tomorrow many of my classmates will be meeting for lunch at Whiskey River in St. Peter
for a mini reunion.
Among them will be some of the former football players and the Homecoming queen.

I am looking forward to it, a casual gathering where we can catch up with each others lives.
Everyone comes to it on an equal basis now, no more cliques.

Turns out all of us had our inadequacies back then, and now we have let them go.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Time for Some Laws!

This has not been a good week.
A young mother pushing her toddler in a stroller was hit from behind by a 16 year old boy driving to school and blinded by the morninig sun.
She died of head injuries on the way to the Hospital.
The boy was devastated and held her hand until the ambulance got there.
This kid is going to be scarred for a very long time.

A 16 year old girl from Buffalo Mn.was on her way to Target to buy some CD's
walking down the rail road tracks and
wearing noise canceling head phones she had received from her Mom as a gift, listening to her favorite music.
A train trying to stop and sounding its horns and siren as he came up behind her, but
she made no attempt to move off of the tracks and was struck and killed.

Then last night when I got home from a trip to Mankato I checked my facebook ( where I stay in contact with my G kids)
and found out that my Granddaughters best friend was in a motorcycle accident.
The bike she was on blew a tire and neither she or her new boyfriend were wearing helmets.
She died last night after extensive brain surgery.
Today Alisha is going down to the hospital to support her friends parents while Chelsea's organs are being removed
The driver of the cycle in in an induced coma, but chances are he will have brain damage if he survives

The first incident might have been avoidable, because the woman probably shouldn't have been pushing the stroller in the street.
The last two are obvious, noise canceling head phones should be outlawed unless you are sitting in a chair
and personally I think there should be a helmet law in every state with a very large fine.
I now that many are opposed to it the motor cycle lobby is huge.
But there have been many incidents of lives being saved with proper helmets and I think the time has come
for that law.

Not a happy message today, but I probably only slept 5 hours last night and today my stomach is doing flip flops.
This is my outlet.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

New Rules for The President!

I am not in complete agreement with Bill Maher most of the time..but many of his points here are right on.
I like Obama, but it may be time for him to read a little more about how Lyndon Johnson got his civil rights reforms through and it wasn't by kissing the South's butt!
The Glen Beck Nation of racists is never going to agree with anything he wants.
Didn't he say in his speech ?
"The time for games is over", maybe he needs to listen to himself!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Home Run for The Prez!

Yesterday Obama made his first trip to Minnesota since he became President.
My daughter Linda took 15 year old Alina ( a Russian exchange student who is with her for the school year) to camp out at 5:00AM so they could get into the Target Center.
They did get in, and though they may not have had the front row seats she was hoping for, Alina was thrilled with the whole experience and has been e-mailing all her friends back home.
I watched from the comforts of my Living room and thought the President hit the ball right out of the park.
This Morning I could tell he was successful when I watched our Governor on "This Week with George."
None of his cutesy smiles he usually gives the National media, he snarled during most of the segment.
T-Paw was not a happy camper this morning,probably because Minnesotans opened their arms to Obama and held him tight for the few hours he was here.
This is the way Obama has to sell his ideas, and if he continues on this route we will have health care reform, if the Liberal wing of the party joins with the President.
There are times we have to compromise and look at the long term.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Minnesota State Fair

Flash and the lovely Mrs. Flash called to check on me and also to tease as they journeyed off to the Minnesota State Fair.
I love the fair and hate it that I can't go this year.
The weather has been awesome, not one bad day,
I'm sure they will break records.
Hubba and I did venture out for brunch today.
I put my vanity aside, surprisingly no one pointed and laughed,
So if I have to have this tube coming out of my nose for the rest of my life
I can probably live with it.
Everyone knows knows I hate to be seen without make up so this was a major accomplishment for me.
Hopefully tomorrow I can put my face back on.
Enjoy this mini trip to the Minnesota Fair, it's all I get ,

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Lost Weekend

Our weather has been great and I was so looking forward to the long weekend.
Then another little dust ball hit my life.
A little trip to Urgent Care, only this time for me.
I had a nose bleed that wouldn't stop, so there I was on a beautiful Wed. Night, having a balloon shoved up my nose.
The Doctor was very reassuring ..(Yaa) telling Hubba that my BP was off the chart and if it continued
that high he should get me to the Hosp before I stroked out.
Of Course my BP was high, my anxiety level was off the chart.
This is not the first time I have had a major nose problem,
25 years ago I made several trips to the ER with a similar problem but more severe then because I had been taking aspirin.
The solution then was packing the nose, shots of cocaine in the roof of my mouth and hospitalization because of the thinness of my blood..Large doses of Phenobarbital and Valium to basically keep me down, I call it my lost week. and it reinforced my feelings about drug use.
It took weeks to get that %$#@ out of my system.
, Treatments have improved and now I have this little balloon with a tube taped to the side of my face.
I see the specialist next Tuesday and he will remove it, and my BP will be high again fearing the problem will start all over.
So I am monitoring my BP twice a day to show him it is fine when I am not sitting across from someone in a white coat.

Right now I am stir crazy, I don't own a Burka and refuse to go out and have everyone asking what did you do?

Maybe a little white pill would help this time.

Life happens.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Minnesota Nice !

Bob Idso is a long time friend, he was one of the many speakers at a Town Hall Meeting in Mankato, Mn.
He is a Viet Nam Vet and has been an active member of his community.
His story is just one of many we are hearing.
Unfortunately the Media chooses to only show the protesters opposed to changes in Health care and
the Fox news fear mongers
But at this town meeting every one was allowed to speak.
It's called Minnesota Nice.

This is an Editorial from The Rochester paper Monday August, 24,2009

One family's struggle says more than 1,000-page bill;

Prior to Thursday's town hall meeting in Mankato, a member of the Post-Bulletin's editorial board chatted with Eric Thronson, a Rochester resident who was waiting for the doors to open.
"This government is getting between my four kids and the American dream," he said, pulling a photo of his youngest child from his shirt pocket. "What's Obama's hurry? Why does he have to get everything done in his first 100 or 200 days in office? My dad was a farmer, a DFLer, and he wouldn't recognize this DFL."
Ten minutes later, Dave Blanchard, also of Rochester, expressed a different view. "I've got a granddaughter," he said. "I've got three daughters. I want to know that they're going to be able to afford health insurance for themselves and their kids. If we don't fix health care, it won't fix itself."
Two strong views, from people on either side of the political aisle, and each focused on their children.

Two hours later, an otherwise-boisterous crowd of 700 people sat in absolute silence as Bob Idso -- a resident of St. Peter, a veteran and a teacher at Mankato East High School -- took his turn talking about health care, children and a parent's nightmare.
His youngest child, Everett, is 20 years old and about to graduate from trade school. He has Crohn's disease, a chronic inflammatory condition that affects the intestines. When Everett graduated from high school, he weighed 99 pounds. He endured multiple hospitalizations and emergency room visits before a treatment program started working.
It involves a drug called Remicade, and it isn't cheap -- more than $7,000 per dose, administered every six weeks.
"It's the only thing that's been of any help to him," Bob Idso said later outside the auditorium. "But now, with his pre-existing condition, no insurance company will touch him, even if he does get a job. He tried to join the Army, but they wouldn't take him. He's thought about moving to Canada, even moving to Norway, just so he could get his treatments."
"We're desperate," Idso said with tears in his eyes -- and he wasn't alone. Several people came by to shake his hands, and there wasn't a dry eye among them.
As we look back on what we believe was an orderly, productive discussion on that drizzly evening in Mankato, we wonder how many of those present fully grasped the Idso family's desperation. Bob Idso couldn't care less which political party is able to claim victory if and when the dust settles on health care reform: All he cares about is finding a way for his son to lead a normal life that isn't dictated by the cost of medical care.
And really, that's what this nationwide debate should be about: quality of life, not just politics and dollars and cents.
Rep. Tim Walz had a lot to say on Thursday, and not all of it was well-received. He endured some boos and heckling, and more than a few times had to raise his voice to be heard over shouts from the crowd.
He admitted that he isn't fully sold on what many have dubbed "Obamacare." And on several occasions he stressed that until he sees a plan that is deficit-neutral and pays health-care providers for value, rather than on a fee-for-service basis, he won't sign on.
But his most important statement came in response to a young woman who had actually studied the reform bill and was concerned that the proposals it contains would disrupt the free-market health insurance industry, thus jeopardizing her current health plan.
Walz disagreed, and the two went back and forth for a bit about language in the bill, but then Walz made the most important point of the evening.
"We need to make a choice in this nation: Are we willing to have winners and losers in health care?" he asked, then answered his own question. "We can't treat health care as a commodity."
We have many unanswered questions about the health care reform plan. We don't know how it would be paid for, how it would be administered and how it would affect the insurance plans many of us enjoy. We hope that by the time Walz comes to Rochester for a town hall meeting -- next month, presumably -- some of the fuzziness in the current proposals will be replaced with specific details.
But we do know that right now, some people are losing in our health care system. Any reform plan that doesn't help people like Everett Idso won't be worth the paper it's printed on.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Week 4 in Recovery

It has been a hectic couple of weeks and I just haven't had time to visit the blogs.
I also had some Internet down time for a few days, but Techy Flash has taken care of that.
Runningwmn has been picking up Hubba and driving him to work this week.
He really wants to jump into his truck and go it alone, but I told him he had to get rid of the crutch first, I noticed this Morning he limped out the door on a cane.
I can see that my days are numbered.
He did drive my car when we took a trip to our Hometown on Sunday to watch the Drum and Bugle corp competition.
It was a gorgeous day and the Corps were in prime form.
Flash is probably one of the older members of Minnesota Brass, but he managed to fast foot it around the stadium and kept up with the 20 year olds.
The music and performances were awesome.
If you go to Centrisity on my links you can read more about it.
Hubba was a former drum corp member of the St.Peter Govies, after we married
and the babies came he pulled the plug on marching.
It wasn't in his blood the same way it is in his son's.
Flash went right into drum corp after marching band and has probably marched most of his adult life, the lovely Mrs. Flash is a much more patient woman then I am.
Two of my grandsons usually go with him and it was fun to see them there on Sunday.
Neither of them seem to have the urge, right now they are both looking at the military, Air Force and Navy.
School starts in a couple weeks.

Time will tell

I don't have the video of this years show which is superior to last years.
But this is a taste of drum corp.

Minnesota Brass 2008 opener.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sick In America !

Over the last week, NBC news has been showing us what it is like if you don't have health care in this country.
Why aren't we seeing these stories on every network?
This is the USA people, what in the hell is going on?
If we were in France, Britain or for that fact almost any European country and something happen to an American citizen they would be given free care.

But here in this country thousands have to stand in line to get basic care, and many are turned away.
Isn't there anyway we can stop the crazy right wing from destroying our country?
These people are shouting at town hall meetings that they don't want any Government options in health care, but many are taking Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, Police and Fire protection.

Maybe Bush was smart after all, he screened all of the people coming to his rallies etc.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

It's all about Family !

The rains went away and brought hot humid weather yesterday to our family BBQ. This year some of the family hit plateau birthdays including Hubba and Linda.

We have at least 6 Leo's in our family so you can imagine what it is like having all those bosses in one room. I wish we had gotten the group together for a picture, maybe next year.
Ignore the Smart A in the red T shirt, one of the Leo's along with his twin brother, they like to push our buttons.

Linda surprised us all with a Dixieland Trio called the Medicine Company who entertained us for about an hour. It was also great to mix nieces and nephews from both Hubba and my side of the family. A big surprise when some of our hometown friends showed up.

Since Hubba did so well with his crutches I may drive him to work tomorrow.

Not sure if that is for his sake or mine.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Whose qualified?

John McCain doesn't think Judge Sonia Sotomayer is qualified to be a Supreme Court Judge, therefore he will be voting No,
but his choice Sarah Palin was ready to be Vice President?
I wonder what kind of Mushrooms he's been eating?

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Mission accomplished !

Last night Rachel Maddow's reported that Bill Clinton was on his way to secure the release of the journalists being held in North Korea.
Some of the Clinton haters made comments that he should keep his nose out of it.
It turned out that Kim Jong Il requested Bill Clinton's visit.
A little while ago Breaking News said that Clinton was successful.
Now it is a waiting game to see if they allow them to fly back with him.
Ya got a love "The Silver Fox "

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Hubba Uodate

I went to the hospital around 9:30 we spent most of the day waiting for the Orthopedic doctor to show up and give us the results.
He was suppose to come first thing in the morning,instead he came late afternoon when he was through with is surgeries and he sauntered in.
The crappy part is, Bob was on fasting in case they had to do surgery.
Luckily it turned out to be unnecessary.
He has a couple slight cracks in his pelvis, the hip was OK.
They don't do much for it other then some therapy,kind of like a broken toe, so He will probably be at Hospital a couple more days depending on how well he does with the therapy.
Then he will need crutches for a while, which normally would slow him down, Ha!!
He will be off work the rest of the week for sure and then we will take it from there.
He is not a Happy Camper, since his birthday is on Wednesday and he had planned a Pizza party for all the guys at the shop..
Well guess what, they will still be there next week.

The worst thing the Doctor could possibly have said was "You can do anything with that leg, your recovery depends on how fast you can bear weight on that side."

He doesn't know this stubborn German very well!!

Thanks Fella.. !!!

Doctor Doctor

Yesterday while Hubba was doing yard work he tripped over the hose and fell backwards landing him on his hip.
He got up and continued to finish a few other things. I noticed him limping very badly
when he came in the house and he told me he fell, but he was fine, yey sure!
Mr. Sunshine never wants to admit that his body might have betrayed him.
My immediate thought was broken hip or pelvis, he is no spring chicken.
I called the Doctor and could not get him in to see her, they were booked solid.
They sent us to Urgent care, never again will I go that route, because after 2 hours there they sent us to the ER.
The X Ray they took showed nothing, but the fact that by then he could hardly bear any weight on his left leg she wanted him admitted to the Hospital for an MRI,
I guess X Rays miss 10% of all breaks.
If you have never been to an ER room it is an experience, after sitting in Urgent care from 4:00 to about 6:15, we headed to the Hospital to a sight that sent my stomach doing somersaults.
The waiting room was packed, and we were just 2 of the sardines sitting there.

It was about 9:00 when they finally took him to a room,and within the first 10 minutes said they were admitting him so they could do an MRI in the AM.
If there is a fracture he will have the surgery right away, if not a physical therapist will come in and appraise the situation.

I finally got to bed around midnight. I was able to fall asleep but that lasted till 4:30 and right now I am just passing time till I can go the the Hospital to find out what the verdict is.

We had visited with a young couple, a trucker and his wife, she had been having
sharp stabbing pain in her upper abdominal area so they had pulled off the road in a small town west of here and stopped at a Urgent Care they suspected gallstone or maybe an ulcer so in a few minutes time they sent them to North Memorial where we were.
It is one of the best trauma Hospitals in this area.
The trucker was carrying a load of cars out east and right now that load is sitting in a parking lot of a nearby shopping center.
She was hoping for an ulcer instead of a gallbladder problem.
She told me she had gone with her husband for the ride and never again will she be that dumb
A really cute young couple and I hope what ever they find, it is something they can treat and send them on their way.
So if you have a few extra minutes and you do pray, remember us, them, and all the people sitting in ER rooms everywhere.
Our health system sucks, the doctor at the Urgent care wasn't able to admit him to the Hospital he had to go through the paces at ER to be admitted.
Double the time Double the charges, something has to change.
Call your Senators and Congress and tell them to get to work and fix this mess they call health care.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Road Rage !

I am still stressed over an incident that happen last Thursday.
I and a friend were on our way to my daughters for a fundraiser.
We were talking and missed the turn, so I went to the next intersection and turned around.
On our way back I was driving about 30 which I think was the speed limit on that road.
A car came up behind me and hugged my tail most of the way.
I hate that..
When I signaled at least a block away from the turn and slowed down, she whipped around me honked and glared at me and proceeded to hit a car coming across the road and spun it around.
At first I felt gleeful, and we chose not to stop.
Now I feel guilty and wish I had stopped and let the other driver know that she was
not watching the road.

I wish I could quit thinking about it so my Blood Pressure would drop back to normal.

Friday, July 24, 2009

C Street part deux

Thanks to D for pointing me to this new Rachel Maddow update of C Street
Tuesday we were out of town attending the funeral of one of my friends Mom's.
Not many of those Mom's left from my youth and Kate was one of my favorites,though she just didn't look natural with out that Brandy water in her hand.
Her daughter Kathy and I have been friends since first grade, I sat with other former classmates from the our old school days
Oh the stories we could tell about those Notre Dame Nuns..
That's for another time too.
In the meantime I didn't watch much TV that day or night so missed this.
The story gets crazier and crazier, especially when you remember that these "Christ loving Nuts" were the most critical of Bill Clinton's peccadillo's.

I had planned a post on another subject, but will save for later.
Meanwhile it is time to speak up against these dregs, so post this or at least go to
you tube and send it to your email list.
Have a good weekend..

Friday, July 17, 2009

C street , Sanctuary for what?

Even though I love cool weather,
I found it was a little too cool to sit on my deck and read this afternoon.
Temps around 60 with a wind sent me inside.

While checking my e-mail I found this youtube clip from Rachel Maddows show.
I hadn't seen it and my blood began to boil as I watched it.
All of these sick so called family values Christian Conservatives need to be exposed.
Many of them screamed for Clinton's resignation and now they
have formed their own little cult so they can have their fuzzie's without anyone knowing about it.
I hope every single politician who ever went through the doors of C Street
is named.
I am anxious to see just who is on the list.

Guess I'll have to pay more attention to Rachel's show from now on.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Franken Victory weekend !

I had a busy weekend, which included attending
the Franken Victory party Saturday night.

Standing in the middle of a mob of people,
staring at backs (I'm 5 feet tall) reminded me of why I quit going to these
But I had to go to this one, and I did get to see many happy faces from the campaign.
Al was great, humble, giving us all the credit for his win,
then promising us he will work every minute for Minnesota and make us proud.
I have no doubt he is going to surprise a lot of people.
Al is not the flighty raunchy,comedian the Republicans would want you to believe.

He grew up in St.Louis Park a suburb of Minneapolis.
His mother was a Homemaker and real estate agent and his father
was a printing salesman.
They made sure he had the best education and he graduated from the prestigious Blake
Academy in 1969, he was a serious student with a sense of humor.
He attended Harvard and graduated cum laud in 1973 with a
bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science.
His interest in Politics was not something that just developed.

He has been well prepared for this new career and he will make Minnesota proud.

Sunday was another long day it involved a wedding Anniversary party in our home town and a friends daughters Graduation on our way home.

Saw many good friends and relived many good memories.

Now back to the old grind, some jobs are never done
and my sneezing today reminds me I have to get out the dust cloth.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Hows your Health?

I am a big fan of Bill Moyers Journal and try to watch the show every Friday night.
Tonight he showed how the health insurance industry had an active campaign to discredit Michael Moore
and his film Sicko.
The show is sometimes repeated so check your local PBS station and try to catch it.
Or later you can see the complete show at

Here is a teaser..

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Rambling Sarah !!

I was sitting in a motel in my hometown when I saw this.
I nearly choked on my drink.
I don't think she can ever explain why she is dumping the states problems on to the Lt. Governor.
The thought that she was almost a heart beat away from the Presidency gives me shivers.
Later at a club, my favorite Republican came up to me and said.

"Be kind to me tonight !"

I gave him a hug.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mr. Franken goes to Washington !

Senator Amy Klobuchar
will be present at a rally tomorrow at noon at the St.Paul Capital to send
our Junior Senator, Al Franken and his wife Franni off to Washington.
It has been over 6 years since the tragic death of our friend, Senator Paul Wellstone and
it was a sad day when Norm Coleman was sent to Washington in his place.
In fact it was a travesty, but finally we have someone who deserves to take back that Senate seat.
I don't know if Paul Wellstone can ever be replaced, but Al Franken is closer to Paul's views then
anyone we have, and he is going to be fun to watch.
It has been a long 7 months waiting for this race to be over,
it was a fun campaign to work on and now Al has to get to work..
Amy Klobuchar and her staff were remarkable doing the job of two Senators.
One thing Naughty Normy will get credit for
is to ensure her re-election.
No Republican will be able to touch her,
I predict she will win her next election with over 60% of the vote

Oh it is going to be fun watching Bill O'Reilly go ballistic.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael 1958-2009

I'm sad.. 1 2 3
Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcet, and Michael Jackson.
Memories for me of Elvis..

Monday, June 22, 2009

Auntie Lo..1912-2009

I thought about cutting and pasting and rewriting this eulogy that Auntie Lo's oldest Grandson Dan gave at the funeral and then I decided it was just to perfect to monkey around. He gave his permission to pass it on so I am taking that privilege and printing it here.

Most of his memories are also mine and all of the cousins lucky enough to spend summers on the farm, the chicken dinners and the homemade ice cream. The cousins would take turns turning the paddle just to get the chance to lick it later.

Dan did marvelous job in his send off and here it is.

- - - -

The year was 1912. New Mexico and Arizona became the 47 and 48 states to join the union. Robert F Scott reached the South Pole only to find that Roald Amundsen had gotten there first. The Girl Scouts of America were organized by Juliette Low and the glorious luxury liner “The Titanic” sank on her maiden voyage. In November Woodrow Wilson would be elected president. But I’m getting ahead of myself. On the first Thursday in June of 1912 two significant events occurred.

First, Mt Novarupta erupted in Alaska spewing more than thirty times the ash of the Mt St Helens eruption of 1980. It would be the largest volcanic eruption of the twentieth century. And second, in a quiet loving home near Webb, Iowa Lois Thelma Eaton was born to John Freeman Eaton & his wife Emma Alice Damstrom Eaton. She too, would leave her mark on this world.

Lois married Claude Tipton O’Clair on July 7, 1929. They lived most of their married life in Fostoria where Claude farmed for Wayne & David Simington. They had four children: Claude Darrel, Richard “Dick” Arlan, Joyce Jeanette and Valerie Jane.

I am her eldest Grandson Dan or “Danny” as she always called me. Claude Darrel O’Clair is my father. My earliest recollection of my Granny is when she and grandpa would make their annual fall pilgrimages to visit us in Montana. I am told of course that even before my memories she would hold me and at night I would stare with fascination at the moon. I so enjoyed Granny’s visits; fresh eggs and ham and bacon from the farm, cookies from Great Grandma Em and most of all love from Granny! I remember as a young boy telling her, “I’ll never get too big to sit on your lap.” I last sat, quite gently and with just a little weight, on that loving lap in 2004 at the age of 49, just to prove a point, and Granny and I laughed about it just as we did each time I sat there over the years.

I remember visiting Iowa in the summer as a child… pumping water at the pump outside her home… holding baby chicks… picking blackberries in the woods and the special pie she would make just for me in a single serving pie plate… turning the crank, at least in the beginning when it was easy, for homemade ice cream and Granny “rescuing” me from Aunt Valerie’s 4H lamb that came running to me for its bottle! I was sure it was coming to attack me. I climbed on a large stump in the front yard and yelled for help and there came Granny.

Later I remember Granny and Grandpa coming to Montana in the summer to go camping and fishing. Granny loved the outdoors. We would fish and hike during the day and play Scrabble and Yahtzee by the campfire at night. Granny taught me, by example, to appreciate the simple things in life.

Granny loved to cook. For years she cooked at Vacation Village on Lake Okoboji. What I remember most was her desserts. She baked the best pies. Lemon meringue pie with the flakiest of crusts was a personal favorite. The sweet tartness of the lemon custard makes my mouth water just thinking about it. And her pineapple upside-down cake and caramel cinnamon rolls will forever be missed.

I remember when she had hip replacement surgery… she was back on the dance floor in just six weeks! There wasn’t much that would keep that lady down.

I remember when we almost lost Grandpa and how the two of them loved each other through his final year.

After Grandpa passed Granny traveled. She took numerous bus trips and spent a few winters in Mesa, Arizona. One of her favorite spots in Arizona was a restaurant called Rustler’s Roost. You enter the building upstairs and go down a slide into the dining area! That was Granny, always up for a good time. She also enjoyed traveling to Washington state to visit her daughter Valerie and her family.

I remember the year she visited me and my young family in Louisiana. She bought my oldest son a bicycle for his sixth birthday and his four year old little brother threw such a fit we had to go back to town and buy him a bicycle too!

As time marched on her health began to decline. First, she had to give up driving. Few of us realize how hard that is until it is taken from us. We are no longer free to come and go as we please. We have to wait for rides from friends or bus schedules to go places. Still she continued to stay actively involved at the Senior Center where she loved to play cards. Finally she had to give up her independence. That which we so take for granted, until one day aging begins to close in upon us and the simplest of tasks now become a list of “chores” for another to perform for us. Thankfully, Dick and Karen and their family were close by. On Granny’s ninety-first birthday in 2003 she told me, “I never asked to be here this long. My body is shot, my headlights are out, but my engine is still running strong.” In later conversations she would often question why she was still here, why God wasn’t ready for her, and with longing in her voice ask why she just couldn’t go… Well she finally got her wish.

Monday, June 8 Granny let go of the steering wheel and that engine finally gave out ending a life that had a profound impact on who I am. Granny wasn’t perfect, none of us are. But she was a strong woman. Determination and opinion burned deep within her soul. She was the stuff that character is made of. She helped to shape who I am and who my children are and who their children are and will be. If you are here today Granny/Lois O’Clair had an impact on your life too. She left her mark on this world alright… just take a look around you.

Yes today is filled with sorrow for our loss, but let it also be filled with joy for a life well-lived… a dear sister and aunt, a loving mother, an awesome grandmother & great-grandmother, a kind and caring friend.

She was quick witted and nearly always had a comeback. Granny once said to me about aging, “I am an adventurer. This is one adventure I’ve not been on.”

Well, now she’s off on yet another adventure.

Here’s to you granny! With love from all of us.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Stay Tuned!

Last night at a reception for Joan Growe,
former Minnesota Secretary of State
and first female candidate for the Senate in 1984.

A little bird told me we may have a new Senator named by Thursday.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Remembering Tim Russert 1950-2008

Saturday June 13, was the 1 year anniversary of Tim Russerts death.

I miss his banter on Meet the Press and would love to know what his thoughts are about what is going on today.

The Boss say's it best

Friday, June 12, 2009

Vodka Lemonade Please?

We just got back from Spencer Iowa.

Hubba and I and my big Bro drove down for my Auntie Lo's funeral.
Will post something later about her when I have time to put my thoughts together.

I had reserved rooms at the Budget Inn, was quoted a much lower rate, we were charged more after we got there and the room had a lot to be desired.
Last time I trust online search.
When the wake was over I was a little too hyper to go sit in the crappy room so Hubba and I went bar searching, Bro hit the sack.
Found a couple nice places and after a couple drinks went back to the room.

Today after the funeral and visit with some of my dysfunctional Obama hating cousins,
(I'm sure they had noticed my bumper stickers,
but not the time to get into any political discussion)
we headed home in the pouring rain.

I wanted to let the guys visit, so
I drove most of the way back.
Not an easy drive, especially in the rain on Iowa's crappy roads
Minnesota's roads will soon be just as bad, since our opportunist Governor is cutting everything to the bare bones just to prove to the RNC how conservative he is.
At the rate he is going we will soon be ranked lower then Mississippi in everything.

It has been a hectic couple of weeks, but now that my Granddaughters games and graduation are over and Lo is finally at rest, maybe I can get back into a routine.

Just give me time to adjust to this loss.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

She's Back !!

My ears perked up this morning when CBS news started talking about one of my hero's,
Erin Brokovich.
She is investigating water contamination in Midland Texas.
Maybe the Bush ranch has a problem and that was why "W" acted like he didn't know what was going on most of the time.
If the green water smells funny, most people would notice.
Don't ya think?

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Congratulations, Amy!!

Great party tonight for our softball champion graduate!
Even the rain and cold didn't spoil the party.


Friday, June 05, 2009

I Believe !!!

Wow !!

They didn't make it easy and I don't know how many games like that I could watch.

We got to the game in No. Mankato, Thursday at 3:00 and were able to watch our youngest granddaughter Amy pitch an awesome game only 5 hits and 5 of the 7 innings it was 1-2-3 and they were gone to put the Elks into the Championship game at 2:00 today.
I was happy to see some family take time to cheer her on with us and her Mom and Dad.
Amy didn't get to pitch today but she bunted to move the winning run to 3rd base.

Elk River beat North St. Paul 1 to 0.

The game was over around 4:00 and the happy team and coach headed back to Elk River for a Police escort into town.
Graduation tonight, I hope the Seniors had time for a shower.
Tomorrow night at 4:00 is Amy's graduation party and even though it is suppose to be cold and rainy, I'm sure everyone will enjoy the night.

As good as Amy is, it was starter Kelsey Roche who made the all Tournament team by firing a one hit shutout in the first game to advance them and also got the final win.
Two awesome pitchers and great defense gave Elk River their first State title.

What a way to end your Senior year.

I need a drink!!!!

Elks go to State

UPDATE: GiGi is in Mankato. The amazing Elk River Elks logged double upsets, yesterday. They first defeated a pesky Mankato West club 1 - 0 and then downed the ranked Hastings team, 2 - 1, behind a stellar outing by Grand Daughter Amy Schiebel. Her 5 hit complete game propelled the Elks to the state championship game this afternoon against a hungry North St. Paul team.

Tomorrow is Amy's Graduation celebration. Regardless of what happens today, it there will be much more to celebrate. But lets cross our fingers for just one more win.

Techy Flash

- - - -

My youngest sons, youngest daughter Amy # 21, graduates this year and she has had an awesome year.
She loves her fast pitch soft ball and is one of the 2 starters for her High School team.
She is being scouted by some of the local colleges and
last Thursday she pitched an awesome game helping to send her team to State Finals next week in Mankato Mn.

Can you spell P_R_O_U_D ?

The Elk River Elks won the Region 8AAA championship and are on to state.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Judge Sonya

President Barack Obama has nominated federal appeals Judge Sonia Sotomayor 54 for the Supreme Court,
making her the first Hispanic in history picked to sit on the highest court of our country
If confirmed by the Senate, she would succeed retiring Justice David Souter.
It was time for a Latino choice, that was a no brainer.
Judge Sotomayer has been through the confirmation process twice and was approved both times overwhelmingly
Does that mean she will fly through this time?
F news began their attacks a couple weeks ago in preparation for this announcement so be prepared for more.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Good Read!

What a treasure it is when you pick up a book and discover the real joy of reading again
I have missed that for the last several months.
The choices we have had at our book club have been OK but
it has been almost a year since I read
Water for Elephants, my favorite book in 2008
I have read some good books, but not ones that would be on my list to reread again,
until last week
On Thursday I picked up a debut book I had on reserve at the library,
The Help by Kathryn Stockett
It is set in Jackson Mississippi in 1962
Eugenia "Skeeter" Phelan is fresh out of college, her dream is to become a writer.
She is a local socialite, she is bored with her haughty friends and and frustrated about how they treat their maids..
Events that happen give her the idea to write a book about these maids from their perspective.
She is able to enlist three very memorable characters to begin this project.
Skeeter,Aibileen and her best friend Minny are an unlikely trio
Skeeter needs one more person to finish this book,
her nanny Constantine who has left and no one will tell her why.
My favorite character is Minny the third narrator of the book,
a smart mouth maid who lives with an abusive husband.
Minny and her employer Celia made me laugh out loud one moment and cry the next.
I could not put this book down and when I had too,
I thought about it constantly.
To me that is a good read and it is on my list to reread it as soon as I get to a book store.
Then I can take my time and savor every word.
Let me know if you read it and what you think.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Kris Allen the new American Idol 2009

Congratulations to Kris Allen, though even he admitted that Adam deserved the win.
But as long as they continue the archaic way of voting the teeny bopper will continue to vote for the cutest, not necessarily the best

Meanwhile Adam Lambert has nothing to worry about he will be the biggest star to ever come off of Idol.

Kris will sell a lot of CD's he has one of those soothing voice's, but
I personally was a Danny Gokey fan and I can't wait for his first CD to come

Here's Kris

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hooray for the Irish..

Soon when Obama speaks to the Graduating class at Notre Dame, he can be reassured that the majority of Catholics in this country are supporting his right to do so.
A recent poll showed that 60 percent of Catholic voters were against rescinding the invitation for him to speak
at the college.
There are 195 Bishops in the US and as of today only 68 of them are protesting Obama's appearance.
How many of these Bishops protested Bush's speaking at Notre Dame?
George Bush the king of Executors and the man who caused almost 5000 American deaths with his illegal war.
Of course it does appear that the right to life movement only cares about the children that are not born yet.
These are the same men who protected molesting priests.
I am an active Catholic and I pray that the day comes that we will see some common sense brought back to our church.

Pope JohnXXIII has to be rolling in his grave.

As the President walked into the auditorium he was greeted with a long standing ovation.
There is hope in this country after all.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Jessie's Looking Pretty Good.

Every one laughed and made jokes about former Governor Jessie Ventura, but lately our pretty faced Governor Tim Pawlenty used his line item veto pen to cut
$380 million dollars out of the appropriation for General Assistance Medical care.

He is making Jessie Ventura's former term look pretty good.
Just like Bush did for Richard Nixon, Pawlenty is making Jessie Ventura smile.
Because of Tim Pawlenty's temper tantrum,
over 100,000 will lose their health insurance causing them to flood ER rooms.
He would rather cut and borrow then raise taxes on his rich friends.
Who do you think will end up paying for the added costs to the Hospitals?
His new, threatened cuts will damage our nursing home care, school's, and cities, causing large increases to local property taxes.

Twice this Governor has been elected by a small minority because of Independent candidates who took votes away from the Democrats.
He is ignoring the people of Minnesota to highlight his image
to the National Republican party.
He and Norm Coleman are typical of the current crop of Republicans,
greedy and opportunistic.

Centristy has a good post about the Governor's latest pout, go check him out.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Wanda My hero...

What did they expect when they invited Wanda Sykes to speak at the White House Correspondents dinner?
She is not only one of the best stand up comics she is edgy and I thought very restrained last night, in case you didn't see it, here is most of it.
Part two seems to be what is causing "F" News people the most grief.

Meanwhile I want all the old fossils complaining about her performance to shut the FOX up!
Feel free to pass these video's on..

Happy Mothers Day!!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Adam can be anything he wants.

Last night I taped American Idol because I was helping out at a Community Reads program.
I wanted to see the top 4 perform even though I am not a big fan of guest star Slash from Guns and Roses and expected the music to be more heavy metal then what I call rock and roll.
I am more a blues/jazz music fan
I'm glad I did tape it or I might have missed seeing Adam Lambert's Star rising.
He has been accused of being too Broadway but last night he proved he can sing anything and no matter what happens this guy is a star already.
He also performed an awesome duet with Hubba's favorite 17 year old Allison Iraheta.
I hope it helped her to make it through at least one more week.
Unfortunately that means Danny Gokey or Kris Allen will leave tonight.
Neither of these two are rock singers so their performances last night wasn't all that great.
I am still hoping for a Danny / Adam showdown, it will make for great TV and if you have never watched Idol that would be the night to watch
Here is Adams performance, you can catch the duet on youtube.

I had to update the video, since the one I had was here goes

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Where's the Money ??

Lately every time I read the morning paper there is another story that sounds like a script from "The Shield"
a series about a corrupt drug task force.
Early April there was the story of a 19 year old Fong Lee who was gunned down while being chased by police.
No drugs were found on him and the gun found near by looks like a possible plant, his family is suing the city and the police department.

Today a another law suit was filed by a man who is trying to recover 4,500.00 taken from him illegally.

Dagoberto Rodriguez Cardonos has spent the last nine months trying to recover his money,
he has not been charged with any crime connected to the money.
The law suit filed today alleges that a gang strike force took money from Cardonos and did not provide any receipt, inventory
or any paperwork.

He was at a impound lot picking up his girlfriends car when 5 plainclothes police officers arrived and ordered him and a group of other immigrants that were there to put their hands up.

Cardona said an officer searched him, found the money, held it up and said "Oh money" and then just put it in his pocket over the protests of Cardonos.

Even though he has produced proof that the money was legal, it has not been returned.
The suit also alleges that some city employee's' including lot workers and officers violated a Minneapolis ordinance that prohibits them from asking about their immigration status unless the law requires it.
Cardona, a native of Honduras didn't have a permit and was turned over to federal immigration agents.
Whether he was legal or not, his money should be returned.

The insurance premiums for the city of Mpls must be getting pretty high.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

One more for the Good Guys.

If there was anything that was going to bring the National Media back to politics in this country, Pennsylvania Sen.Arlen Specters announcement today that he is rejoining the Democratic party has done it.

Was I surprised?

Not really, I think it was only a matter of time, and if the Republicans continue their witch hunt directed by the right wing of their party. there may be others that follow,

Susan Collins, Olympia Snow maybe?

The Republicans have treated the moderates in their party shabbily because of their support of some Democratic issues, and Sen. Specter's chances of winning re-election as a Republican were getting smaller and smaller, especially in a Demcratic leaning state.

He was expecting a strong challenge in the Republican primary from former Rep. Pat Toomey.

His decision will give the Democrats a 60 seat filibuster proof majority, if Al Franken is ever allowed to take his rightful seat in the Senate.

The Minnesota Supreme Court will hear arguments beginning June 1st and hopefully by July 4th we can begin to rebuild our Constitution.
When President Obama was informed of Specter's decision, he reached out to the senator minutes later to tell him "you have my full support," and we are "thrilled to have you."

The talk jocks should be rumbling tonight, I'm just smiling.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Princess Amalia

Amalia turned 7 years old on April 22nd and I meant to post about it earlier
But I am a little depressed at how fast she is growing up.
She is the youngest member of the family, the sweetest little redhead you could ever meet.
But it won't be long before she will be in that crappy stage of life where teens hate every one around them.
It takes till their mid twenties before they start to come out of their rooms and smile again, especially girls.

Here she is with her Uncle Bitsy

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Lost in Austen

If you have followed my blog for a while, you may remember that I am a big Jane Austen fan.
It started back in 7th and 8th grade when I discovered Gothic fiction and started reading books by the Bronte sisters.
One day when I was checking out books from the library , the librarian suggested I try Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice.
It led to a very busy summer of reading .
I am also a fan of Masterpiece Classic and have been watching Charles Dickens "Little Dorrit" which concludes tonight on PBS.
Following it has been a series called Lost in Austen, kind of a
"Through the Looking Glass story" .
Elizabeth Bennett main character from Pride and Prejudice changes places with a reluctant Amanda Price who has been using Jane Austen's books as a
form of tranquilizer to juice up her boring love life.
What has really grabbed my attention in this series, is the actor who plays Mr. Darcy and the incredible resemblance he has to Heath Ledger.
I don't know how long this series is going to be on but I am definitely enjoying a new look at the story.
The scene below doesn't really show the humor of this series just a good look at
Eliot Cowan as Mr. Darcy..what do you think?