Sunday, September 13, 2009

Home Run for The Prez!

Yesterday Obama made his first trip to Minnesota since he became President.
My daughter Linda took 15 year old Alina ( a Russian exchange student who is with her for the school year) to camp out at 5:00AM so they could get into the Target Center.
They did get in, and though they may not have had the front row seats she was hoping for, Alina was thrilled with the whole experience and has been e-mailing all her friends back home.
I watched from the comforts of my Living room and thought the President hit the ball right out of the park.
This Morning I could tell he was successful when I watched our Governor on "This Week with George."
None of his cutesy smiles he usually gives the National media, he snarled during most of the segment.
T-Paw was not a happy camper this morning,probably because Minnesotans opened their arms to Obama and held him tight for the few hours he was here.
This is the way Obama has to sell his ideas, and if he continues on this route we will have health care reform, if the Liberal wing of the party joins with the President.
There are times we have to compromise and look at the long term.


Riot Kitty said...

Glad he got a warm welcome from my home state - he certainly deserves it!


tell the girls i am green with envy..

Chris said...

Yeah cousins will be proud! Wish I could have been there.....I'm sure Bachmann is squirming in her thong!

Green tea said...

Check Flash's blog Centrisity on my links he has a good post about Obama's visit with pictures.