Thursday, December 22, 2011

Republican Hypocrisy!!!

It has been quite an interesting past week. Watch this message given by State Senator Amy Koch at the end of the 2011 session. Then watch the message that follows..

The following is a roast at MNPost, an online news blog

Under Amy Kochs leadership the Republicans have been able to pass an amendment to our constitution that will be voted on next fall.
"The marriage Amendment"..they want to protect marriage between one man and one woman,to make sure that gay marriage won't destroy their happy world!

Now the rest of the story..and so it goes!!!

The Amy Koch Affair

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving !!

It has been an interesting month so far.
It started on November 1st when I came home from attending mass and doing a couple errands.
When I opened the door to the house I noticed the lights on in the down stairs.
I thought maybe Hubba had left them on.
I then put down my things and went into the office and saw the computer pulled away from the wall.
I knew something was wrong when I saw that my brand new laptop was gone.

I took the portable phone and went outside and called 911.

Within minutes a police officer arrived, and he waited for another officer to get there.
When she did, they went into the house to check and see if anyone was in there.
They came out and told me to go in and check to see what else was missing.

Everything looked fine until I got into our bedroom and found a complete mess.
The drawers from dressers were all dumped on the floor and the mattress was off the bed, I noticed then that my jewelry chest had been emptied, envelopes of money I had in my dresser and change both I and Hubba had were missing.

We were lucky in many ways, though he went into other rooms he didn't really look for anything accept what was out in the open.

We certainly learned a lesson.
Even though all my doors were double locked, I had left my bedroom window unlocked and he came came in and went out through it.
Needless to say they are now and will stay locked.

I'm sure I will never see my laptop again, but since I had a pretty good password to get into it I don't think any pawnshop will touch it.

The most frustrating part of this whole thing, is that a neighbor saw a stranger in our yard outside our garage door.
The officers were rather peeved at him for not calling to see if I was home, and then not calling 911.
He said he thought maybe it was a utility man, even though there was no vehicle in front of our houses.
I told him in the future to just call the police and they can find out if the person belongs there.

As Thanksgiving arrives I guess I should be grateful that he didn't trash my house and he scooted right out of the neighborhood when he crawled back out the window..
I have a sweet 92 year old neighbor across the street and if he had picked her house and she had been home I hate to think what would have happened.

We lost things that can be replaced, and I wasn't home, for that I am Thankful !!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Senator Chris Eaton!!

It's been a long and busy summer. The end of our special election for my niece Chris brought great results. She won her election to the Minnesota State Senate overwhelmingly..with 61% of the vote. This was the first time we have won a special election in our district. We had 3 losses in the past.

Today she was sworn in by a judge and the Secretary of the Senate a former Republican candidate for Governor introduced her. I do give him credit for his graciousness, Chris's dad, my brother came down from Superior and her siblings and spouses were here too.

Smiling down from above was not only the former Senator Linda Scheid who was thrilled that Chris agreed to run for her seat but Chris's mother , daughter and my sister, and also my mom who would have been so proud of her first grandchild. Sometimes there are good days that you just don't want to end and this was one of them.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Life goes on!!

It has been the busiest month I have ever had..Babies 1st birthdays, my class reunion and of course the Campaign for State Senate..
Chris Eaton flew through the primary with a landslide victory over her opponent, but now we start all over again.
She has a Republican and an Independent candidate, both going after her, because she is the leader.
She is a trooper and is out there every spare moment knocking on doors.
We have started to get a few more volunteers now that Labor day is past so that will certainly help.

Today I and a friend had brunch with the Governor, it was a fund raiser at a private home, we had to leave a little early to attend a meeting of the State Central Committee.
We have the best Governor.
In a small crowd he is so witty and charming..But his shyness takes over in front of a camera, which is too bad.

Last weekend was my 55th class reunion and it was the best one we have ever had.
All three days were full of activities. As we have gotten older the cliques have gotten fewer and we all just enjoyed seeing each other.
We had a small memorial service for the 9 class members that are no longer with us.
It was lead by Rev Jim a class member and retired Lutheran minister.
We also have one priest, but he didn't make it this year.
Probably busy seeing the country on his Harley.

Coming up this weekend is our Woman's Club book sale..we have over 2000 books and I am afraid we will be stuck with a lot of them.

I went from President to the fund raising Committee, not to bright, right ??

I also need to add my sympathies to the families of Eleonore Mondale and Kara Kennedy..both dying way to young.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Bits and Pieces

This has been a crazy summer so far.
It started out with funerals especially the death of our State Senator Linda Scheid and a search for someone to run for her seat. No one can replace her, which scared off a few.
After a little arm twisting my niece Chris Eaton,, agreed and is busy knocking on doors and trying to encourage people to get out and vote in the upcoming primary, September 13. She has an opponent in the primary and there will be 3 running in the general election October 18th.
As this is happening, our roads are dug up, so the city can put in new sewer plus curb and gutter.
It is a pain to get in and out of my neighborhood and wondering where we will park when they finally put in the finishing touches on our driveways and road.

Meanwhile I have my class reunion coming up in 2 weeks and it doesn't look like I will lose the 25 lbs I wanted sera sera..

The State Fair is in full swing and I probably won't get there this year.
I have always enjoyed working at the Democratic booths and interacting with the tolls that show up. But my old knees and back can't take the walking.

We are in our busy birthday month, we have been to 2 of our great grand babies first birthdays. Next Saturday we have a 3rd one and then have to wait till November for the last. It is such a joy to see how their personalities have developed.
My grandson Dusty has a 9 year old little girl and his new daughter turned 1 on the 6th of August. Last week his Identical twin brother's boy Fox turned one..Dusty showed a little bitterness about not having a boy when he gave Fox a Barbie doll for a present, always the clown.

My Woman's club is preparing for their upcoming book sale. Tomorrow I will go help with sorting, we have over 2000 books and more are coming in. We know we won't sell all of them. But it is our best money raiser and the money goes towards our scholarship fund.
Every spring we award two $1000.00 scholarships to young woman in our area.
My Presidency is over so I am back to being a follower and looking forward to it.

This is just a wee bit of what has kept me away from the blog, I am also in a couple of FB groups, anyone who wants to be friended let me know.

Sunday, August 07, 2011


I can't believe how fast this last year has flown by. Yesterday we celebrated Sofia's (our GG daughter's) first birthday. We will be busy celebrating birthdays from now till Thanksgiving. The next first birthday is August 26, for Fox our first GG grandson.

Today we spent the morning at the Church Fox's mom went to growing up. It was Fox's dedication ceremony.
I am a practicing Catholic so this was a new experience for me and for my daughter, who also practices Catholicism.
Seems none of my G kids and their families are continuing in our faith.
Don't get me wrong, I am not one of those fanatics that thinks they should all believe the way I do..I'll leave that to my deceased Lutheran mother in law. :)
I guess young people now a days need to be entertained when they go to church.
The church it self is a large stadium with several TV screens.
The service began with the parents and babies going up on the stage and being introduced to the congregation and then dedicated by their parents to Jesus Christ.
Ok , I can handle that, but it was followed by the loudest rock band I have ever heard and before long I did have to plug my ears. Hubba just shut off his hearing aid.
I am happy that my grandson and his super sweetheart wife have a church they are comfortable in.
My grandsons were not big church goers and I realize that most of the time the kids are raised in their mothers faith.
After the service we went to my grandsons in laws home for a brunch..his dad and 3rd wife and my daughter and significant other were all guests.
My ex son in law has mellowed over the years and I saw him looking in my daughter direction as she sat in busy conversation with his wife.
I wonder sometimes if he has regrets.
I know she doesn't.
They were married way to young and as they grew, they grew in different directions.
Water under the bridge now, with 4 shared Grand kids they will have to accept each other.
I did attend mass last night and I did put Kitty and her husband and family on the prayer list.
Riot Kitty's mother in law died last week after being hit by a car. keep her in your prayers.
I went on line and found this clip of the church we were at..the music here is much more mellow then what we had today.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Are Republicans playing chicken ???

What a bunch of Republican hypocrites we have in Washington right now.
Congress Has Voted 7 times since 2002 to raise the debt ceiling, but
now that Obama Is the President Republicans have decided against it.

It is so obvious to intelligent people just what is going on right now.
Republicans want to take this fight into the 2012 elections so they have a better chance of defeating President Obama.
They don't care what their fight is going to do to the American people.
The People need to take responsibility too. If they flooded the telephones and the emails of the Republican legislature maybe they would get the message.

Minnesota's shut down ended with everyone unhappy with the outcome. I think that means it was the best deal we could get at this time.
Republicans lost their battle and many of their followers are very unhappy with them.
There are a number of freshman legislators that are more then likely not going to be elected next year.
Many of the progressives are unhappy with Daytons agreement too, but he is not up for re election until 2014. If he can get a majority in the House and Senate in 2012, he will get the revenues increases our state needs.

I do not have a Masters degree in Economics but I do have common sense.

We need to end Bush's wars, his tax cuts to the rich, subsidies to the oil companies and make sure American corporations pay a fair tax.
If this is done I think we will be on our way to reducing this huge deficit George W Bush has given us.

Saturday, July 16, 2011


We got 5 inches of freaking rain last night and I have wet carpeting in the basement..
It is midnight and Steam masters will finally be here in a half hour to try and suck out most of the water from the carpet. they have been at my neighbors for over 5 hours.
I will probably be up all night.
Does anyone want to come and play ??

Monday, July 11, 2011

Compromise is not a four letter word!

I hate to shock people with another post this soon.

Today our Governor made this video, it is something that should be on every TV station in our state.
But it is up to TV stations to show it and if they don't get paid it probably won't be seen. I posted it on Face Book and here and hope others will do the same.
People don't seem to understand what is at stake if he gives in to Republicans. Their cuts would be catastrophic to the most vulnerable.
The same thing that will happen nation wide if the debt ceiling isn't raised in the next couple weeks.

Mark Dayton is a kind and caring man and I hope he can hang in there.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Eaton 4 Senate

It has been a busy month. With the death of our friend and State Senator Linda Scheid, we have been on a mission to find the right candidate to fill her seat. It took some time for us, but we did get the candidate we wanted from day one. When Linda was told a week before her death from ovarian cancer that Chris Eaton agreed to run for the seat, her response was "phenomenal".

Linda's family is on board and willing to help in any way they can,and that is very important to our cause. Now the work begins. Yesterday we spent a few hours working on a fundraising mailing that will got out to about 2500 residents. Chris has to raise 3000.00 in 50 dollar donations to qualify for matching funds from the state.

Tuesday night we will hold our first fundraiser. Chris and her family have been down a very long road recovering form the death of her beautiful daughter form a drug over dose I wrote about it back om May 30th 2007. It took all us by surprise, but Chris and her family grew from the tragedy and from that it has made her a much stronger woman and someone whose causes will be directed to the most vulnerable in our state

Chris has a website Eaton4Senate check it out.

Sunday, June 26, 2011


I don't even know where to start with this other then to share some of the thoughts that keep rambling through my brain.

I miss my sister, she died in April after many months of chemo and several trips to the hospital she decided to have hospice at home and died 4 days later The Saturday after Easter we had a very nice send off at her celebration of life.
Many of her old friends and classmates and even an old boyfriend came to share some memories. I know her suffering is over, but it is really hard for the rest of us.

Tuesday night I will attend another celebration of life for a dear friend and my State Senator Linda Scheid, she died after a long battle with ovarian cancer.
She will be missed by our community, she gave so much and asked so little.

I wish that a little more attention would be paid to fighting this horrible disease.
Maybe instead of worrying about who marries who and what woman decides she isn't ready for a baby, the congress could spend a little more of their time and money finding a cure for cancer and other debilitating diseases.

There is so much sadness in this world right now, I keep telling myself things have to get better.

Monday, May 30, 2011


April 14th I spent time with my sister while she was in hospice at home, she died later that night.
Add that to a few other complications in my life and I haven't been in a blogging mood.
This Memorial weekend has been a difficult one, besides losing my only sister to the dreaded cancer and my sister in -law last fall, it is also the 4th anniversary of my grandniece's death.
Is there an afterlife? I don't know, but if there is the the 3 of them are together.
Yesterday Hubba and I took her parents my niece and nephew in law to brunch.
It should be a happy time because it is their 30th wedding Anniversary, unfortunately this weekend will always have sad memories along with the happy ones.

Hopefully things will soon improve my state of mind.
Techy Flash and the lovely Mrs. Flash stopped over today with my cleaned out computer.
Maybe it will get me back in the mood, time will tell.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Frustrations !!

I have been without my home computer for almost a month now.
I finally figured out how to get into my blog with my new laptop.
Techy Flash has been too busy with school and drumcorp to clean out the glitches in my
old faithful.
Either that or he is stumped and won't admit it.
There have been so many things I have wanted to blog about,I will try and get back to it in about a week.
Next Tuesday I have my last board meeting as President of the Brooklyn Center Woman's club.
We need to fill our committees and it is going to involve a lot of phone time and twisting of arms.
Wish me luck..

Monday, April 11, 2011

Roller Coaster!

It just hasn't been the best couple of weeks and have not been in any mood to blog about anything,
My sister is home right now with her daughter,
and she is in the last stages of Hospice, she still has breathing difficulty and seems very weak..
Her daughter is getting a little relief from one sister and brother, who plan on coming up starting tonight so she can get back to work.
I have been keeping the family and friends updated via Face Book.
My son Flash set up a Family page on FB "Seth Trowbridge Family."
He is my Great Grandfather on my Mothers side, Flash has done well tracing family on both sides but probably goes back the farthest on the Trowbridges, and he has also traced my dads side the Eatons back to Francis Eaton who was one of the signers of the Mayflower compact.
A lot of English blood there, but
we have always been closest to my Moms side of the family and that may be because of the Irish link from my Moms maternal Grandparents.
My Mother had 3 sisters and 1 brother that made it to adulthood and we celebrated every holiday together when we were growing up.
My sister and I are as close to some of our cousins as we are to each other.
So far we have only lost one of that generation and my sister may be the next.
Cleo was a wild child growing up, she could drive me nuts. She was the Tomboy and I was the girly girl.
If she borrowed my clothes I always found them in a ball on the floor when she was through with them.
She is 18 months younger and she has an IQ that could have taken her anywhere.
But she chose an early marriage instead of school and it wasn't until 3 husbands and 4 kids later that she decided to go back to school for nursing and then worked at a State Institution until she retired.

On my way home today from my post op appointment a stupid ass truck driver passed to close to me and ripped off my side mirror..He kept right on driving and I stayed on his tail honking until he finally stopped.
He took all my information and said his Company's insurance would get back to me.
He gave me his number to call if I don't hear anything in a day or two

I guess I am rambling here, mostly because I don't know what to do to stop this dam roller coaster.

Right now I wish I had a nice bottle of Pinot Grigo, my green tea isn't helping much

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

One more day!

Another morning for my sister, her kids are all here for now, this is the latest on her Caring Bridge page written by her youngest daughter Kim.

"Well the day was hard, but she is sedated now and resting again for one more night. They took her out of the coma this morning so we could talk with her. She couldnt talk, but she could write a little and tried sign language to us. We ended up getting an translator of sign in and also a Dr was with us through it all. Very helpful. Mom was still a sassafras, told the interp that he was cute and wanted to be alone with him ;) . She was very head strong about going off the ventilator today but we were able to get through to her that if that happened, she can not go back on. The dr's really want us to give one more day since her oxygen levels had improved a little. They did try some breathing exercise with no success. So tonight she rests, we will see what tomorrow brings. We really feel better about the outcome after our day with her. Thank you everyone for all your thoughts and prayers. We are hanging together and hoping for the best. Love to all, Kimmy.."

It is just a waiting game for now, her mind is sharp as a tack but her lungs are shot..At least she is able to make a decision so her kids won't have to do it.

Today would have been our dads 104 birthday, he died from cancer when he was 56.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

It's in HIS hands !

Last night I went to bed around 12:30 and just seemed to toss and turn. I couldn't turn off my motor. Too many things going on in the world that I try to solve in my dreams and so maybe I didn't want to go there. Finally around 2:00 I took an Activan to relax me and it worked.
(Pictured on Left; Kid Sister Gigi, and little sister Cleo)
Around 8:00 AM I was woke by the phone ringing, it was my sister's youngest daughter Kim calling. She received a phone call around 2:00 AM from the Hospital, they had to intubate my sister and put her in an induced coma. She has been in the hospital since early last week with breathing problems. So now I am wondering if my sleeping problems were caused by vibes I was picking up from my sister, Cleo.

She has been up and down for the last several months. The last time I went through something like this was in 1998 when one of my closest friends was fighting a strep infection that had turned into sepsis. She lost her battle and I lost a wonderful friend. This has been a crappy week, and there are other things that haunt me right now.

Tomorrow I am having some minor eye surgery, but needless to say now a days nothing seems minor anymore . . . wish me luck and pray for my sister and her family

Her Caring Bridge update is here.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Republican Family Values??

When protesters marched at the home of State Senator Randy Hopper in WI, they were surprised to be met by his wife Alicia at the door.
Mrs. Hopper informed the marchers her husband no longer lived there and was living in Madison with his 25 year old mistress.
She also agreed to sign on to the recall effort, the recall had already been signed by the maid.
What is it with these Republican politicians who want to tell everyone else how to live their lives?
This is one recall I think will happen.
What a Pig...

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

We are One!

What Scott Walker is doing to the people in Wisconsin right now has to be stopped.
It is the beginning of the destruction of the middle class and if it takes fire around this country it will be the end of the American Dream for many.
I don't know how long the fight will continue, but if people don't want this to happen in their states they need to participate.
This is another fight for freedom and we can't afford to lose it.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

"Linda and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day!"

It has been one of those months again with lots of drama.
When things cool down maybe I'll share some of it.

Just a snippet for now.

My daughter's Medical Device company was bought by a larger group form Ireland
last fall and they are in the middle of restructuring.
She has been hearing rumors for months that her job may be in danger.
There are a few who think she is overpaid, so they assigned someone to stay close and see what she does.
He reported back to them that if they got rid of her to be prepared to divide the job she does and hire two people. It seemed to slow them down.

They have reassigned her to a new department,
she went from Sourcing Specialist to a Buyer. I think I have that right, if I don't I'm sure she will correct me.
I could add much more but not now.
Yesterday I got and e-mail from her and without her permission I am sharing it.
It made me smile and lifted some of my funk..

"I had a totally stressful day from hell. I called my girlfriend to vent about the horrible sexist remark a male co-worker said to me when we were at a supplier and I was the only female in the room, and this is a guy who I actually like and get along with. He kept referring to "the virgin product" when he was referencing some literature that we hadn't taken out of a box yet. He must have said "virgin product" three or four times and then he finally looked at me and said," oh, I guess I shouldn't be referring to virgins in front of Linda". There was a horrified dead silence and to the credit of the rest of the men in the room no laughter, but it was EXTREMELY awkward that he would make that remark at all let alone in front of suppliers! So I'm venting to my friend about the inappropriate virgin remark and she said " Well, ya know Linda, It could be a lot worse. You could actually still be a Virgin"

Despite the stressful day and after a year of being told I'm overpaid, I got a raise and a bonus, so I guess I shouldn't complain...."

Sunday, January 23, 2011

January Madness!!

What a crappy beginning to the New Year.
The killings in Tucson, just wiped me out.
This attack was bound to happen eventually.
Do I blame the hate speech from the right? No..
I wish it was that simple.
We are dealing with a young man obviously
suffering from un diagnosed Paranoid Schizophrenia, who was able to get a 9 millimeter glock.
A gun that would have been outlawed if George Bush had not allowed the assault ban to expire.
I blame the Gun lobby, and anyone who has voted to cut funds to all medical care including mental Illness.

I worked many years ago as a Psychiatric Tech at the state mental hospital in my home town.
This was back in the days when Thorazine was one of the early Psychiatric drugs.
With the drugs they have today many of our mentally ill are able to live on their own.
This includes a cousin of mine who has suffered from this illness for over 40 years.
He is one of the lucky ones who can take clozapine, which has literally saved his life.
He lives a very productive life in a residential home.
Many others could be helped if they can get the medical assistance they need.

We finally have a Governor in this state that cares about people.
Those that need the aid are going to get help within a couple months.
Aid that our former Governor Tim Pawlenty refused to sign on too.
His dreams of being President were put first over the people of our state.

Check the NAMI website it will explain more.

I received a request this past week from friend "Riot Kitty" she is going to walk again this year to raise money for NAMI in Oregon.

Feel free Kitty to post your Information here.

I have posted it on my face book and my check is in the mail.

Tuesday night President Obama will deliver his State of the Union speech.
I am hoping he will knock the ball out of the park this time.
The only way the Republicans will even consider compromise and stop their hate speech
is if Obama continues to climb in the polls.

Maybe the hate speech wasn't responsible this time, but if it continues it will be next time.

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Winter Blues!

I can't seem to get motivated, even though I have a very busy week coming up.
I think it is the lack of sunshine and the below 0 wind chills out side.
It has been a long time since we have had a winter like this one.
Overall I am a winter person, we even got married in January.
I hate the heat and humidity of the summer and have no desire to go anywhere if it
has a humid climate.
But I have had my moments lately where I wish I was spending a few days in Southern California.
Until, I talked to my cousin who has been there since before Christmas and said the weather has been miserable.
I guess I'll just have to enjoy the few minutes the sun peeks through the clouds for now.
The holidays are passed, and I have to get back into a routine.
I have Doctor appointments and meetings this month.

Tomorrow night is the big party celebrating our new Governor, I thought about going for about two seconds, but decided I would just stay home and toast him from here.
I will miss the walleye and wild rice and the Sweet Martha cookies and seeing all the happy faces.

Maybe running woman will bring me a doggy bag.