Sunday, November 20, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving !!

It has been an interesting month so far.
It started on November 1st when I came home from attending mass and doing a couple errands.
When I opened the door to the house I noticed the lights on in the down stairs.
I thought maybe Hubba had left them on.
I then put down my things and went into the office and saw the computer pulled away from the wall.
I knew something was wrong when I saw that my brand new laptop was gone.

I took the portable phone and went outside and called 911.

Within minutes a police officer arrived, and he waited for another officer to get there.
When she did, they went into the house to check and see if anyone was in there.
They came out and told me to go in and check to see what else was missing.

Everything looked fine until I got into our bedroom and found a complete mess.
The drawers from dressers were all dumped on the floor and the mattress was off the bed, I noticed then that my jewelry chest had been emptied, envelopes of money I had in my dresser and change both I and Hubba had were missing.

We were lucky in many ways, though he went into other rooms he didn't really look for anything accept what was out in the open.

We certainly learned a lesson.
Even though all my doors were double locked, I had left my bedroom window unlocked and he came came in and went out through it.
Needless to say they are now and will stay locked.

I'm sure I will never see my laptop again, but since I had a pretty good password to get into it I don't think any pawnshop will touch it.

The most frustrating part of this whole thing, is that a neighbor saw a stranger in our yard outside our garage door.
The officers were rather peeved at him for not calling to see if I was home, and then not calling 911.
He said he thought maybe it was a utility man, even though there was no vehicle in front of our houses.
I told him in the future to just call the police and they can find out if the person belongs there.

As Thanksgiving arrives I guess I should be grateful that he didn't trash my house and he scooted right out of the neighborhood when he crawled back out the window..
I have a sweet 92 year old neighbor across the street and if he had picked her house and she had been home I hate to think what would have happened.

We lost things that can be replaced, and I wasn't home, for that I am Thankful !!


Riot Kitty said...

Wow, that sucks! I'm sorry. That is creepy.


that just pisses me sorry..sounds like a kid..

Green Tea said...

Wasn't a kid..the neighbor gave a description to the police..
Kids generally trash places..

Anonymous said...

That has to be horrible. Glad the important stuff is ok, including the neighbor.

Michael Manning said...

Green Tea: I am very sorry to read this news. I've had a car stolen and know what a violation it feels like. I hope that the person(s) who did this are caught and prosecuted with some community service that will change their lives from crime to compassion.