Thursday, March 29, 2007


This week has been a tough lesson for many of our elected Congress
and Senate members.
In my state newly elected Congressman Keith Ellison is getting a lot of heat
from the peace activists who take claim to his election.
They feel betrayed, only a vote for immediate withdrawal would have been accepted.
I think this is an illegal war and
I too would like to see all of these kids come home.
I have friends and family members in this conflict.
One thing I don't quite understand though, if we do not pass funding
what happens to the troops already there?
Do they and their families get paid?
If they decide to bring the troops
home now, what do we use for funding ?
How much will it cost and what happens to those that are the last ones
Will their lives be in danger as they leave?
I still have visions of those last planes leaving Viet Nam ...and it
sickens me.
None of this sounds very simple to me and to keep my sanity, I have to
trust that our Democratic leadership knows what they are doing.
I want to point out that if we could go back to the 2000 election and if
a single issue candidate like Ralph Nader had not been in the race,
Al Gore would not only be President, but we would be looking at an
entirely different world.

I know to some people that compromise is a dirty word, but many times
it is the only way to a solution.
I strongly support what our new leadership is trying to do and I hope
our kids come home, though it may not be tomorrow, maybe it will be soon
so no one else has to die..


Saturday, March 24, 2007


Yesterday we went down to our hometown, a small college community about 90 miles south of the big city.
My friend was celebrating her birthday and her daughter DD and fiancee had flown up
for the weekend.
This was a very special birthday, because several months ago she discovered a suspicious skin tag and after several tests, it turned out to be a very rare form of melanoma.
She had successful surgery at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester. Though it was stage 3,
no cancer cells were found in the surrounding lymph nodes, so she will be watched carefully
over the next few years.
It was fun seeing everyone and knowing that all is going well.
Now we look toward summer and DD's wedding and having a happy celebration.

With the news of the return of Elizabeth Edwards cancer, it is scary to think what the future might bring.
John and Elisabeth Edwards have had so many challenges to overcome and I know that positive thinking can do nothing but help.
So with my friend, and with Elisabeth Edwards, I too will keep those positive thoughts
and hope for the best.

When I woke this morning I had a new feeling, I don't know how to explain it,
Kind of like "a New Day Dawning" maybe better things ahead for everyone.
Does that sound silly???

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


A recent visit to my Woman's Club by a PERA introduced us to a volunteer program at a nearby school.
It is highly diversified and many of the parents are not fluent in English.
They needed volunteers to help some of the children with reading and writing.
She gave such a compelling message, I decided to give it a shot.
It has been about a month now. I was assigned a 3rd grade boy I will call Patrick.
The first visit he was a little apprehensive but cooperated with me and we went through the folder that Ms.T had given me.
Patrick speaks with and accent and is from one of the African countries, my guess Liberia.
He is very bright, but right now as a 3rd grader he is only reading at a 1st grade level.
Recently when I have gone to the classroom to pick him up for our session it has been harder and harder.
He doesn't want to go with me but eventually he meets me in the media room and we go through his words and read a couple of the books, do some math and phonics pages and then I take him smiling back to his room with stars on his pages.
Yesterday was a bummer as I explain below.

Tuesday March 20,2007
My little Patrick had a complete meltdown today..He did not want to leave his classroom with me..I went down to the library to wait for him,when he finally came in a male teacher or maybe principle I'm not sure, came in with him and his teacher,
Ms. T....the poor little thing was distraught...I wanted to just hug him..but sat back and watched the teachers handle the situation.
Eventually he calmed down, after being told by the male teacher that if he didn't act respectfully he would be through for the day.
I was able to work with him for about 30 minutes..then took him back to class.

I have found out that he spent 8 years in a refuge camp with no structure and is having trouble giving up control. He can't be much more then 8 now...I feel just awful for this kid...
I have recognized that he has a talent in drawing so for the last 10 minutes I let him draw a picture..he drew a house with trees around it.
When I asked him where the house was he said "It yours"
I cried most of the way home, because all I could think of was, what will become of this kid ? Will the system break him,
or will he eventually become productive?
How many more kids are there out there like this?
Then I think about all of our kids and the opportunities they have that they don't use, and it makes me even sadder.
I wish I had an answer but I'll just have to see what next week brings.
Ms.T wants me to come back next Tuesday, I think she was afraid yesterday would do me in, but I don't give up that easily.
Tuesday they are having tests and he can't take them so she doesn't want him in the classroom distracting the other kids.
It should be an interesting day.....

Monday, March 05, 2007

Anne "The Vulture" Coulter

The Democrats best friend right now is Ann Coulter.
Her latest remarks about John Edwards have even turned conservatives against her.
A pie in the face isn't enough for this sickie.
It was funny yesterday and today listening to all of the conservatives running for cover as they distanced them selves from her.
Her latest comments were "Hey it was just a joke, I wouldn't insult gay people by comparing them to John Edwards. "
Oh that really helps your case Ann..keep it up..