Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Ariel , Gone too soon !

It has been 5 years since my brothers granddaughter died .

Since her death, her brother Jared married a beautiful young woman  and they have a son, her Grandmother Joyce and Aunt Cleo, my sister have joined her.
Her Grandfather my Brother moved back to our home town.
Her Dad was re-elected Mayor of Brooklyn Center and her Mom, my niece, was elected to the State Senate.
Many things have changed but one thing stays the same she is always in our thoughts.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

May Soon

 From MPR.
"Welcome to the May Monsoon.
Another month, another record in Minnesota. When did "extreme" weather become "normal" weather in Minnesota?
According to my MPR colleague Dr. Mark Seeley, this is already the wettest May on record at several Minnesota locations, and we still have a week to go.
It's the 2nd wettest May at MSP Airport with 8.18" so far. Another 2.16" is doable this month, even this weekend. That would make it the wettest May on record at MSP Airport."

I hope everyone has a great Memorial day weekend.
 It is  hot here today, 90 degrees, but humid hot like Florida , not AZ. hot.
The way the Barometer has been jumping around has been driving me crazy. I am walking storm warning.
I inherited my Grandma Ems arthritis and it sucks every time the weather changes.
 Air conditioning is my savior for now.

Next weekend I will be in Rochester for the Democratic Convention.
So far it has been an interesting political season, the Party of Family Values (and Adultery)  has been taken over by Ron Paul Libertarians and the old guard has been calling foul.
Thirteen of the 14 delegates elected at the State Convention to the National GOP convention will be Paul supporters, there would have been 14, but one stepped aside for Michele Bachman because she couldn't get enough votes.
Others were elected at Congressional Conventions so
there will be 40 delegates in all and 32 of them are Ron Paul supporters
There are some semi-smart Republicans in this state believe it or not.

Right now watching what is going on in Wisconsin sickens me.
 It looks like Scott Walker will prevail and if he does it  will be open season on all state employees in every state that has a Republican Governor.
I can't figure out what happen to all the Protesters, if the put their feet on the ground and started hitting every door they could make a big change.
 It seems there is always that group who likes the party and not the work.
Stay safe on the roads this weekend !

This video is a taste of what we have had  this month.