Saturday, April 28, 2012

Wake up everyone! gone for a few months and I have to learn all over how to post.
It has been a hectic couple months, between caucuses , conventions and all of my other volunteer activities.
Today we had the friends of the Library book sale and then I was off to a family gathering to celebrate the 2nd birthday of my brother's great grandson.
His grandmother, my niece Chris is in the State Senate and they are having  long sessions trying to finally complete their work before the session ends next week.
She has been baptized in fire as a new member of the Senate with Republicans in the majority who don't know what the hell they are doing.
In 2010 they elected a huge number of new members with no experience running committees. It has been a disaster, the majority leader of the Senate had an affair with her assistant, he is suing the Senate

 "a former Minnesota Senate staffer who claims he was fired because of an affair with former Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch is now saying he intends to expose female staffers who had affairs with legislators and were not fired as part of a potential lawsuit.because he was fired"
Star Tribune

 She resigned as majority leader.The assistant majority leader also resigned because he was trying to cover it up and got caught.
The State Republican party is being evicted from their offices  for back rent. they owe everyone so much money they are now under investigation.

In the end they have to ask for direction and since they don't trust anyone they don't take advice very well.
If this isn't an eye opener to those who believe in term limits nothing will be. You need experienced leadership to get any thing done properly.
Right now it looks good for our Democrats next fall.
 If they can 't take back the majority then we are doomed. Along with the idiocy going on in Washington, we should be able to rise again, that is if Democrats get off their bums and vote next fall!
More to come!!