Sunday, August 28, 2011

Bits and Pieces

This has been a crazy summer so far.
It started out with funerals especially the death of our State Senator Linda Scheid and a search for someone to run for her seat. No one can replace her, which scared off a few.
After a little arm twisting my niece Chris Eaton,, agreed and is busy knocking on doors and trying to encourage people to get out and vote in the upcoming primary, September 13. She has an opponent in the primary and there will be 3 running in the general election October 18th.
As this is happening, our roads are dug up, so the city can put in new sewer plus curb and gutter.
It is a pain to get in and out of my neighborhood and wondering where we will park when they finally put in the finishing touches on our driveways and road.

Meanwhile I have my class reunion coming up in 2 weeks and it doesn't look like I will lose the 25 lbs I wanted sera sera..

The State Fair is in full swing and I probably won't get there this year.
I have always enjoyed working at the Democratic booths and interacting with the tolls that show up. But my old knees and back can't take the walking.

We are in our busy birthday month, we have been to 2 of our great grand babies first birthdays. Next Saturday we have a 3rd one and then have to wait till November for the last. It is such a joy to see how their personalities have developed.
My grandson Dusty has a 9 year old little girl and his new daughter turned 1 on the 6th of August. Last week his Identical twin brother's boy Fox turned one..Dusty showed a little bitterness about not having a boy when he gave Fox a Barbie doll for a present, always the clown.

My Woman's club is preparing for their upcoming book sale. Tomorrow I will go help with sorting, we have over 2000 books and more are coming in. We know we won't sell all of them. But it is our best money raiser and the money goes towards our scholarship fund.
Every spring we award two $1000.00 scholarships to young woman in our area.
My Presidency is over so I am back to being a follower and looking forward to it.

This is just a wee bit of what has kept me away from the blog, I am also in a couple of FB groups, anyone who wants to be friended let me know.

Sunday, August 07, 2011


I can't believe how fast this last year has flown by. Yesterday we celebrated Sofia's (our GG daughter's) first birthday. We will be busy celebrating birthdays from now till Thanksgiving. The next first birthday is August 26, for Fox our first GG grandson.

Today we spent the morning at the Church Fox's mom went to growing up. It was Fox's dedication ceremony.
I am a practicing Catholic so this was a new experience for me and for my daughter, who also practices Catholicism.
Seems none of my G kids and their families are continuing in our faith.
Don't get me wrong, I am not one of those fanatics that thinks they should all believe the way I do..I'll leave that to my deceased Lutheran mother in law. :)
I guess young people now a days need to be entertained when they go to church.
The church it self is a large stadium with several TV screens.
The service began with the parents and babies going up on the stage and being introduced to the congregation and then dedicated by their parents to Jesus Christ.
Ok , I can handle that, but it was followed by the loudest rock band I have ever heard and before long I did have to plug my ears. Hubba just shut off his hearing aid.
I am happy that my grandson and his super sweetheart wife have a church they are comfortable in.
My grandsons were not big church goers and I realize that most of the time the kids are raised in their mothers faith.
After the service we went to my grandsons in laws home for a brunch..his dad and 3rd wife and my daughter and significant other were all guests.
My ex son in law has mellowed over the years and I saw him looking in my daughter direction as she sat in busy conversation with his wife.
I wonder sometimes if he has regrets.
I know she doesn't.
They were married way to young and as they grew, they grew in different directions.
Water under the bridge now, with 4 shared Grand kids they will have to accept each other.
I did attend mass last night and I did put Kitty and her husband and family on the prayer list.
Riot Kitty's mother in law died last week after being hit by a car. keep her in your prayers.
I went on line and found this clip of the church we were at..the music here is much more mellow then what we had today.