Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy 2011 !!

We are planning a very quiet evening at home..I am ot in any kind of party mood.
I just got home from a very frustrating shopping trip.
I am looking for a plain old 6 cup old Corelle ( I had bought it at Target) some years ago is cracked..
Sounded simple to me.
Just about every sales person showed me their T kettles and looked dense when I said
I wanted a T-Pot, not kettle.
One lady told me, we don't keep them in stock anymore, every one uses their micro wave to make Tea.
I just gave her my GiGi look and said. "They aren't Tea drinkers !" and walked a way.
I decided it was time to give up the search for the day
I hate ordering anything on line, and even though I did find one I like sorta..I just couldn't bring my self to order it.
Maybe next week I'll hit some more stores .
Hubba and I did stop for a very nice lunch and now I am going to make some tea in my cracked pot and hope it doesn't break

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone is having a great Christmas.
We had our family all together last Sunday, minus two grandsons.
It was a good day and all the new babies were kinda in awe of everything that was going on.
My niece's grandson, Elijah, was the oldest born last March.
He was busy just jabbering to everyone, and if you weren't paying attention he would turn your face to him and continue his chatter.
I wish I understood his language, because he was really hot about something.
When my youngest G grandson cried he sounded like a donkey, so knowing I would bug his dad I said "Finally another Democrat in the family."
It wasn't appreciated.
Monday I watched my Great Grand daughter Addyson, while her Mom went to orientation for
With her runny nose and her sneezing, I began to think this might have been a mistake.
Another snowy stormy day meant her dad was late picking her up.
I realize now why people have babies while they are still young.
Those four hours wore me out.
My brother came down from Superior and spent a couple days, so I really got behind on things I was going to do.
My friends goody bags are going to be late.
Grandson Nick flew in Wednesday night from Mississippi he is home on leave from the Air force.
Today Hubba and I went to lunch with him and my son and wife.
It was so good to seem him and see how well he is doing.
So far he seems to enjoy being in the military and maybe will make it a career.
He is in training to be a Cyber Systems Annalist maybe it will keep him away from the mountains of Afghanistan.
Over all it has been a good Holidays, and I just hope that the New Year brings us a better economy
I am proud of what our President has managed to do in the last couple weeks.
Hopefully more will get done to help those who need it most.

I woke up Wed. with the beginnings of a cold and it has turned miserable so I am skipping Christmas Eve Mass and see how I am tomorrow.
Wishing all a great Christmas and a Happy New year.
Now to my favorite Christmas song sung by favorite singer from the past and his daughter from the present.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Ho Ho Ho !!

Sitting inside in the middle of a Minnesota Blizzard working on my Christmas cards and I got bored.

I had so much planned for today and this weather is not being cooperative.
We just may have 20 inches of blowing snow by tomorrow.
The last time we had a storm like this
was Halloween or Thanksgiving 1991 and we didn't get out of our house for two days.

It has been a very eventful last couple months.
Linda ( my daughter, I was 10 when she was born ) and I helped with the recount in our Governors race, she ended up with her picture on the front page of the Mpls Star Tribune, looking very intense as she examined the ballots.
Lucky for the paper they didn't choose the picture they took of me or I would have sued !
Linda also became a Grandmother 3 times between August 6th and Sept 3rd.
Then after my Grand daughter left our family Thanksgiving on the 27th of November
She gave birth to a little boy the next day.
Our family Christmas should be interesting, maybe one of the kids can tape them all crying at the same time and post it on you tube.

I also had cataract surgery on each eye and though it is great to see clearly again I am tired of being reminded of my age.
I kind of like the blurry image I was seeing in the mirror before.

I saw Jane Fonda on The View this past week and since we are the same age I perked up a little then this morning I was channel hopping and came to Madeline Albright ( also 73) giving a speech.
So now I am back to my morose self.

Enjoy the music while I go make fudge.