Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy 2011 !!

We are planning a very quiet evening at home..I am ot in any kind of party mood.
I just got home from a very frustrating shopping trip.
I am looking for a plain old 6 cup old Corelle ( I had bought it at Target) some years ago is cracked..
Sounded simple to me.
Just about every sales person showed me their T kettles and looked dense when I said
I wanted a T-Pot, not kettle.
One lady told me, we don't keep them in stock anymore, every one uses their micro wave to make Tea.
I just gave her my GiGi look and said. "They aren't Tea drinkers !" and walked a way.
I decided it was time to give up the search for the day
I hate ordering anything on line, and even though I did find one I like sorta..I just couldn't bring my self to order it.
Maybe next week I'll hit some more stores .
Hubba and I did stop for a very nice lunch and now I am going to make some tea in my cracked pot and hope it doesn't break


Riot Kitty said...

Good luck! I read an essay about tea by a British writer a long time ago...she said the same thing. No microwave tea. I think it must be a tea-drinker thing.

Green Tea said...

Your right Kitty,it has to steep in a nice pot to release the flavors..
It is my Irish/English heritage I guess :)

Chris said...

Hard to find, except in specialty stores....I lucked out and got my Mom's tea pot!!!! And I still have my Mom too!! Happy New Year....we're home with sick grandgirls, but so okay with no hoopla!!!!

Anonymous said...

I hadn't even thought to make tea in the microwave, although I steep mine in the cup, not usually in a pot.

There is a tea store in Maple Grove at the Arbor Lakes mall area. I think it is on the end near the Borders. They seem to have a wide variety of pots, teas and other accessories. Try it if you are not too far away. It is actually pretty nice as far as malls go.

Green Tea said...

I love that Tea store in Arbor Lakes..
I live in Brooklyn Center so go to maple Grove often.
I did finally find Tea Pot at Marshalls.
So I am happy now..:)

gz said...

you could always ask your local potter...then you'd have one for 'best' as well!