Sunday, September 27, 2009

Autumn Leaves

Autumn is my favorite season and
the past few days have been gorgeous,

Today I sat on my deck and read for a couple hours,
before the old memories started.

As the leaves swirled down from the trees,
I remember the smell of burning leaves and at one point was tempted to go drop a match

This week is homecoming at my home town High School and I thought about my high school days.
I wonder if they still have some of the
traditions we had back then, probably not

I remember how a large group of us would snake dance down the streets, through the stores and the theater and then end up at the fair grounds for a big bonfire.
Each class would decorate a float and someone, I don't remember who, would award prizes.
The Homecoming Queen and her attendants would ride on one of the floats and then Friday night under the lights,
the big game.

We won some and we lost some, but we still had fun.
To this day I love high school and college football.

A week from tomorrow many of my classmates will be meeting for lunch at Whiskey River in St. Peter
for a mini reunion.
Among them will be some of the former football players and the Homecoming queen.

I am looking forward to it, a casual gathering where we can catch up with each others lives.
Everyone comes to it on an equal basis now, no more cliques.

Turns out all of us had our inadequacies back then, and now we have let them go.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Time for Some Laws!

This has not been a good week.
A young mother pushing her toddler in a stroller was hit from behind by a 16 year old boy driving to school and blinded by the morninig sun.
She died of head injuries on the way to the Hospital.
The boy was devastated and held her hand until the ambulance got there.
This kid is going to be scarred for a very long time.

A 16 year old girl from Buffalo Mn.was on her way to Target to buy some CD's
walking down the rail road tracks and
wearing noise canceling head phones she had received from her Mom as a gift, listening to her favorite music.
A train trying to stop and sounding its horns and siren as he came up behind her, but
she made no attempt to move off of the tracks and was struck and killed.

Then last night when I got home from a trip to Mankato I checked my facebook ( where I stay in contact with my G kids)
and found out that my Granddaughters best friend was in a motorcycle accident.
The bike she was on blew a tire and neither she or her new boyfriend were wearing helmets.
She died last night after extensive brain surgery.
Today Alisha is going down to the hospital to support her friends parents while Chelsea's organs are being removed
The driver of the cycle in in an induced coma, but chances are he will have brain damage if he survives

The first incident might have been avoidable, because the woman probably shouldn't have been pushing the stroller in the street.
The last two are obvious, noise canceling head phones should be outlawed unless you are sitting in a chair
and personally I think there should be a helmet law in every state with a very large fine.
I now that many are opposed to it the motor cycle lobby is huge.
But there have been many incidents of lives being saved with proper helmets and I think the time has come
for that law.

Not a happy message today, but I probably only slept 5 hours last night and today my stomach is doing flip flops.
This is my outlet.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

New Rules for The President!

I am not in complete agreement with Bill Maher most of the time..but many of his points here are right on.
I like Obama, but it may be time for him to read a little more about how Lyndon Johnson got his civil rights reforms through and it wasn't by kissing the South's butt!
The Glen Beck Nation of racists is never going to agree with anything he wants.
Didn't he say in his speech ?
"The time for games is over", maybe he needs to listen to himself!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Home Run for The Prez!

Yesterday Obama made his first trip to Minnesota since he became President.
My daughter Linda took 15 year old Alina ( a Russian exchange student who is with her for the school year) to camp out at 5:00AM so they could get into the Target Center.
They did get in, and though they may not have had the front row seats she was hoping for, Alina was thrilled with the whole experience and has been e-mailing all her friends back home.
I watched from the comforts of my Living room and thought the President hit the ball right out of the park.
This Morning I could tell he was successful when I watched our Governor on "This Week with George."
None of his cutesy smiles he usually gives the National media, he snarled during most of the segment.
T-Paw was not a happy camper this morning,probably because Minnesotans opened their arms to Obama and held him tight for the few hours he was here.
This is the way Obama has to sell his ideas, and if he continues on this route we will have health care reform, if the Liberal wing of the party joins with the President.
There are times we have to compromise and look at the long term.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Minnesota State Fair

Flash and the lovely Mrs. Flash called to check on me and also to tease as they journeyed off to the Minnesota State Fair.
I love the fair and hate it that I can't go this year.
The weather has been awesome, not one bad day,
I'm sure they will break records.
Hubba and I did venture out for brunch today.
I put my vanity aside, surprisingly no one pointed and laughed,
So if I have to have this tube coming out of my nose for the rest of my life
I can probably live with it.
Everyone knows knows I hate to be seen without make up so this was a major accomplishment for me.
Hopefully tomorrow I can put my face back on.
Enjoy this mini trip to the Minnesota Fair, it's all I get ,

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Lost Weekend

Our weather has been great and I was so looking forward to the long weekend.
Then another little dust ball hit my life.
A little trip to Urgent Care, only this time for me.
I had a nose bleed that wouldn't stop, so there I was on a beautiful Wed. Night, having a balloon shoved up my nose.
The Doctor was very reassuring ..(Yaa) telling Hubba that my BP was off the chart and if it continued
that high he should get me to the Hosp before I stroked out.
Of Course my BP was high, my anxiety level was off the chart.
This is not the first time I have had a major nose problem,
25 years ago I made several trips to the ER with a similar problem but more severe then because I had been taking aspirin.
The solution then was packing the nose, shots of cocaine in the roof of my mouth and hospitalization because of the thinness of my blood..Large doses of Phenobarbital and Valium to basically keep me down, I call it my lost week. and it reinforced my feelings about drug use.
It took weeks to get that %$#@ out of my system.
, Treatments have improved and now I have this little balloon with a tube taped to the side of my face.
I see the specialist next Tuesday and he will remove it, and my BP will be high again fearing the problem will start all over.
So I am monitoring my BP twice a day to show him it is fine when I am not sitting across from someone in a white coat.

Right now I am stir crazy, I don't own a Burka and refuse to go out and have everyone asking what did you do?

Maybe a little white pill would help this time.

Life happens.