Monday, September 07, 2009

Minnesota State Fair

Flash and the lovely Mrs. Flash called to check on me and also to tease as they journeyed off to the Minnesota State Fair.
I love the fair and hate it that I can't go this year.
The weather has been awesome, not one bad day,
I'm sure they will break records.
Hubba and I did venture out for brunch today.
I put my vanity aside, surprisingly no one pointed and laughed,
So if I have to have this tube coming out of my nose for the rest of my life
I can probably live with it.
Everyone knows knows I hate to be seen without make up so this was a major accomplishment for me.
Hopefully tomorrow I can put my face back on.
Enjoy this mini trip to the Minnesota Fair, it's all I get ,


Riot Kitty said...

I'm glad you went. Hope you don't have to have the tube permanently for your own convenience's sake!


fairs are so much are fests...

Michael Manning said...

Ah yes! The carpet slide. I remember carrying that thing up the stairs and leaning forward to go fast! FUN!!!