Friday, October 31, 2008

Yes We Can !!

This is probably the most important moment in our lives.
Do what you can, even if it is only calling
or e-mailng your friends to vote.
I will be working election day at a
Obama "Get out the Vote" headquarters.
Giving rides to the polls or what ever else is needed.

Hey they say it better then me !!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Lyin', the Witch and the Wardrobe

My favorite Muckracker wrote this column. It is genius and I just wish there was more time to put it into some kind of book form.

Here is a snippet. Be sure to go to Mudflats to grab it and send it to everyone you know.

Nine more days!! What are you doing to help elect those who will give our country respect again.
Lyin', the Witch and the Wardrobe - An Alaskan Tale.

Sarah Palin has "fairy tale" written all over her. From her humble beginnings to her humble middlings, to her swift Cinderella rise to fame as Alaska's first female governor. And now to the surreal celestial realm of national celebrity, riding around in her pumpkin coach with her glass stilleto-heeled slippers trying to be the second-most important person in the land! I had almost convinced myself that this was *the* Palin metaphor, except for the one glaring problem. Cinderella was nice. Cinderella was humble, and sweet. She loved the little creatures. She sang like an angel. Cinderella was not a diva, or a pitbull, or a hockey mom. Not even close. And she didn't shoot the little creatures for fun.

The quest for the perfect Palin metaphor fell stagnant, until coffee the other day with a couple friends. We were talking about how Barack Obama truly represents the American dream, but Palin is nothing but a fairy tale. Quest for metaphor woke up again. "There has GOT to be a perfect metaphor for Sarah Palin," I kept thinking. What are her features…She's beautiful, she's seductive, she's not what she appears to be, she sucks people in, she has an agenda that people don't realize, she has no qualms about throwing people under the bus if it suits her, she's manipulative, she has a lust for power, she is the center of her world……lights flashing, buzzers buzzing, whirring machine noises……..DING! A small index card is ejected from the metaphor machine.

"Sarah Palin, Queen of Narnia". Remember the White Witch? Well…everyone /else /called her the White Witch, but she called herself the Queen. Now close your eyes, and imagine… After struggling through the world of Alaska political corruption, we suddenly find ourselves out in the fresh air, standing by a lamp post, in a strange new place. We see a sleigh silently moving across the snow. Everything is glittering, and we can see our breath. It's been snowing for a long, long time. The sleigh is pulled by six pure white caribou, (or polar bears…take your pick). There is the silver tinkling of little bells as the sleigh approaches, and we see sitting there, wrapped in the furs, and clad in something fabulous from Nieman Marcus, is the White Witch. Stunningly beautiful, icy cold, smiling.
Read the rest HERE!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Remembering Paul 1944-2002

October 25th, 2002 as we were leaving Whiskey River in St. Peter
we turned on the radio to the bulletin that Paul Wellstones plane
We headed home and that night and I with friends attended a candle light service at the State Capital for Paul and Sheila, their daughter and the others that were killed in the crash.
Paul was every one's friend, and his death hit all of us very hard.
No one more then Al Franken who came back to Minnesota to win back
Paul's Senate seat from Norm Coleman who has tarnished it.
The Polls look good right now and if Al pulls this off, Paul will be smiling down.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Whose the elitist ?

I have to admit I was blown away when
I heard about Sarah Palin's new wardrobe.
I couldn't believe the RNC would be so stupid.
They spent 150,000 dollars on clothes for her,
but they understand the middle class?
The are going to help middle America, but her wardrobe costs more then
some of the houses that middle America lives in.
Sarah Palin and McCain are running around the country talking about how they care about those that have lost their homes,
while McCain owns 7 of them and
Sarah spends 97 dollars on a little velour nappy for her son.

Sorry Sarah and John,
you represent the top 1 % of the American public who are worth millions of dollars.
Most of those you are talking to don't make 1/3 of the 150,000.00
and if they are dumb enough to vote for you then I don't feel sorry for them.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Autmn Leaves !

I have been
taking some time for my self.

Last Sunday I took a drive down to my home town,
then out to Lake Jefferson to spend time with my cousin.

Driving through the Valley of the Jolly Green Giant,
I saw the leaves at their peak,
from St.Peter to Lake Jefferson it was as beautiful as
any trip you would take in Connecticut.

I was so tempted when I got home to fill my yard with Sumac,
but I know what a weed it really is,
maybe I'll plant it next door when my neighbor is gone.

I enjoyed my visit and lunched with my cousin and my BFF from high school
My cousin will leave soon for Arizona and and my BFF for Texas.

I had a full schedule when I got back, a trip to the Chanhassen dinner theater
and lunch with cousin
Connie yesterday to catch up.
She and Hubby will be leaving for their home
in Florida on Sunday.

I am one of those rare people who love Winter, not the bitter cold days,
the brisk fresh air, and the snow crunching under my feet when I walk.

I sometimes dream that Hubba and I will be left in Minnesota during the winter
all by ourselves.

Enjoy !!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Is this Pro Life ??

I received this from Granny and wanted to share.
The information and video are from
The Defenders of Wildlife and Action Fund

"When you promote a grotesque program like Governor Sarah Palin's Alaska wolf slaughter, you can expect gruesome results.

A startling example: In June, after gunning down 14 adult wolves from a helicopter, officials from Governor Palin's Department of Fish and Game rounded up 14 orphaned wolf pups and methodically shot each one in the head in clear violation of a state law.[1]

This is a story that needs to be told. Please watch our new video on Palin's wolf killing record and share it with every animal lover you know.

Warning: This video contains the disturbing truth about Governor Palin's out-of-control wolf killing efforts.

State law prohibits the targeting of pups -- a practice known as denning. Maybe that's why Palin's officials tried to cover it up, making no mention of the brutal pup executions in the state's June 30th press release on the killings.[2] To date, none of the officials involved in the incident has been held accountable.

Governor Palin could be just a heartbeat from the presidency. Do we want a vice president who champions savagery towards animals?

Voters deserve the truth about Sarah Palin. Please watch this disturbing new video and share it with your friends."

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Hey Sarah Palin...

What do you do when it is dark gloomy and rainy outside?
I go the the blogs to see what I can steal.
Got this at YD Granny..
Perks me up..Lovin it!!

Monday, October 06, 2008

Bruce is The Man !!

My family knows I am a big "Boss" fan.
I think he is this generations Dylan.
See for your selves.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Weed them out !

Teachers are my heroes.

I think all of us can remember one teacher that opened up that little door to our brain.
Mine was named Sig, she was the assistant Principal at our High School
and she taught Social Studies.
She was tough but she was fair.
I have many teachers in my life, family and friends and I am proud of all of them.

Watching Keith Olberman last Friday night I got a glimpse of another kind of teacher
that should not be allowed in the classroom.
His name is Greg Howard, ( not the cartoonist )
a Marianna, Fla. middle-school teacher who has been suspended for
10 days without pay after he wrote a racially charged interpretation of a commonly used phrase
in the presidential campaign by Barack Obama.
In his biased way of explaining to his seventh grade class of
17 white students,six black students and one asian.
what the word Change meant in the up coming election.
Howard wrote an acronym with an explanation on a dry-erase
board in his class Sept. 26 at Marianna Middle School.

It said, "C.H.A.N.G.E. -- Come Help A (N-word) Get Elected."

He was suspended with pay Monday while the incident was investigated.

The reprimand was elevated to a 10-day suspension without pay starting Thursday.
Howard also must write a letter of apology to the students.

He is being reassigned to teach in the district's Adult Education Program.

Hopefully those adults will challenge him if he makes any other racist remarks.

Personally I think he should be fired, as far as I am concerned
his actions are just as bad as any physical molestation.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

The Glove Fits !

Last night was one of those nights when I wasn't able to sleep.
Couldn't seem to turn my motor off.
I turned on the TV just in time to see the jury in the
OJ armed robbery case, come back with their verdict.

Guilty on all twelve counts.

O.J. was acquitted of killing his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson,
precisely 13 years, to the day, this time the glove fit and
justice was served.

His confident smile he has worn for the last
13 years was finally wiped off his face.

I feel sorry for his kids, but I hope they can
now move on with their lives.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Sarah from A to Z

Having a hard time keeping track of all of Sarah Palin's statements, beliefs and record? In sympathy, I received this "Guide to Sarah Palin, A to Z", just in time for the debate..... Feel free to grab it..

Sarah Palin, A to Z

Abstinence-only education: Palin opposes all other sex education programs.

Bridge to Nowhere: Repeatedly claims to have said "thanks, but no thanks" to Congress. This is not true. Palin supported the bridge boondoggle before Congress said "no thanks," and still took the earmark from Congress for other projects. Palin has continued to spend earmarked funds on a second Bridge to Nowhere -- Don Young's Way -- named after Alaska's champion pork-barrel congressman (Young raised funds for Palin's campaign for Governor).

Censorship: Palin inquired about banning books at the Wasilla public library. Palin prepared to fire the Wasilla librarian, but backed off when the community rallied to the defense of the librarian.

Debt: Palin left Wasilla with $19 million in long-term debt (Wasilla had no debt before she was Mayor).

Earmarks: McCain has repeatedly said that Palin rejected earmarks from Congress. This is not true. Palin requested nearly $200 million in federal earmarks this year alone, by far the largest per-capita request in the nation.

Five Twenty Seven: Palin was a director of a 527 political slush fund organized by indicted Alaska Senator Ted Stevens from 2003-2005. The 527 --"Ted Stevens Excellence in Public Service, Inc." -- could raise unlimited funds from corporate donors. Stevens actively campaigned for Palin in her 2006 campaign for Governor, before being indicted by a federal grand jury for not disclosing massive home renovation, autos and other "gifts" from Veco, an oil services company.

Global Warming: Palin said in August, 2008 that man-made pollution is not contributing to climate change. Palin changed her position after becoming the Vice Presidential nominee, and now says "it doesn't really matter what caused it at this point."

Hate Crimes: Opposes expansion of hate-crimes laws.

Investigation: The Alaska legislature is investigating claims that Palin fired Alaska's public safety commissioner for refusing to fire a state trooper who was involved in a custody battle with Palin's sister (Troopergate). Todd Palin has received a subpoena from the Alaska legislature, but is refusing to testify.
John McCain's Judgment: Impulsively selected Sarah Palin as running mate in his most important campaign decision, placing her Just a heartbeat away from the Presidency.

K St. (Washington, DC lobbyist central): Palin hired a Washington lobbyist and traveled to Washington annually to support earmarks for Wasilla totaling $27 million. Lobbyist was former chief of staff for indicted Senator Ted Stevens (see 527 above).

Lies: See Bridge to Nowhere, Earmarks, etc.

More Regulation: Asked by Katie Couric to give specific examples in McCain's 26 years in the U.S. Senate where he pushed for more regulation, Palin said: "I'll try to find you some and I'll bring `em to ya."

Newspapers: Couric asked Palin to name newspapers and magazines she regularly reads to stay informed about issues. Palin responded: "All of them, any of them that have been in front of me over all these years."

Oil Company Supporter: Supports drilling in the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge, and took contributions from Veco oil company executives in her 2002 campaign for Lieutenant Governor (see 527 above for relationship between indicted Senator Ted Stevens, Veco and Palin; also, see Polar bears).

Polar Bears: Palin sued the Bush administration for listing polar bears as a threatened species, over concern that the special protection would interfere with more oil drilling in Alaska (see Oil Company Supporter).

Question: "What is it exactly that the Vice President does every day?" -- Sarah Palin to Larry Kudlow in CNBC, July, 2008.

Roe V. Wade: Palin would overturn. So would McCain. Palin would make abortion illegal, even in cases of rape and incest. McCain voted against extending Medicaid coverage to pregnant women and infants up to one year of age with incomes below the Federal poverty line; Opposed legislation requiring insurers to provide the same level of coverage for contraceptives as they do for other prescription drugs; Voted against funding for preventive health care services intended to reduce unintended pregnancies.

Supreme Court: When asked by Katie Couric to name even one Supreme Court decision other than Roe v. Wade that she disagrees with, Palin drew a blank.

Travel Expenses and Tax Records: Palin bilked Alaska taxpayers for 312 days of travel expenses for nights she slept at home during her first 19 months as Governor. Palin's husband and daughters charged Alaska taxpayers over $43,000 for travel. The Palins have refused to release their tax records until after the election, raising questions about whether they disclosed their taxpayer-funded travel income.

Unprepared: "I think she has pretty thoroughly — and probably irretrievably — proven that she is not up to the job of being president of the United States," -- David Frum, former speechwriter for President George H.W. Bush.

Violence against Women: Victims of rape forced to pay for their own forensic evidence kits in Wasilla while Palin was Mayor. McCain has repeatedly voted in the Senate against funding to confront and prevent domestic violence. McCain opposed a program to aid children who have witnessed domestic violence.

wolves: Palin strongly supports an aerial hunting program targeting bears and wolves, described as "brutal" by Defenders of Wildlife. The program has killed 800 wolves, including many pups. In March 2007, Palin's administration announced that it would offer $150 for the foreleg of each freshly killed wolf, in order to encourage hunters. Palin spent $400,000 in taxpayer funds to defeat a recent ballot initiative to stop the program.

X: Palin has XX Chromosomes in common with Hillary Clinton, and virtually nothing else.

You Tube: Palin in her own words on foreign policy:

and as portrayed by Tina Fey on Saturday Night Live:

Zero foreign policy experience: "I've been so focused on state government, I haven't really focused much on the war in Iraq." -- Palin quoted in the Alaska Business Monthly. Asked by Katie Couric to explain statements about proximity to Russia giving her foreign policy experience, Palin said: "Well, it certainly does, because our, our next-door neighbors are foreign countries, there in the state that I am the executive of…... As Putin rears his head and comes into the air space of the United States of America, where do they go? It's Alaska. It's just right over the border. It is from Alaska that we send those out to make sure that an eye is being kept on this very powerful nation, Russia, because they are right there, they are right next to our state."