Thursday, October 23, 2008

Whose the elitist ?

I have to admit I was blown away when
I heard about Sarah Palin's new wardrobe.
I couldn't believe the RNC would be so stupid.
They spent 150,000 dollars on clothes for her,
but they understand the middle class?
The are going to help middle America, but her wardrobe costs more then
some of the houses that middle America lives in.
Sarah Palin and McCain are running around the country talking about how they care about those that have lost their homes,
while McCain owns 7 of them and
Sarah spends 97 dollars on a little velour nappy for her son.

Sorry Sarah and John,
you represent the top 1 % of the American public who are worth millions of dollars.
Most of those you are talking to don't make 1/3 of the 150,000.00
and if they are dumb enough to vote for you then I don't feel sorry for them.


Riot Kitty said...

Hahaha! You posted from Russia with love :)

Seriously, this made me FURIOUS. I bet it didn't sit too well with the donors who funded it, either.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile Michelle Obama appears on The View wearing a $143.00 dress and looked fantastic.