Sunday, September 26, 2010

Veto the Tea Party.!

Some mornings when I get up I wonder if the political campaigns will ever end, and how many more nut jobs will join the crowd.
Here in Minnesota it is unbelievable that intelligent people will probably be sending Michele Bachman back to Washington.
It is looking grim for Democrat Taryl Clark a very attractive intelligent woman who is experienced and probably the hardest working candidate I have ever seen.
She will probably lose because of and Independent candidate who doesn't really give a dam as long as his name is out there and he gets a little attention.
He can take just enough votes in the election to insure Bachman wins, unless the people in her district wake up.

When you look around the country you see the ignorance of some of the candidates the Tea Party is supporting.
then you have to wonder where their brains are.
Rand Paul wants to eliminate Social Security and Medicare and probably isn't the only one of that group who thinks this way.
Sharron Angle thinks doctors should be paid by the barter system.
There may be some hope in that race because polls show Harry Reid inching ahead even though he isn't very popular in Nevada right now.
But with all the craziness that has come out of her mouth, he should be running away with this race and it isn't over yet.

The newest member of this tin foil hat club is Christine O'Donnell.
I love Bill Maher and he is slowly releasing tapes of her weirdness from his past shows.
I think the Democrats can pull this one out, but who knows whats a head.
I guess we'll just have to hope that the voters will eventually wake up and realize that Obama can do nothing if they take away his majority.
Then Obama has to wake up and realize he may only have two years to get things done without any compromising from across the aisle

If this economy doesn't turn around Obama will be gone in 2012 and the thought of any of the Republican candidates out there becoming the next President is a very scary thought indeed.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Before 9/11..

Josh in 2000, on a trip to New York with Flash after his Grampa(his Moms dad) had died.
Who would have thought that 1 year later those towers would be gone?
One of Flash's best Photos.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Teachers are my heroes

I have 2 Granddaughters back in college, and I wonder, when they are through if there will even be jobs for them.
Even my daughter is thinking seriously of going back to school, if by chance she loses her job during the restructuring that is going on right now.
I told her to go for it.
I think anyone out of work right now should be checking to see just what vocations will get them a job.
Then head back to school even if it is only one class at a time.
Any thing in the Medical field still seems like s good choice to me.
I think High School graduates should think seriously about the military, just be careful which branch they choose.
My Grandson is in the Air Force and so far he is loving it, time will tell for how long.
But at least in the Air Force you can continue your Education.
This is a strange new world we live in, it makes me sentimental for the 50's when I was a teen.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

A new Generation !

In the last month 3 new babies have arrived in our family. My daughter has 3 sons and "kazam" they all become dads within a couple weeks of each other.

First one born was Sofia on August 6th, giving Grandson Dusty and MaMa Marta their second daughter. She is just as pretty as her sister Amalia, accept she is not getting the red hair, it is looking pretty dark.

Amalia 8 1/2 with Sofia, wondering what to do with her little sister who just wants to sleep.

Second to arrive to Dusty's Identical Twin brother Danny and new MaMa was Fox Daniel on August 26th. Yeah I know what your thinking, no it isn't a family name. I was told that Fox's parents are big X Files fans, enough said. One thing it proven is, everything isn't Identical with twins.

Fox Daniel

Number 3 born last Friday September 3rd was Addyson Jean born to the twins older brother and his lady Joshlyn. I am holding her, she was only 17 hours old. What a great feeling to know, that so far all of them are healthy.

Addyson Jean in GIGI Arms

These are the three Mama's last Mothers day Marta, Jessica and Joshlyn: