Thursday, September 09, 2010

A new Generation !

In the last month 3 new babies have arrived in our family. My daughter has 3 sons and "kazam" they all become dads within a couple weeks of each other.

First one born was Sofia on August 6th, giving Grandson Dusty and MaMa Marta their second daughter. She is just as pretty as her sister Amalia, accept she is not getting the red hair, it is looking pretty dark.

Amalia 8 1/2 with Sofia, wondering what to do with her little sister who just wants to sleep.

Second to arrive to Dusty's Identical Twin brother Danny and new MaMa was Fox Daniel on August 26th. Yeah I know what your thinking, no it isn't a family name. I was told that Fox's parents are big X Files fans, enough said. One thing it proven is, everything isn't Identical with twins.

Fox Daniel

Number 3 born last Friday September 3rd was Addyson Jean born to the twins older brother and his lady Joshlyn. I am holding her, she was only 17 hours old. What a great feeling to know, that so far all of them are healthy.

Addyson Jean in GIGI Arms

These are the three Mama's last Mothers day Marta, Jessica and Joshlyn:


Riot Kitty said...


Marie said...

you are one lucky grgdma!
congratulations they are fabulous!

Anonymous said...

How fun to have them born so close together. Your family is busting out all over! Congratulations!

Green Tea said...

It's been fun..and grandma Linda is loving it..:)