Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy 2011 !!

We are planning a very quiet evening at home..I am ot in any kind of party mood.
I just got home from a very frustrating shopping trip.
I am looking for a plain old 6 cup old Corelle ( I had bought it at Target) some years ago is cracked..
Sounded simple to me.
Just about every sales person showed me their T kettles and looked dense when I said
I wanted a T-Pot, not kettle.
One lady told me, we don't keep them in stock anymore, every one uses their micro wave to make Tea.
I just gave her my GiGi look and said. "They aren't Tea drinkers !" and walked a way.
I decided it was time to give up the search for the day
I hate ordering anything on line, and even though I did find one I like sorta..I just couldn't bring my self to order it.
Maybe next week I'll hit some more stores .
Hubba and I did stop for a very nice lunch and now I am going to make some tea in my cracked pot and hope it doesn't break

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone is having a great Christmas.
We had our family all together last Sunday, minus two grandsons.
It was a good day and all the new babies were kinda in awe of everything that was going on.
My niece's grandson, Elijah, was the oldest born last March.
He was busy just jabbering to everyone, and if you weren't paying attention he would turn your face to him and continue his chatter.
I wish I understood his language, because he was really hot about something.
When my youngest G grandson cried he sounded like a donkey, so knowing I would bug his dad I said "Finally another Democrat in the family."
It wasn't appreciated.
Monday I watched my Great Grand daughter Addyson, while her Mom went to orientation for
With her runny nose and her sneezing, I began to think this might have been a mistake.
Another snowy stormy day meant her dad was late picking her up.
I realize now why people have babies while they are still young.
Those four hours wore me out.
My brother came down from Superior and spent a couple days, so I really got behind on things I was going to do.
My friends goody bags are going to be late.
Grandson Nick flew in Wednesday night from Mississippi he is home on leave from the Air force.
Today Hubba and I went to lunch with him and my son and wife.
It was so good to seem him and see how well he is doing.
So far he seems to enjoy being in the military and maybe will make it a career.
He is in training to be a Cyber Systems Annalist maybe it will keep him away from the mountains of Afghanistan.
Over all it has been a good Holidays, and I just hope that the New Year brings us a better economy
I am proud of what our President has managed to do in the last couple weeks.
Hopefully more will get done to help those who need it most.

I woke up Wed. with the beginnings of a cold and it has turned miserable so I am skipping Christmas Eve Mass and see how I am tomorrow.
Wishing all a great Christmas and a Happy New year.
Now to my favorite Christmas song sung by favorite singer from the past and his daughter from the present.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Ho Ho Ho !!

Sitting inside in the middle of a Minnesota Blizzard working on my Christmas cards and I got bored.

I had so much planned for today and this weather is not being cooperative.
We just may have 20 inches of blowing snow by tomorrow.
The last time we had a storm like this
was Halloween or Thanksgiving 1991 and we didn't get out of our house for two days.

It has been a very eventful last couple months.
Linda ( my daughter, I was 10 when she was born ) and I helped with the recount in our Governors race, she ended up with her picture on the front page of the Mpls Star Tribune, looking very intense as she examined the ballots.
Lucky for the paper they didn't choose the picture they took of me or I would have sued !
Linda also became a Grandmother 3 times between August 6th and Sept 3rd.
Then after my Grand daughter left our family Thanksgiving on the 27th of November
She gave birth to a little boy the next day.
Our family Christmas should be interesting, maybe one of the kids can tape them all crying at the same time and post it on you tube.

I also had cataract surgery on each eye and though it is great to see clearly again I am tired of being reminded of my age.
I kind of like the blurry image I was seeing in the mirror before.

I saw Jane Fonda on The View this past week and since we are the same age I perked up a little then this morning I was channel hopping and came to Madeline Albright ( also 73) giving a speech.
So now I am back to my morose self.

Enjoy the music while I go make fudge.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving week !

What more can I say, this is what Thanksgiving is about.
Bruno reminds me of Michael Jackson in his prime before all the weirdness began.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

It's all about Me!!

Jacque Sue tagged me on face book to list 30 Random things about me.
But too many people read my FB so I am putting them here.
She'll have to deal with it.

1.I have been married almost 52 years..but I am only 49 in GiGI years

2.I never have enough time in the day to get things done.

3. I am not crazy about cooking huge meals..but I do love to make Soup out of anything.

4. I hate lists like this, because I have secrets and they may slip out.

5. I have many different groups..But maintain a close posse of about dozen.where we do many different things together.

6. I also still have my best friends from High school and cousins that are like sisters.

7. When I was young I had many pen pals and also wrote to about 10 guys who were in the service,if only we had had Face book back then.

8. I have a brother who is 10 years older then me and I married one of his friends, I also have a sister younger and I love her dearly.

9 I have lived in the metro area for over 50 years, but still think of St. Peter, MN. as my home.

10. If you are my friend it is forever, but if I feel betrayed, it is forever before I can get over it.

11. I have a blog, where I can vent.

12. I remember when I was about 6 years old my Mom was taking me to get a perm. I wanted my hair upswept so I could impress the little boy next door...I ended up looking like Shirley Temple and cried for a week.

13. My parents were awesome, but my dad was very strict, he was handsome like John Wayne or maybe even George Raft, he taught me how to drive with the patience of a Saint, he died way to young and left my Mom a widow at 55 , we were very close until her death.

14. I am addicted to TV, watching Boardwalk on HBO..Best series they have ever had

15 I love to read and my most current book is "A Fine Balance" by Rohinton Mistry our Book Club will be discussing later.It makes you appreciate where you were lucky to be born. I loved this book and am ready to reread it,

16. I have season tickets to Orchestra Hall, I love classical music and find it soothing.But I am not limited to it.I like all music especially music from my past, Nat King Cole was THE MAN in my life.

17 I partied hardy in my youth, now I am content to stay home at night, but I still do like my Pinot Grigio

18. I wish I had a rich Aunt who would leave me billions of dollars.I see so many people who need help just to keep their homes and feed their families.

19. I am a Political animal, I even had parties when I was young watching Election high school friends still mention them.

20. I attended two National Democratic Conventions as a volunteer. 84 for Mondale, San Francisco, 88 for Dukakis , Atlanta I was a National Delegate to two Democratic Convention. one for Clinton in Chicago and one for Gore in LA

21 I have been involved in many organizations over the years, and currently am the President of Brooklyn Center Womens Club, member ship about 125. we take a lot of interesting trips.

22 I am not going to make it to 30 so will leave it blank..maybe Flash knows some thing :)

Friday, November 19, 2010

Cleo Pat

The latest news about my sister is on her caring bridge page.

It will be a journey for all of us.
Keep her in your prayers.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Merry What???

The past couple weeks it has been the best Autumn weather we have ever had.
It ended today when I woke up to the ground covered with snow and maybe a foot before it ends.

*Sigh *

Why do all good things have to come to an end?

My sister spent most of yesterday at the Doctors, her blood was severly low again and she had to have a couple of blood transfusions
I talked to her last night and she seemed to take it in stride, but is worried she won't be able to have her chemo Monday.

Minnesota is in the process of recounting ballots in the Governors race in each county.
Nothing of substance has changed so far.
Unfortunately there will be a hand count anyway early in December, which will cost the tax payers
a lot of money.
So much for the fiscally conservative Republicans who have the right to decline it.

This isn't the same as the Franken/ Coleman recount which was only a 300 + difference.
Mark Dayton the Democrat, leads by over 8000 votes.
I want to be part of the recount team, but they have so many willing volunteers I am not holding my breath.

I am busy today working at my churches Christmas Bazaar..Ugh, Christmas I am not ready for that.
Now this is where I would normally put up a video of happy winter music!
I am not ready for that either.


Friday, November 05, 2010

What Now???

The wave that swept through our state was an anti incumbent one.
The wins and losses were localized.
My area Brooklyn Center and some of Brooklyn Park, Democrats won easily, other areas of the state where they were more union and blue collar they" through the bums out".
In one Senate race the republican did nothing more then a couple mailings and beat a popular Senator who worked his ass off.

Remember James Carville's message in 1992, "It's the economy stupid" it was the same this election and Washington ignored it.
Some democrats whined for two years that Obama wasn't liberal enough, maybe he wasn't. But that isn't the way you win elections.

Now Obama and who ever is left better work on jobs or it will be a Holocaust in 2012

What is the worst part of the Republican sweep, we will have to listen to this for the next two years..

Monday, November 01, 2010


It's been a busy week and soon the phone calls and commercials will be gone.
But more importantly, we need to prove the pundits wrong so call you liberal or centrist friends and tell them to get out and Vote.
Obama can't do anything with a Republican Congress.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Is anyone listening up there?

I am trying to keep positive, but the latest with my sister is really getting to me.

If you have any connections to the big Guy in the sky I am asking for a little help here.

You can check her progress at her Caring Bridge site.

UPDATE: 12:00 AM

The Doctors were able to complete an Endoscopy during a second attempt, and fixed the most recent problem.
As for now she is doing well and very very hungry.
Probably looking at more tests tomorrow.
Thanks for the prayers.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Suggestions for Halloween Costumes !

Turn then Dial!!! The Vote!!

This is the direct result of Bullies and Liars on Fox news.
Glen Beck preaches head hunting of Progressives, through his lies he has produced a possible
Mass Murderer.

Bill O'Reilly is doing the same thing on his show against Muslims.
Yesterday on The View, he so incensed Whoopie and Joy that they walked out on him.
I stood and Applauded!

We can't let these Bullies win.
If you know anyone in Wisconsin for instance, tell them to get out and vote for Russ Feingold.
We can't afford to lose any more good liberals.
That goes for any state where the Democrats are behind!

Monday, October 04, 2010

Joyce Tree

This is the Tree we planted in memory of my sister in law Joyce who died last month.
I call it the Joyce tree, it is an Autumn Blaze Maple and I know she would have loved it.
She loved the outdoors and her home had a creek with a waterfall where her ashes were spread.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Veto the Tea Party.!

Some mornings when I get up I wonder if the political campaigns will ever end, and how many more nut jobs will join the crowd.
Here in Minnesota it is unbelievable that intelligent people will probably be sending Michele Bachman back to Washington.
It is looking grim for Democrat Taryl Clark a very attractive intelligent woman who is experienced and probably the hardest working candidate I have ever seen.
She will probably lose because of and Independent candidate who doesn't really give a dam as long as his name is out there and he gets a little attention.
He can take just enough votes in the election to insure Bachman wins, unless the people in her district wake up.

When you look around the country you see the ignorance of some of the candidates the Tea Party is supporting.
then you have to wonder where their brains are.
Rand Paul wants to eliminate Social Security and Medicare and probably isn't the only one of that group who thinks this way.
Sharron Angle thinks doctors should be paid by the barter system.
There may be some hope in that race because polls show Harry Reid inching ahead even though he isn't very popular in Nevada right now.
But with all the craziness that has come out of her mouth, he should be running away with this race and it isn't over yet.

The newest member of this tin foil hat club is Christine O'Donnell.
I love Bill Maher and he is slowly releasing tapes of her weirdness from his past shows.
I think the Democrats can pull this one out, but who knows whats a head.
I guess we'll just have to hope that the voters will eventually wake up and realize that Obama can do nothing if they take away his majority.
Then Obama has to wake up and realize he may only have two years to get things done without any compromising from across the aisle

If this economy doesn't turn around Obama will be gone in 2012 and the thought of any of the Republican candidates out there becoming the next President is a very scary thought indeed.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Before 9/11..

Josh in 2000, on a trip to New York with Flash after his Grampa(his Moms dad) had died.
Who would have thought that 1 year later those towers would be gone?
One of Flash's best Photos.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Teachers are my heroes

I have 2 Granddaughters back in college, and I wonder, when they are through if there will even be jobs for them.
Even my daughter is thinking seriously of going back to school, if by chance she loses her job during the restructuring that is going on right now.
I told her to go for it.
I think anyone out of work right now should be checking to see just what vocations will get them a job.
Then head back to school even if it is only one class at a time.
Any thing in the Medical field still seems like s good choice to me.
I think High School graduates should think seriously about the military, just be careful which branch they choose.
My Grandson is in the Air Force and so far he is loving it, time will tell for how long.
But at least in the Air Force you can continue your Education.
This is a strange new world we live in, it makes me sentimental for the 50's when I was a teen.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

A new Generation !

In the last month 3 new babies have arrived in our family. My daughter has 3 sons and "kazam" they all become dads within a couple weeks of each other.

First one born was Sofia on August 6th, giving Grandson Dusty and MaMa Marta their second daughter. She is just as pretty as her sister Amalia, accept she is not getting the red hair, it is looking pretty dark.

Amalia 8 1/2 with Sofia, wondering what to do with her little sister who just wants to sleep.

Second to arrive to Dusty's Identical Twin brother Danny and new MaMa was Fox Daniel on August 26th. Yeah I know what your thinking, no it isn't a family name. I was told that Fox's parents are big X Files fans, enough said. One thing it proven is, everything isn't Identical with twins.

Fox Daniel

Number 3 born last Friday September 3rd was Addyson Jean born to the twins older brother and his lady Joshlyn. I am holding her, she was only 17 hours old. What a great feeling to know, that so far all of them are healthy.

Addyson Jean in GIGI Arms

These are the three Mama's last Mothers day Marta, Jessica and Joshlyn:

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Missing Joyce

Today My sister in law died, she was a remarkable person.

Even though She and my brother divorced more then 20 years ago, she was my friend, my confident in my teen years
Every Teen needs a special person to listen to them and she was mine..
Though she had 5 children of her own, you never knew who would be sleeping under that roof at night.
More then her own five chicks called her Mom.
Today on Face Book one of those teens she helped out posted a tribute to her.

Sheila could have ended up any where at the age of 15, but she was one of Joys many accomplishments. and still a member of our family.

When I was 15 I stood at the door of my Joyce's house with my suitcase. I said, "I have no where to go." She told me to come in and stay as long as I wanted. So I did. The winter before last she was quite ill and I stayed with her for 8 months until she was better. We had two old cranky broads living together. Even sick she was bossier than me! Joyce was an elementary teacher. She's the only person I know that would correct spelling on bathroom graffiti. She died today on her birthday. Love ya, hey! Sheila Babe

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Real Americans, Please Stand Up

I read this on my Face book and had to share it.
It shows us that somethings never change.
The Muslims of today are the Native, African, Irish, Japanese Americans of yesterday.
We are doomed to repeat, we don't seem to ever learn from our mistakes.
I wish people would pull their heads out of the sand long enough to know the lies.
I wish they would turn off Fox News and all of the lame brains that sit and make things up.
Laura Ingram, Ann Coulter and all of their ilk!!!
I'll have something more pleasant later.


I had a 6th grade teacher who referred to American Indians as “sneaky redskins” and our enemies in the Pacific as “dirty Japs.” This abated somewhat after I asked one day in class, “Mrs. G., do you think our parents would like to know that you teach race prejudice?” She faded three shades.

The rest of that year was difficult.

As a war kid, I also heard an uncle of mine endorse a sentiment attributed to our Admiral “Bull” Halsey: “If I met a pregnant Japanese woman, I’d kick her in the belly.”

These are not proud moments in my heritage. But now, I’m genuinely ashamed of us. How sad this whole mosque business is. It doesn’t take much, it seems, to lift the lid and let our home-grown racism and bigotry overflow. We have collectively taken a pratfall on a moral whoopee cushion.

Surely, few of the opponents of the Islamic cultural center would feel comfortable at the “International Burn a Koran Day” planned by a southern church-supported group (on a newscast, I think I might have even glimpsed a banner reading, “Bring the Whole Family,” but maybe I was hallucinating). This all must have gone over big on Al Jazeera news.

I like to think I’m not easily shocked, but here I am, seeing the emotions of the masses running like a freight train over the right to freedom of religion — never mind the right of eminent domain and private property.

A heyday is being had by a posse of the cheesiest Republican politicos (Lazio, Palin, quick-change artist John McCain and, of course, the self-anointed St. Joan of 9/11, R. Giuliani). Balanced, of course by plenty of cheesy Democrats. And of course Rush L. dependably pollutes the atmosphere with his particular brand of airborne sludge.

Sad to see Mr. Reid’s venerable knees buckle upon seeing the vilification heaped on Obama, and the resulting polls. (Not to suggest that this alone would cause the sudden 180-degree turn of a man of integrity facing re-election fears.)

I got invigorating jolts from the president’s splendid speech — almost as good as Mayor Bloomberg’s
— but I was dismayed, after the worst had poured out their passionate intensity, to see him shed a few vertebrae the next day and step back.

What other churches might be objectionable because of the horrific acts of some of its members? Maybe we shouldn’t have Christian churches in the South wherever the Ku Klux Klan operated because years ago proclaimed white Christians lynched blacks. How close to Hickam Field, at Pearl Harbor, should a Shinto shrine be allowed? I wonder how many of our young people — notorious, we are told, for their ignorance of American history — would be surprised that Japanese-Americans had lives and livelihoods destroyed when they were rounded up during World War II? Should all World War II service memorials, therefore, be moved away from the sites of these internment camps? Where does one draw the line?

I just can’t believe that so many are willing to ignore the simple fact that nearly all Muslims were adamantly opposed to the actions and events that took place on 9/11, and denounced them strongly, saying that the Islamic religion in no way condones it.

Our goal in at least one of our Middle East wars is to rebuild a government in our own image — with democracy for all. Instead, we are rebuilding ourselves in the image of those who detest us. I hate to see my country — and it’s a hell of a good one — endorse what we purport to hate, besmirching what distinguishes us from countries where persecution rules.

I’ve tried real hard to understand the objectors’ position. No one is untouched by what happened on 9/11. I don’t claim to be capable of imagining the anguish, grief and anger of the people who lost their friends and loved ones that day. It really does the heart good to see that so many of them have denounced the outcry against the project. A fact too little reported.

And it seems to have escaped wide notice that a goodly number of Muslims died at the towers that day. (I don’t mean the crazies in the planes.) What are their families to think of being told to beat it?

“Insulting to the dead” is a favorite phrase thrown about by opponents of the center. How about the insult to the dead American soldiers who fought at Iwo Jima and Normandy, defending American citizens abiding by the law on their own private property and exercising their freedom of religion?

Too bad that legions oppose this. A woman tells the news guy on the street, “I have absolutely no prejudice against the Muslim people. My cousin is married to one. I just don’t see why they have to be here.” A man complains that his opposition to the mosque is “painting me like I hate the whole Arab world.” (Perhaps he dislikes them all as individuals?)

I remain amazed and really, sincerely, want to understand this. What can it be that is faulty in so many people’s thought processes, their ethics, their education, their experience of life, their understanding of their country, their what-have-you that blinds them to the fact that you can’t simultaneously maintain that you have nothing against members of any religion but are willing to penalize members of this one? Can you help me with this?

Set aside for the moment that we are handing such a lethal propaganda grenade to our detractors around the world.

You can’t eat this particular cake and have it, too. The true calamity, of course, is that behavior of this kind allows the enemy to win.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dog Days!!

Today was Minnesota's primary election.
When I went to vote around 9:30 AM, I was only # 56.
Kind of discouraging for all of the candidates that have worked so hard for the last couple months.
I felt sorry for the election judges, it has been so hot and humid and there
they were stuck in a school gym with no air conditioning.

Hubba stopped around 2:30 and he was # 246.

There are 3000 registered voters in our precinct, I know, many of them who did not vote
will be whining tomorrow
when their favorite candidate didn't make it through this election.
It really ticks me off.
We have 3 very good candidates running for Governor on the Democratic ticket and they
have all agreed to get behind who ever wins this election.
The Republican candidate is a real extremest, he has no plans for fixing the deficit in this state.
He just wants to get elected so he can protect the tax cuts the rich already have .
He is endorsed by Sarah Palin..enough said!!!

My sister ended up in the Hospital yesterday, she was having breathing difficulties.
The doctor's feel it was related to the high temps and humidity.
But her white count is dangerously low from her Chemo, so they are keeping her for a day or two
to monitor her progress..
I guess when your body is pumped with poison we shouldn't be surprised.
She was being so positive and this setback has kind of taken the air out of her.
Keep her in your prayers.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Babies of today.

Yesterday my daughter and I went to a baby shower for one of the new babies coming next month.
While we were gone, the future Daddy, our oldest grandchild, was painting our house.
Hubba loved painting, but I won't let him climb on a ladder anymore, so he was the supervisor.

Our trip took us to Lonsdale, a small town in southern Minnesota, a town where some of my Irish ancestors are buried, and who knows I could still have some distant relatives in the area.
Someday I'll have to check it out.

As "mommy to be" opened her gifts, it made me wonder how I ever survived having babies
without all those extras.

It was fun to meet the other people who will be in our future Great Granddaughters lives, and
enjoy the one thing I like best, the food.
I had my first Taco in a bag, and I think I am hooked.

When we got back Hubba was still in his chair supervising, the house was painted, the garage will get done today if it doesn't rain.

Kitty Tagged me so here we go, Tag to anyone who reads this

1. When you looked at yourself in the mirror today, what was the first thing that you thought? Make up I need make up

2. Do you miss anyone right now? So many, especially my parents and best friend.

3. If you could move anywhere else, would you? Depends. If I had the big bucks I would move to San Diego.

4. If you could choose, what would your last meal be? Turkey dinner with the works..

5. What famous person, dead or alive, would you want to have lunch with? Ann Richards former Governor of Texas.

6. What was the last book you read? Skeletons at The Feast/Chris Bohjalian

7. What was the last movie you watched? Grand Torino

8. What was the last song you heard? Whatya want from me/ Adam Lambert

9. What’s your dream vacation? Mediterranean Cruise with stops in Greece, Italy etc.

10. What is the next trip you’ll take? nothing more then some trips to our hometown

11. Did you ever go to camp? Girl Scout camp when I was 13.

12. Have you ever been in love? Still am.

13. What do you want to know about the future? I really don't want to know whats ahead.

14. Where is your best friend? Right now he is sleeping

15. How is your best friend? Exhausted from watching his Grandson paint our house yesterday.

16. Who is the biggest gossiper you know? I have a coffee group that meets on Wednesdays
I don't think I could choose just one.

17. What does your last text message say? I don't text

18. What are 3 things you’ve always wanted to do, that you still plan to accomplish? Hmm I would really have to think about that.

19. What is one thing you’ve learned from your parents? A good work ethic.

20. What is one thing you hope to teach your own children? I think we have taught them one of the most important lessons.
That no one is better then anyone else, treat people the way you would want to be treated.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Crazy couple weeks, Hubba had some medical tests and they not only took time but also scrambled my brain for a while.
His test all came back normal, so that helped my outlook a little, accept
my sister wasn't so lucky.
She has been having a lot of medical problems over the last few years.
Her kids didn't want her living alone anymore so she moved up to the big city
and bought a house with her youngest daughter, about 2 miles north of us.
I was looking forward to the lunches and other things we could share, but she hasn't been feeling good.
She hadn't found a Doctor up here so I encouraged her to look for one.
One day about 6 weeks ago, she found a lump under her arm and she was finally motivated to find a Doctor.
The lump turned out to be an enlarged Lymph Node.
Over the last month she has had many diagnostic tests.
Two weeks ago she was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma Stage 4 , because it had spread to her bone marrow.
Last Monday she started her chemo, she is keeping a positive attitude, which is the best thing for her.
I am just hoping she can get through the next 8 months of very aggressive Chemo without complications.
Today Hodgkin's can be treated and cured if found early enough.

Here is the weirdness of all of this.

My dad died of the same disease in Dec of 1962 at the age of 56.
He had lived with it for 5 or 6 years.
At that time they only had experimental treatments.
It isn't a genetic disease, just one of those strange occurrences.
What cause it?
I don't think anyone knows for sure, mostly speculation.
Some think that working with chemicals may cause it.
My dad worked in his yard and garden a lot and in those days the fertilizers and sprays were much more toxic.
That is one possibility, he also was a licensed gun smith for a hobby.
and loaded his own shotgun shells for hunting.
During the depression he had worked on many construction jobs so who knows what he inhaled over the years.
When he became ill he continued to work as a Security Guard at a hospital for the criminally insane until he could no longer.

There is also evidence of an increased risk of Hodgkin's lymphoma in those who have low immune systems, which could contribute to my sisters case as she has
Crohns disease which could be a factor.

But we will probably never know for sure.

I talked to her today and she is feeling good considering, but said she is tired and is sleeping a lot.
She had just put a cherry pie in the oven and was waiting for it to be done so she could take a Nap.
I told her sleep is healing .

Meanwhile we will be supportive with our prayers and what ever else is needed.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Emmer Supporter, "This is a Catastrophe"

Republican Candidate for Governor is constantly putting his foot in his mouth.
But the Media seems to be ignoring most of what he is doing.
Recently he said he thought Servers in Bars and Restaurants should not be getting minimum wage, because he had been told that many of them make over 100,000.00 dollars a year including their tips.
The Man is an Idiot ,

Post from Centrisity

I was able to make it to the Waitergate Spin Fest at Ol Mexico yesterday afternoon. By the time I get there the back room was already sealed off, pretty much. Well dressed doorman were restricting access signaling the room was full. However, an Emmer button or a Shirt stating "Proud Conservative" would still get you in. If you were wearing one of the "I am not Overpaid" stickers, you were denied. This didn't mean there was many friendlies int he room. Emmer, for the most part, was flustered, even showing edgy emotion. I found his tone angry and bitter. You could sense the regret.

He attempted to pass blame on the media for misrepresentation, but then a server at the microphone read the transcript back to him, using his own actual words. Lots of cheering for the pro Working Class group. Emmer was spiraling downward, fast, and it was clear as the microphone was being passed around he was waiting for the clock to run out, in fact, ending the even early, and clearing the room accept for the very press he ridiculed.

Since I was not in the room itself, I hung out in the bar area. The audio was being piped in, so you could hear what was going on. But what I found really interesting was the groups of Emmer/GOP supporters with the long faces, growing frustrated as the event wore on. Soon a supporter came out of the back room and approached a group of other Emmer supporters, I overheard:

"What is he doing . . . this is a catastrophe"

And that was pretty much how it went all the way to the end . . . until . . . a lone egotistical idiot became Emmer's best friend. In a rude and improper stunt, this idiot gave Emmer the out he needed, dumping a bag of pennies on the table in front of Emmer. And then started preaching about immigration and the hypocrisy of the Emmer campaign staging their little Town Hall in a Mexican Restaurant.

So what did the media talk about on the news. Did they focus on Emmer's unwillingness to actually engage the very hard working Minnesotans he wants to drive into bankruptcy. Oh hell know, it was all about the pennies. One brief moment within an hour of major Fail for the Emmer campaign. DBrauer did a breakdown and posted on Twitter.
Tale of TV tape: #EmmerFest time devoted to penny-pourer: @KARE11 41 sec of 1:58; @KSTP 1:26 of 2:30; @WCCO 8 seconds of 2:29. @fox9kmsp TBD
'CCO did the most balanced job, KARE11 even interviewed the idiot and I would expect nothing less from KSTP as the in the bag channel for the MNGOP.

Liberal Media my ass!


Feel free to go to his link and comment.

Monday, July 05, 2010

This ones for Kitty

I think the heat and humidity is getting to my brain.

1.) WHAT ARE YOU WEARING ? clothes

2.) WHAT IS ONE THING THAT PEOPLE SAY ABOUT YOU THE MOST ? To my face' "you are so organized,"
Behind my back "She is so bossy"

She is way to skinny.


Vanilla ice cream Chocolate malt



8.) WHAT DO YOU HAVE FOR A RINGTONE ? unfamiliar music


10.) IF YOU ARE A MAN... ARE YOU A LEG MAN OR AN ASS MAN ? I am woman hear me roar

Bad Teeth....

12.) DO YOU BELIEVE IN GOING DUTCH ON A FIRST DATE ? Dumb question..he pays or I don't go..

I'd ask where his son was??

If he had a woman's brain he might be happier.


So anyone who would like to participate...tag!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Beware of Pretty Faces !!

I want to warn the rest of the country about our absentee Governor Tim Pawlenty.
He has been pissed ever since McCain picked "She who shall not be named"
over him for VP in 2006.
He is busy cruising the country searching for votes for his possible run for President in 2012 or maybe VP.

Meanwhile he is slowly destroying the Minnesota economy .

Recently he sent a letter to the Health and Human Services Commissioner to inform him that he was not going to accept the 1.4 billion in federal health-carefunding, thus sending it to other states.
Doing this, he is going to be responsible for eliminating thousands of jobs in Clinics and Hospitals, and will also make it difficult to create new jobs and create opportunities in our State.

His only interest is to promote his own ambitions and
I fear what he would do to this country as President.

TPaw as he is called, is a pretty face and a personality that fools everyone.

This time the Republicans have endorsed a candidate not so pretty with a trigger temper to replace him.
He is just as right wing bat crazy, but we sould have a chance this time accept
the Democrats will be fighting it out in the Primary
and as usual will probably end up split.

We never learn in this state and that is why we haven't had a Democratic Governor for over 20 years.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Bill Clinton for King??

I can't seem to get motivated to blog lately. The news has been so depressing and the gloomy rainy weather isn't helping my psyche. Our President is making his fourth trip to the Gulf today and will speak to us tomorrow night. A recent editorial by Nicholas Kristof of the NYT pretty much says what I have been thinking -> Maybe we need a Monarchy.

How is the President suppose to hold peoples hands and also try and turn this country around? After eight years of supporting incompetence in the administration, now the people wake up and expect Obama to fix it over night. It reminds me of a little neighbor boy many years ago, who broke his balloon and wanted to bring it over to our house so Mr. Hubba could fix it. Hubba was known for being able to fix anything, and luckily he has passed that gene down to his kids. But I'm sorry to say even he doesn't know how stop the gushing in the gulf.

People voted for calm intelligent leadership and now they want Rumpelstiltskin to show up. It is bad enough that we have F News and all the right wing talk shows attacking him, but what I find more disgusting, is the left wing of our party who is out there attacking him even more. Yes I mean Carville, Huffington, Bill Maher just to name a few.

Every one knows I was a Hillary supporter, and maybe I am a little more moderate then them. But I support this President and I think it is time for every one else to get behind him and help find a solution instead of whining every time they open their mouths.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


I am hijacking Green Tea to cross post from Centrisity. I am sure GiGi won't mind a picture of her freshly graduated Grandson

Its official:

The proud parents still in somewhat of a state of shock LOL Twelve days to boot camp. This morning the graduate is finishing scraping and prepping the garage for a coat of paint. Going to milk him for all the free labor I can before he disappears and turns into a man.


Sunday, May 30, 2010

Goodbye May, Hello June

May is about to end and it has been one of the busiest months I have ever had.

We said good by to Alina the Russian Exchange student who spent the past school year and also had her sweet 16 birthday at my daughters. I was so impressed with the dedication and articulateness of this young lady.

She became very active, was a cheerleader, joined the church choir and attended many political functions including a visit by President Barack Obama. She spent hours on her studies and even though several young men showed interest she did not date and remained faithful to Pavel, her boyfriend back home. This past week she completed high school in Russia, and passed her college entrance exams with a perfect score. Her future plans are to attend Medical school and hopefully back for a visit.

Her American family can't wait.

I also ended my first year as President of our local Woman's club. At our end of the year board meeting we made some changes for next year and I appointed a committee to organize a book sale. We need to raise money for our scholarship fund. This year we gave out three 700.00 awards and because of the increased expenses for higher education
we voted to give two 1000.00 awards next year

I can't forget to mention the Woman's Summit Committee luncheon I attended a couple weeks ago. Each year the committee chooses several Woman of Distinction who have given their time above and beyond to elect Democrats around the country Woman who also spend many hours working for other charities in their community. This year my daughter was one of the honorees inducted into the DFL Hall of Fame. I was honored with this award several years ago and I have to admit it was much more fun watching my daughter get the award.

June is looking much busier, I'll post more about that later.

Meanwhile I need to visit blog land to see how every one else is doing. Be sure to check in at Centrisity, he is much better at keeping up with all that is going on.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Duchess

Does anyone else out there feel sorry for Fergie?
I find it pretty disgusting that she was only given about 21,000.00 a year to live on and then constantly criticized
every time she tried to find a career.
This latest incident was an obvious entrapment set up by a Tabloid sting, she did not seek these people, they courted her for sometime,
tempting her with money.
If the Queen of England was smart she would have made sure that the mother of her grandchildren was given a
substantial allowance so she didn't have to go out begging.
I am not suggesting that the Duchess is with out blame, but I do think she was desperate and no one was helping her.

This excerpt is from The Mirror in the UK.

"It has been four years since their divorce was finalised, but Prince Andrew and Fergie have remained the best of pals.

And yesterday the unique bond between the royal “odd couple” was evident again – as Andrew pardoned his ex-wife’s latest monumental indiscretion.

He told her he forgave her after she was exposed in newspaper sting operation trying to sell an introduction to him to a bogus businessmen for £500,000.

And in an astonishing show of loyalty to the woman he has loved for 25 years, the Duke of York promised she could stay in his house “as long as you like”.

After emotional talks with the couple’s daughters Beatrice and Eugenie, he has vowed to dig Fergie out of her financial problems and help her to recover from the depths of despair.

It will shock royal courtiers and annoy his parents, particularly Prince Philip, who wanted Andrew to make a clean break after their divorce in 1996.
But many will welcome the move at a time when friends fear she may be “suicidal”. Those closest to her say she has been a “quivering wreck” since the scandal broke."

Maybe it's time the Media in the UK started investigating something more important and egregious, like BP and the oil spell in the Gulf.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Happy Mothers Day !

Went to breakfast with my daughter and her sons and their ladies.
Below is a picture of the future Dads.
Grumpy Dusty on the right and Marta are expecting another girl
They are the parents of Princess Amalia who is 8 years old.
It's probably why we couldn't get him to smile, he is afraid his twin brother Danny
on the left and Jessica are having a boy.
They want to be surprised so we won't know till the day.
David and Joshlyn are also having a girl.

Here are my soon to be Great Grand babies and their pretty Moms.
In the order of their due dates, Marta mid August, Jessica late August and Joshlyn
in September.

It was a great way to celebrate Mothers day !

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Disaster in the Gulf !

There have been many theories out there about what caused the explosion in the gulf of Mexico off the coast of Louisiana.
Bobby Kennedy Jr. appearing on CNN said "the acoustic shut-off valve that would have plugged this well the minute the platform was no longer connected and is required everywhere else in the world was exempted on all platforms in the Gulf..."

Another theory,

"An inadequate underwater cement job during the deep water drilling process is emerging as a potential cause of this devastating oil spill."

Who was the contractor for this job?

"In a statement Friday Halliburton confirmed that is was the "cementer"
hired to do the job and completed it about 20 hours before the explosion"

If cementing is the cause, it could spell trouble for Haliburton
whose work is also suspected in a well explosion last August in the Timor sea
near Australia.
It took 21 days to cap and control that spill.
I am not that confident that Haliburton will have any problem, look at what they have done in Iraq and they are still being awarded contracts.

It is ridiculous that other countries are more concerned about our ecosystem then we are.
It is time we stop giving passes to Oil Companies and other big corporations.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Amazing Grace!

My Mom's best friend and my other mother, Grace, turns 100 today:
As she closes in on her 100th birthday, Grace Engesser Paquette’s secret to longevity in life can’t really be attributed to one particular thing. Instead she feels its a variety of factors that have come into play.

“I’ve thought a lot about that lately and I just think life was just so much simpler and things were much easier when I was growing up which really helped,” Grace said. “When we were kids growing up on the farm we didn’t have all these fertilizers and chemicals they use today. We grew everything we ate. We raised our own vegetables and had a orchard for fruit and also raised livestock for meat. My mother always made sure we ate a very balanced diet and I’ve passed that on to my own children as well.

“Children these days seem to have to be so driven and many don’t really get a chance to be kids.

“I also think I’ve been fortunate to have some pretty good family genes. There are several people in my family who have lived a long time and I’m happy to keep up the family tradition,” she quipped.

Thanks Flash for posting this for me,
I posted once before about my other Mom.
When I read the book Water for Elephants, I thought about Grace.
That was her early life, she and her husband Harold traveled with the Engesser
Circus. Grace was one of those beautiful bareback horse riders.

Mom and Grace spent a couple winters in Arizona, and also did some traveling with a couple other friends
Grace is the last of the ladies, only one other made it to 100 before she died.

She could easily pass for 80 years old so I expect her to be around for sometime.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

By Comparison!!

For the first time since 1976 I did not attend our State Democratic Convention
and I missed being there for the endorsement of the first Lady for Governor.
We had some very good Candidates, so I could have supported almost any of them.
Margaret Anderson Kelliher attended Gustavus Adolphus College in my home town.
I met her while she was still a student and she has surprised a lot of people.

She is the current Speaker of the House and she will make a great Governor
Unlike another Female 1/2 Governor that comes to mind.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spring Fever !!

This weather has been so gorgeous, I haven't been able to sit here long enough to blog.

All is well here..I have been sitting outside reading Franklin and Lucy (and all the memorable woman in his life)'
He was quite a Hound Dog and the later years of his and Eleonore's marriage were lived more like a friendship.

Here is just a snap shot of the History.

"Roosevelt’s dalliance with Mercer (later Lucy Mercer Rutherfurd), conducted when he was a young assistant Navy secretary, has been known for years. Persico retells it in the context of the intimate lives of Franklin and Eleanor more generally. He focuses on the rift that Eleanor’s discovery of the liaison in 1918 introduced into the Roosevelt’s 13-year-old marriage, before pivoting to a thorough chronicle of Roosevelt’s subsequent relationships with various women, including a probably amorous one with Marguerite LeHand, known as Missy, his longtime personal aide. Persico speculates, too, about an encounter with Margaret, or Daisy, Suckley, a distant cousin of the president’s, and leaves scattered hints about Dorothy Schiff, the publisher of The New York Post, and Princess Martha of Norway. For good measure, the book revisits the probably romantic attachment between Eleanor Roosevelt and the journalist-turned-White House aide (and White House resident) Lorena Hickok.

Eleanor was not a passionate woman and after 6 children she made it clear her bed was off limits.
Very much like Rose Kennedy and other woman of that era, they found abstinence to be the best birth control

FDR was only 36 at the time and woman adored him, so he wasn't lonely.

Of all of his liaisons. I felt sympathy mostly for Missy she gave her whole life for him and sometimes she wasn't treated very well.
Franklin was a very selfish man and he had only one real love, Lucy Mercer Rutherford.
If it hadn't been for his desire to be President I'm sure he would have divorced Elenore and married Lucy

If someone took this book and turned it into fiction it, it would make a great movie.

Tonight is American Idol and I already have my or lose this lady will be a big star.
So I am off for the night
Have a great week !

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Baby makes 4 !!

Easter seemed to sneak up on me this year. probably because runningwoman was hosting again.
Makes me feel a little guilty that we only had one daughter because she seems to get all of the holidays.

We already knew that her 3 sons were going to be dads before the end of the year, and figured next Christmas was going to be an experience,
I plan on having Christmas here, but as this crowd grows..we may have to get a hall somewhere in the future.

The first baby due in August, is a sister for our only G G daughter Amalia, and she is tickled pink, for now anyway.
She turns 8 this month and she may not be as thrilled when she finds she isn't the belle of the ball at future gatherings and may have to share her grandma Linda's attention.

The next 2 are due in September and we may not know the gender before then.

I love these family days, no matter what surprises they bring, and this year we got another doozie.

My youngest son showed up and announced he was going to be a grampa, his oldest daughter
had just found out that she was pregnant by her boyfriend who we
thought she had broken up with, it was a dysfunctional relationship.
One thing I have learned through the years is, as much as you would like to, you can't pick mates for your kids.

I guess every red blooded woman likes a bad boy when they are young.

Most of us grow out of it by the time we are in our 20's, usually by then you realize that if they drink to much and get angry when they ain't going to change them.
I always thought it was women with poor self esteem who ended up in these relationships
But if we look at Sandra Bullock we know that isn't the case.
and then you can't always trust the good guys either. ask Elin Woods

Hoping for the best for her.
When I hugged her I reminded her that she doesn't have to get married to have respect, and if she
needs a friendly ear,
I'm here anytime so is her other grandma.

Any stories to share about the bad boys in your past ?

I'm sure Jackie Sue has more then a few. *grin*

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Gettin er done !

While the Republican party and their counterparts in the tea party, have been stomping their feet like Rumpelstiltskin.
President Obama in this past week was able to get his health care reform passed, then went on to
sign an agreement on Monday, to cut American and Russian strategic nuclear arsenals by at least one-quarter.
A first step in a broader effort intended to reduce the threat of such weapons drastically and to prevent their further spread to unstable regions.
While people thought he was at Camp David,
President Obama arrived in Kabul on an unannounced visit, his first since his election, and held immediate talks with President Hamid Karzai.
May this be a beginning of bringing our military home
This President who has been so criticized is on his way to show all of his critics how wrong they are.
I can't wait to see what he does next.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

What a week!!

I have been blown away this past week by the hate rhetoric we have been hearing.
Whoopie Goldberg on The View looked into the camera and warned the right wing "If some nut job decides to take out someone, it's on the hands of the leaders in the Republican party"
She has it right, they are standing on a cliff and about to jump off.
Sarah Palin is taking all of her supporters for a ride while she fills her pockets with money.

I'm surprised she hasn't started her own church.

I hope Alan Grayson gets re elected, he is what we need in Washington.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

It's time has come!

Archbishop Nienstedt of St.Paul diocese, asked that a letter be read at all the masses today,advising parishioners to contact their Representatives
and tell them to vote NO on the health care bill until there was a stronger pro life amendment in the bill.
What is pro life about allowing 45,000 people die every year because of lack of health care, or Seniors who can't afford their medications because of the donut hole. ?
Meanwhile, in a rare public disagreement that will reverberate among the nation's 70 million Catholics, leaders of religious orders representing 59,000 nuns sent lawmakers a letter urging lawmakers to pass the Senate health care bill.
Expected to come before the house today, the measure contains abortion funding restrictions that the bishops say don't go far enough.
Everyone knows the Nuns are the backbone and the conscience of the church
I think we should trust those ladies who work with the ill and the indigent.
I did call my Representative and I asked him to support the bill and I think everyone should do the same.

Yes some of our Representatives will lose their seats, but it is a sacrifice they will never regret

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Life Goes On!!

It has been another one of those busy weeks but I wanted to give you an update!

I received a phone call from one of the officer's handling the case of the missing check book and debit card.
An arrest was made for a robbery in a near by community and the suspect was identified as the one using my debit card at a local Super America.
He did confess, but said he found it and didn't take it.
I don't think the result makes any difference
He was part of a ring that has been working in the metro area, I think there are others in custody.

Yesterday a notice from the County Attorney's office informed me that he is being charged and I was assigned a victims representative.
I have a form to fill out in case there is need for restitution.
I am one of the lucky victims in this group, because I discovered my checkbook missing within 10 minutes and Hubba contacted our bank right away, I didn't lose anything other then my trust in people.

I am going to contact the representative because I want to be informed of the case as it goes on.
My guess is, it will end up in a plea bargain to avoid the expense of a trial.
Since he is charged with another robbery I suspect he will see some time.

Tonight we have a Sweet 16 birthday party at my daughters, for Alina the Russian exchange student who is staying there through the school year.

We consider her our Russian G daughter..gonna miss her when she is gone.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Larry, Moe or Curly ??

Yesterday I felt like I was in a scene from an old Three Stooges movie.
If you ever saw any of their movies you'll know what I mean.

I sat down at my Computer and reached up to adjust me glasses and poked myself in the eye.
Brilliant move, I continued to check my e-mail then my eye started to feel a little weird
so went and checked a mirror.
Staring back at me was a big blob of blood surrounding my iris.
Now I have had broken blood vessels before but nothing like this.
I looked like the Creature from the Black Lagoon.
I called my eye clinic and told them I was on my way as soon as Hubba got home from work.
I didn't wait for them to tell me they didn't have an opening.
I knew my Doctor would see me, he really cares about his patients.
Sitting in the examining room I was already making a list of things Hubba could bring to the Hospital after I was admitted.

When Dr. Mark came in he couldn't help but laugh when he saw me.
After he gave me a very thorough exam and found no damage,
he told me to think up a good story to tell people because my eye was going to look petty crappy for about 3 weeks.

If I had a camera I would post a picture but the best way to describe it right now is a green brown Iris surrounded by a big blackish blob.

Now if I only had a diamond studded eye patch to wear the meetings I have this week and next.

Guess my sunglasses will have to do for now.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Running out of gas.!

I spent most of yesterday at our Senate District convention at a local High School.
I now realize why I stepped back a couple years ago in leadership roles.

Some of the delegates showing up for the first time 2 years ago for Obama, plus being elected State Delegate and 1 National Delegate, never came back this year.
A few of them never showed up for any of the work after the 2008 Convention was over.
A list of those names being made for the next Presidential Convention.

Our State Senator had a challenger for the Endorsement,
The Challenger isn't new to Democratic politics,but he was new to our district
Speculation was he moved here just to run for an office.

Our current State Senator is very popular and has been very productive in our area.
Two years ago she was treated for cancer and some think he wanted to get heads up in case something happen to her.

Little did he know that our District is loyal and we don't turn out someone, unless they aren't doing the job.
If he had become involved in the district when he moved here, he may have learned that lesson.
He was mistaken thinking that because our area is diverse he would walk right in and be endorsed because of his race.

She won the endorsement on the first ballot 98 to 46 more then the 60% needed.
Most of his votes came from new people who have never been involved.
I have known this person for over 30 years and considered him a friend,
so I was a bit upset that he would pull something like this.

He avoided me at every turn, I think he was a little embarrassed.

It seems that no one wants to work their way up any more, they want the top spots now and are willing to knock out the experienced people.

I chose not to run for a Delegate spot this year.
We have more then 7 Candidates running for Governor at the State Convention and that is one Convention I don't want to be at.
It will be the first one I have missed since 1976.

I just don't have the energy for those fights any more.

I'll wait till next August when the Primary is over and then will support who
ever wins.

Meanwhile there are local races to work on, so I will have plenty to do.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Update !!

Our city has the best Police department in the state, plus the hottest looking chief and officers.

Last night around 10.00 pm I received a call from an Officer asking me if I had lost my check book.
I told him everything that had happened that afternoon, then he informed me that my check book and debit card had been recovered during a narcotics investigation at a nearby hotel.
He passed the information along to the officers who were doing the bust and one of them called me back for all my information.
The officers were almost gleeful that I had a couple locations where they could check surveillance tapes..
Not only did the store where I was shopping have tapes but
our bank also had two locations at Super America stores along with times the card was used.
I told the officer when they checked the store tapes where I had been shopping, I wanted to know if it showed whether I dropped my check book or if it was taken from my purse when I wasn't watching it.
He assured me he would be in touch.

I still can't believe I was so dumb to turn my back on my purse and hoping I learned a lesson.
and maybe my stomach will soon stop doing flip flops.

At least I know my check book and debit card are not in some creeps hands anymore
and somebody is in in jail for having stolen property.hope they can nail them on all of the charges.

Thanks for the good thought sent my way.

Especially Kitty for your thoughtful e-mail.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Today I went grocery shopping at a Cub store, while standing in line I wrote out a check for my groceries all accept the amount.
I put my check book back in my purse.
When I unloaded my groceries and went for my check book, it was gone.
You can't imagine the feeling I had after searching and not finding it.
The Manager came over and took my information and then told me to call 911 and also contact my bank.
He said they would do a complete sweep of the store.
But I knew it wouldn't be found.
I called Hubba and told him to contact the bank, this was within 30 minutes.
When I got home , I received a phone call from Fraud Prevention wanting to verify some large charges that had been made to my debit card.

I wish I would have gotten the ladies name so I could send her some candy or flowers.

Within 45 minutes my debit card had 500.00 in charges.
Luckily we contacted the bank to close our debit account in time.

I called the police department and filed a report and gave them the locations where the card had been used,and what times the charges took place.
Hopefully the surveillance tapes will show something.
I don't remember any one behind me in line, but there was a lady with a baby in front of me and of course I was goo gooing to the baby and not watching my purse.

Meanwhile my stomach is churning and I don't think I would dare take my BP
Keeping my fingers crossed that they can catch this creep who is walking around with my check book.

I am very nervous knowing they have my address and doubt if I will sleep very well tonight.

So please send me some good vibes and keep your eyes on your purse.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Life is Good!

I have been really busy the last couple weeks, plus my Internet has been kicking me off a lot
so that is one reason I haven't been around.

Today we took a quick trip down to our Home Town to have lunch with a friend.
Before we came back we stopped at the Care Center to see my mothers best friend Grace.
In April she turns 100, last fall we didn't know if she would make it.
She was taken to Rochester for surgery on a leaky aorta in her abdomen.
The Doctor did not want to operate on someone that old, she said she would never survive the operation.
Grace's family asked the Doctor to talk to Grace before she made that decision .
The Doctor was surprised at her alertness and said " Lets do some tests and see what her health is like."
After many tests the Doctor talked to the family and told them every test she gave Grace surprised her.
Her heart is like a 40 year old, in fact she was one of the healthiest Seniors she had ever seen
She agreed to do the surgery.
Grace came through the surgery with no complications.
A couple days later she heard somebody talking outside her door and opened her eyes to see four Doctors standing there.
She at first thought there was something wrong, one of the Doctors asked if they could come in and talk.
They told her she was the talk of the hospital and everyone was referring to her as the Miracle Lady.
Grace was the oldest person they had ever operated on.

She was all smiles when she told us about her experience.
It is a joy to see her doing so well.
The new Care Center is not like a nursing home you may be use to seeing.
Grace has a large private room with a private bathroom.
Each wing has their own dining area
so it doesn't seem like a nursing home at all..

Grace loves to read, but now needs larger print.
So I already know what I will be getting her for her birthday.
It was a great day, lunch at our favorite restaurant with a favorite friend and
seeing Grace doing so well.

Tonight is opening ceremonies of the Olympics and I will be parked in front of the boob tube to watch it.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Singing the Blues

Feeling down?

This helped me a lot.
There was and will only be one Johnny Carson.
I feel sorry for anyone under 30 who probably never saw the Tonight show while he was hosting

I miss these guys..


I think the lack of Sunshine is finally taking it's toll on me.
I wake up in the morning with pangs of anxiety.
It goes away by mid morning, but I hate that feeling in the pit of my stomach.

Do you suppose it has something to do with the doom and gloom in the news everyday?
Or the fact that the Vikings blew another chance at a Superbowl?
Even though I am a Colts fan I did want the home team to do good.

Yesterday I went so far as to drag out an old Jane Fonda exercise tape and that just depressed me more since we are the same age, but her body is so hot.

I paid for that by limping around the rest of the morning.

So much for that crap.

Right now I am going to curl up and watch Ellen maybe she will get me out of this funk.
Ya suppose a Little Baileys in my coffee might help ?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Now What??

In Minnesota on November 7, 1978, David Durenberger was elected in a special election to complete the unexpired term of Senator Hubert Humphrey over Bob Short who had won the DFL primary.
Democrats didn't like Bob Short.
This is what happen in MA. tonight.
Martha Coakley lost because she ticked off voters when she started campaigning 6 months before Ted Kennedy died.
The Voters think they can beat Brown in 2012, and they decided they would rather take that chance then have her for life.
I hope they know what they were doing.
Now if Congress gets their act together maybe they can still pass the Senate version
of Health care.
Or Obama can produce a new bill and pass it with reconciliation.
Excuse me while I go fix myself a stiff drink.

Friday, January 15, 2010

New Yorkers Beware !

If you know anyone in New York, be sure you send them this video.
I was surprised to hear Harold Fords stands on issues.
He needs to be defeated.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Prayers for Haiti !

I have been so depressed today watching the horrible disaster in Haiti.
I finally had to turn off the news.
I hate donating on line but today I did get a letter from the Red Cross
and my donation will be in the mail tomorrow.
I was happy to see that Politics have been put aside and President Obama has asked Bill Clinton and George W Bush
to lead the US relief effort in response to the earthquake.
I am waiting to see how much money George can get from his friends in Saudi Arabia.
With all of their billions they wouldn't miss a penny.

I have been trying to think good thoughts, but then I heard the comments made by these two Giant Asshole's!

Thanks Keith Olberman for being a voice for some of us.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Can you spell Hypocrites??

Watching the Congress lately reminds me off Junior High school adolescent boys, screaming, mine is bigger then yours !

The latest so called controversy surrounding Harry Reid just shows how juvenile the Republicans can be.
Reid's biggest mistake is thinking anything he would say was off the record.

In a private conversation reported in a new book "Game Change" written by Time's Mark Halperin and New York magazine's John Heilemann

Reid described Obama during the 2008 presidential campaign as a " lightly .
skinned" African American" with no Negro dialect unless he wanted to have one"
Harry Reid's remarks were not racist and it is time for Republicans to quit their hypocrisy.

A few months ago Keith Olberman pointed out what racism really is.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Deep Freeze

I am a Winter person, but even I prefer the temps above 0 degrees.
Ke Sera Sera!!

This past weekend 100's of Homeless stood in line at the few Shelters, waiting to warm up.

St.Stephens Catholic church is full every night and now are ordering special sleeping bags to hand out to those that can't get shelter, They are from China and keep people warm in below normal temps. The staff tried hard to find something in the USA, unbelievable that know one makes them here.

I am not gong to complain about this weather, and I get pissed at people who have warm homes that are whining.

This little diddy is from my sister in law who lives near Lake Superior.

Friday, January 01, 2010

2010 a year for Peace ??

Hubba and I had an early dinner yesterday and then spent a quiet evening at home.
I didn't even have a glass of wine.
I watched a couple movies and then
I watched the ball drop in Times Square.
I couldn't believe all the people who stood out there for hours just to say they were there..
It has never been something that appealed to me.
My dream has always been to be sitting at a ski resort by a fireplace reading.
I don't ski, but I can Chalet with a glass of wine.
I remember some New Years days when I wouldn't be out of bed before noon, and then walk around all day with a
Why does it take us till our later years to get some kind of intelligence?

Next week, my "adopted" niece Sheila will be taking her winter trip to New Orleans.
She works there as a caterer and also as a bartender.
Last year she didn't get to go because she stayed with my sister in law who was recuperating from an illness.
Sheila lived with my Brother and his wife when she was in her teens and has been a member of our family ever since

When she sends me her update in a month I'll see if she will let me post it.
She leads such and interesting life and I love her to pieces.

I hope the next year will bring some kind of Peace to this world and I hope the racist morons will let Obama
lead this country.

Happy New Year