Sunday, October 17, 2010

Is anyone listening up there?

I am trying to keep positive, but the latest with my sister is really getting to me.

If you have any connections to the big Guy in the sky I am asking for a little help here.

You can check her progress at her Caring Bridge site.

UPDATE: 12:00 AM

The Doctors were able to complete an Endoscopy during a second attempt, and fixed the most recent problem.
As for now she is doing well and very very hungry.
Probably looking at more tests tomorrow.
Thanks for the prayers.


Marie said...

I have connections and will be requesting assistance!!!!

Riot Kitty said...

Oh Gigi, hang in there, honey. It's been a tough summer/fall for many I know, I will keep her on the prayer list!

fineartist said...

Prayers from me too G, along with love and light and peace.

A few years back I lost a lot of blood, hemoglobin dropped to five, had to have two beautiful, wonderful glorious bags of blood myself, and then it took another six months for my levels to get back to normal. Your sis is going to be week as a kitten for awhile...or I was.

I think God listens most when we wonder. Smooches and hugs you, Lori

Green Tea said...

Thanks you guys..she is back home at her daughters and ornery as ever..
She has a tough road ahead..we just pray she can get back on her chemo..