Friday, October 15, 2010

Turn then Dial!!! The Vote!!

This is the direct result of Bullies and Liars on Fox news.
Glen Beck preaches head hunting of Progressives, through his lies he has produced a possible
Mass Murderer.

Bill O'Reilly is doing the same thing on his show against Muslims.
Yesterday on The View, he so incensed Whoopie and Joy that they walked out on him.
I stood and Applauded!

We can't let these Bullies win.
If you know anyone in Wisconsin for instance, tell them to get out and vote for Russ Feingold.
We can't afford to lose any more good liberals.
That goes for any state where the Democrats are behind!

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Jackie said...

I stood and applauded too!
Then on Monday Barbra said that during commercial O'Reilly says, "this will be great for ratings." Barb told him they were doing just fine with ratings. What a clown he is.
I like your blog a lot.