Sunday, May 30, 2010

Goodbye May, Hello June

May is about to end and it has been one of the busiest months I have ever had.

We said good by to Alina the Russian Exchange student who spent the past school year and also had her sweet 16 birthday at my daughters. I was so impressed with the dedication and articulateness of this young lady.

She became very active, was a cheerleader, joined the church choir and attended many political functions including a visit by President Barack Obama. She spent hours on her studies and even though several young men showed interest she did not date and remained faithful to Pavel, her boyfriend back home. This past week she completed high school in Russia, and passed her college entrance exams with a perfect score. Her future plans are to attend Medical school and hopefully back for a visit.

Her American family can't wait.

I also ended my first year as President of our local Woman's club. At our end of the year board meeting we made some changes for next year and I appointed a committee to organize a book sale. We need to raise money for our scholarship fund. This year we gave out three 700.00 awards and because of the increased expenses for higher education
we voted to give two 1000.00 awards next year

I can't forget to mention the Woman's Summit Committee luncheon I attended a couple weeks ago. Each year the committee chooses several Woman of Distinction who have given their time above and beyond to elect Democrats around the country Woman who also spend many hours working for other charities in their community. This year my daughter was one of the honorees inducted into the DFL Hall of Fame. I was honored with this award several years ago and I have to admit it was much more fun watching my daughter get the award.

June is looking much busier, I'll post more about that later.

Meanwhile I need to visit blog land to see how every one else is doing. Be sure to check in at Centrisity, he is much better at keeping up with all that is going on.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Duchess

Does anyone else out there feel sorry for Fergie?
I find it pretty disgusting that she was only given about 21,000.00 a year to live on and then constantly criticized
every time she tried to find a career.
This latest incident was an obvious entrapment set up by a Tabloid sting, she did not seek these people, they courted her for sometime,
tempting her with money.
If the Queen of England was smart she would have made sure that the mother of her grandchildren was given a
substantial allowance so she didn't have to go out begging.
I am not suggesting that the Duchess is with out blame, but I do think she was desperate and no one was helping her.

This excerpt is from The Mirror in the UK.

"It has been four years since their divorce was finalised, but Prince Andrew and Fergie have remained the best of pals.

And yesterday the unique bond between the royal “odd couple” was evident again – as Andrew pardoned his ex-wife’s latest monumental indiscretion.

He told her he forgave her after she was exposed in newspaper sting operation trying to sell an introduction to him to a bogus businessmen for £500,000.

And in an astonishing show of loyalty to the woman he has loved for 25 years, the Duke of York promised she could stay in his house “as long as you like”.

After emotional talks with the couple’s daughters Beatrice and Eugenie, he has vowed to dig Fergie out of her financial problems and help her to recover from the depths of despair.

It will shock royal courtiers and annoy his parents, particularly Prince Philip, who wanted Andrew to make a clean break after their divorce in 1996.
But many will welcome the move at a time when friends fear she may be “suicidal”. Those closest to her say she has been a “quivering wreck” since the scandal broke."

Maybe it's time the Media in the UK started investigating something more important and egregious, like BP and the oil spell in the Gulf.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Happy Mothers Day !

Went to breakfast with my daughter and her sons and their ladies.
Below is a picture of the future Dads.
Grumpy Dusty on the right and Marta are expecting another girl
They are the parents of Princess Amalia who is 8 years old.
It's probably why we couldn't get him to smile, he is afraid his twin brother Danny
on the left and Jessica are having a boy.
They want to be surprised so we won't know till the day.
David and Joshlyn are also having a girl.

Here are my soon to be Great Grand babies and their pretty Moms.
In the order of their due dates, Marta mid August, Jessica late August and Joshlyn
in September.

It was a great way to celebrate Mothers day !

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Disaster in the Gulf !

There have been many theories out there about what caused the explosion in the gulf of Mexico off the coast of Louisiana.
Bobby Kennedy Jr. appearing on CNN said "the acoustic shut-off valve that would have plugged this well the minute the platform was no longer connected and is required everywhere else in the world was exempted on all platforms in the Gulf..."

Another theory,

"An inadequate underwater cement job during the deep water drilling process is emerging as a potential cause of this devastating oil spill."

Who was the contractor for this job?

"In a statement Friday Halliburton confirmed that is was the "cementer"
hired to do the job and completed it about 20 hours before the explosion"

If cementing is the cause, it could spell trouble for Haliburton
whose work is also suspected in a well explosion last August in the Timor sea
near Australia.
It took 21 days to cap and control that spill.
I am not that confident that Haliburton will have any problem, look at what they have done in Iraq and they are still being awarded contracts.

It is ridiculous that other countries are more concerned about our ecosystem then we are.
It is time we stop giving passes to Oil Companies and other big corporations.