Sunday, June 29, 2008

Things need to change !

Two years ago friends of ours who were nearby neighbors sold their home to a young Hmong family.
A couple in their late 30's with 7 children ranging in age from 3 to 20.
Things were going great for this immigrant family until the father lost his job and their income took a steep dive.
They were surviving on his wifes low income and what the older children could add to it.
There was frustration and fights that came to a peak two weeks ago when the 41 year old husband
beat his wife to death with a claw hammer.
I don't know any of the circumstances, accept what has been reported,
and what a friend who lives next door to them told me.
Their 22 year old son found the body of his mother age 39 and called the police,
his 5 year old brother was home at the time
and told the authorities that "his father hurt her."
The father was gone but had left a note written in Hmong for his relatives saying .
his life "was not good", without love and that he "was going to be done today"
For several days the nearby park and nature area was searched and then the police asked for help
from the Hmong community if they should hear from him.
The majority of us suspected he was somewhere in that lake nearby,
the police had searched there but hadn't found anything.
We were partially right, last Thursday night while two teen age boys
took a short cut through the nature area and they found his body hanging from a tree.

It is so sad for these kids who have lost both their parents, they are temporarily living with an Uncle.
I hope that some way they can overcome this tragedy.

This is only one story, there are so many families out there right now dealing with the loss of homes and income.

I just hope we can find a way to help them before it is too late.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Lazy day !!

Today I got the old bike out and went for my first bike ride of the summer.
I live within a block of a bike path that circles a nature area, a short ride around is 3 miles,
but the path does connect to other paths so it can be as far as you want.
I love it because you see so many different animals and if you don't run into another human you can almost forget you are in the middle of a city.
I also live about 5 miles from a country club where many of the more expensive houses surround the golf course.
I love biking up there, but with high 80's and high humidity coming I'll save that for another day.
Today I cut it short at 5 miles, just a little to hot to go further without water.
I wish I had a pictures to post of the area, maybe I can get one of my techy kids to take some.
Photography is not one of my talents.

I received a call tonight from my friend, who is the State Representative in our area.
She asked me to assist her in laying out her plan for the campaign this summer,
so we can set up a meeting to see how many volunteers we can reign in.
It is not too promising, because of the National and State races, it is hard to get volunteers to work on the local level
they all want to be involved with the big campaigns working parades and festivals but we'll do the best we can.

The rest of my week is going to be busy, I am taking a friend who doesn't drive on some errands tomorrow.
I will try to post as much as I can so keep checking in, meanwhile enjoy these sunny days.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Those were the Days

It is one of those summer days that reminds me of yesterdays long gone by.

My best friend and I would meet at the municipal pool.
I would walk or ride my bike, a mile from the south
side of my home town and she would walk the mile from the north side..
We would spend most of the afternoon there, and leave with wrinkled skin.

By the time we were 14 or so, you wouldn't catch us dead at that pool.
After that we spent our time at the lake, or just cruising the town with which ever
friend happen to have a car that day. Usually it was one our little rink rat crew,
black leather jackets and all.
If you saw Grease you pretty much know what my teen years were like,
never boring but sometimes so intense, in love one day and in hate the next.
We never knew if we wanted to be Sandy or Rizzo, so we bounced back and forth.
Our parents were so confused, but in many ways luckier then they are today.
(More about that in a later post.)

We didn't have to worry about some kid coming to school with a loaded gun
and we didn't even have to lock our doors at night.
The worst you could expect from any of the kids back then was a hidden beer party
in the middle of a cornfield or maybe by a lake.
We had our bullies back then too, but most of the time the parents took care of any problems.
They stuck together, because many of them worked together at the State Hospital,
and if any of their kids got out
of line and it got back to them they were taken care of with a firm hand.

It wasn't a time of entitlement, most of us had jobs before we were 16 years old,
if we wanted money for roller skating, movies
or new clothes, we had to earn the money.
The lucky ones had mothers that sewed, I wasn't one of them and neither is my daughter.

Four years of Home Ec and I still can't put a zipper in..

Yes those were the days..

Friday, June 13, 2008


I was watching CNN when Tom Brokow broke in with the news of Tim Russert's sudden death.
I sat there stunned for a few minutes.
He will be so missed, he was probably one of the few fair journalists left since
Walter Cronkite.
I can't imagine Meet The Press every Sunday morning without him, and I can't see an election without his partisan comments.

Russert’s physician, Michael Newman, said "cholesterol plaque ruptured in an artery, causing sudden coronary thrombosis."

Russert had earlier been diagnosed with asymptomatic coronary artery disease, but it was well-controlled with medication and exercise, and he had performed well on a stress test in late April, Newman said.
An autopsy revealed that he also had an enlarged heart.

We never know when our time will come, so live each day like it is tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Thinking Positive !

Last weekend I attended the Minnesota State Democratic Convention.
I chose to be a volunteer, instead of a Delegate.
I was assigned to the Information booth and as a teller when needed.
The biggest contest was on Saturday for the US Senate seat held by Paul Wellstone until his death
in a plane crash in 2002.
Eleven days later voters elected Republican Norm Coleman over Walter Mondale.
A bad mistake, Coleman's vote has been in Bushes pocket,
not representing Minnesota as Paul was.
We are determined to get that seat back for Paul.

Before the balloting began those of us who were supporters of Hillary got to go to a room and watch her graceful
exit speech.
I watched many of the woman in the room dabbing at their eyes.

There were 2 excellent candidates running for the Senate endorsement, Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer
a teacher at St.Thomas college in St. Paul
and Al Franken a writer, comedian and satirist and personal friend of Paul and Sheila's.
Al Franken despite some controversy won the Endorsement on the first ballot.

Can he beat Naughty Normy.?.
(nicknamed by many young woman he has hit on!)

I don't know, but he is probably our best chance.
It will take lots of money and he has the backers.

On Saturday night former Senator Mark Dayton hosted a Unity party, his parties are the best.
There was lots of good food, drinks, and a DJ that played till the wee hours.

It was a great weekend and everyone is now home ready to work.

No matter where you live, find some time this summer to help get our country back.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Sentence Delivered !

Not the best video, but this is for all of you that have been following the case of the Drug Dealer who sold the heroin to my brothers Granddaughter(my niece's daughter) Ariel.
I attended the trial but because I was a volunteer in Rochester at the State Democratic convention, I was unable to attend the sentencing.
I am happy for the Family that this chapter is over and I am happy for my friend Mike Freeman the county attorney, that he was able to get this conviction.
It is the first time they were able to convict a drug dealer in a death, and maybe it will send a message.
Thanks for all the prayers, and now maybe we can heal.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Obama 2008

Last night at the Excel Energy Center In St.Paul the the road to the Presidency began a new path.

Before Barack Obama arrived, Hillary, speaking to her supporters all but conceded
the race.
Because she didn't yell "OK you won" Some pundits are saying she is looking for something before she cries Uncle.
I heard her words, they were the gracious words of someone who only wants what is best for this country, and some time to think
and maybe grieve a little in private.

Personally I hope she stays in the Senate, or runs for Governor of New York.

Now we have to move forward, the attacks on Obama will begin, but I firmly believe that once people see Obama and McCranky side by side on stage,
they will make a wise decision when they go to the polls next November.

I will be holding my breath all summer long, and lighting a lot of Candles in church
Ever since Paul Wellstone's plane went down,I just don't feel comfortable anymore.

I will be gone through next Sunday volunteering at the Minnesota DFL Convention in Rochester.
I chose not to be a delegate this year, but can't just quit cold turkey.

Besides former Senator Mark Dayton throws a mean Party