Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Thinking Positive !

Last weekend I attended the Minnesota State Democratic Convention.
I chose to be a volunteer, instead of a Delegate.
I was assigned to the Information booth and as a teller when needed.
The biggest contest was on Saturday for the US Senate seat held by Paul Wellstone until his death
in a plane crash in 2002.
Eleven days later voters elected Republican Norm Coleman over Walter Mondale.
A bad mistake, Coleman's vote has been in Bushes pocket,
not representing Minnesota as Paul was.
We are determined to get that seat back for Paul.

Before the balloting began those of us who were supporters of Hillary got to go to a room and watch her graceful
exit speech.
I watched many of the woman in the room dabbing at their eyes.

There were 2 excellent candidates running for the Senate endorsement, Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer
a teacher at St.Thomas college in St. Paul
and Al Franken a writer, comedian and satirist and personal friend of Paul and Sheila's.
Al Franken despite some controversy won the Endorsement on the first ballot.

Can he beat Naughty Normy.?.
(nicknamed by many young woman he has hit on!)

I don't know, but he is probably our best chance.
It will take lots of money and he has the backers.

On Saturday night former Senator Mark Dayton hosted a Unity party, his parties are the best.
There was lots of good food, drinks, and a DJ that played till the wee hours.

It was a great weekend and everyone is now home ready to work.

No matter where you live, find some time this summer to help get our country back.


Riot Kitty said...

Amen, sister!
G - check out this link - you'll love it:

alan said...

I heard Franken on NPR the other day; seems a lot more in touch than some who are there!

I remember Will Rogers saying that all he needed for material was the doings of Congress...

Perhaps Al can point this out to them when he gets there!


for_the_lonely said...

Regardless of who wins, this has been one hell of a political year! I look forward to CHANGES!!!