Sunday, June 08, 2008

Sentence Delivered !

Not the best video, but this is for all of you that have been following the case of the Drug Dealer who sold the heroin to my brothers Granddaughter(my niece's daughter) Ariel.
I attended the trial but because I was a volunteer in Rochester at the State Democratic convention, I was unable to attend the sentencing.
I am happy for the Family that this chapter is over and I am happy for my friend Mike Freeman the county attorney, that he was able to get this conviction.
It is the first time they were able to convict a drug dealer in a death, and maybe it will send a message.
Thanks for all the prayers, and now maybe we can heal.


fineartist said...

Such a beautiful artist girl.

Closure is good.

the loss is bad.

Um the anchor woman had quite a lisp, much like my son's when he was little, he's outgrown his though. I know I'm a weirdo...


Riot Kitty said...


alan said...

This is the first time I had ever heard of a conviction like this as well; I'm glad the person who was with her "stood up"!

It won't make things easier or better for you and her family, but perhaps it will save someone else's child...


for_the_lonely said...


Sending you and yours tons of continued love.