Sunday, February 28, 2010

Running out of gas.!

I spent most of yesterday at our Senate District convention at a local High School.
I now realize why I stepped back a couple years ago in leadership roles.

Some of the delegates showing up for the first time 2 years ago for Obama, plus being elected State Delegate and 1 National Delegate, never came back this year.
A few of them never showed up for any of the work after the 2008 Convention was over.
A list of those names being made for the next Presidential Convention.

Our State Senator had a challenger for the Endorsement,
The Challenger isn't new to Democratic politics,but he was new to our district
Speculation was he moved here just to run for an office.

Our current State Senator is very popular and has been very productive in our area.
Two years ago she was treated for cancer and some think he wanted to get heads up in case something happen to her.

Little did he know that our District is loyal and we don't turn out someone, unless they aren't doing the job.
If he had become involved in the district when he moved here, he may have learned that lesson.
He was mistaken thinking that because our area is diverse he would walk right in and be endorsed because of his race.

She won the endorsement on the first ballot 98 to 46 more then the 60% needed.
Most of his votes came from new people who have never been involved.
I have known this person for over 30 years and considered him a friend,
so I was a bit upset that he would pull something like this.

He avoided me at every turn, I think he was a little embarrassed.

It seems that no one wants to work their way up any more, they want the top spots now and are willing to knock out the experienced people.

I chose not to run for a Delegate spot this year.
We have more then 7 Candidates running for Governor at the State Convention and that is one Convention I don't want to be at.
It will be the first one I have missed since 1976.

I just don't have the energy for those fights any more.

I'll wait till next August when the Primary is over and then will support who
ever wins.

Meanwhile there are local races to work on, so I will have plenty to do.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Update !!

Our city has the best Police department in the state, plus the hottest looking chief and officers.

Last night around 10.00 pm I received a call from an Officer asking me if I had lost my check book.
I told him everything that had happened that afternoon, then he informed me that my check book and debit card had been recovered during a narcotics investigation at a nearby hotel.
He passed the information along to the officers who were doing the bust and one of them called me back for all my information.
The officers were almost gleeful that I had a couple locations where they could check surveillance tapes..
Not only did the store where I was shopping have tapes but
our bank also had two locations at Super America stores along with times the card was used.
I told the officer when they checked the store tapes where I had been shopping, I wanted to know if it showed whether I dropped my check book or if it was taken from my purse when I wasn't watching it.
He assured me he would be in touch.

I still can't believe I was so dumb to turn my back on my purse and hoping I learned a lesson.
and maybe my stomach will soon stop doing flip flops.

At least I know my check book and debit card are not in some creeps hands anymore
and somebody is in in jail for having stolen property.hope they can nail them on all of the charges.

Thanks for the good thought sent my way.

Especially Kitty for your thoughtful e-mail.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Today I went grocery shopping at a Cub store, while standing in line I wrote out a check for my groceries all accept the amount.
I put my check book back in my purse.
When I unloaded my groceries and went for my check book, it was gone.
You can't imagine the feeling I had after searching and not finding it.
The Manager came over and took my information and then told me to call 911 and also contact my bank.
He said they would do a complete sweep of the store.
But I knew it wouldn't be found.
I called Hubba and told him to contact the bank, this was within 30 minutes.
When I got home , I received a phone call from Fraud Prevention wanting to verify some large charges that had been made to my debit card.

I wish I would have gotten the ladies name so I could send her some candy or flowers.

Within 45 minutes my debit card had 500.00 in charges.
Luckily we contacted the bank to close our debit account in time.

I called the police department and filed a report and gave them the locations where the card had been used,and what times the charges took place.
Hopefully the surveillance tapes will show something.
I don't remember any one behind me in line, but there was a lady with a baby in front of me and of course I was goo gooing to the baby and not watching my purse.

Meanwhile my stomach is churning and I don't think I would dare take my BP
Keeping my fingers crossed that they can catch this creep who is walking around with my check book.

I am very nervous knowing they have my address and doubt if I will sleep very well tonight.

So please send me some good vibes and keep your eyes on your purse.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Life is Good!

I have been really busy the last couple weeks, plus my Internet has been kicking me off a lot
so that is one reason I haven't been around.

Today we took a quick trip down to our Home Town to have lunch with a friend.
Before we came back we stopped at the Care Center to see my mothers best friend Grace.
In April she turns 100, last fall we didn't know if she would make it.
She was taken to Rochester for surgery on a leaky aorta in her abdomen.
The Doctor did not want to operate on someone that old, she said she would never survive the operation.
Grace's family asked the Doctor to talk to Grace before she made that decision .
The Doctor was surprised at her alertness and said " Lets do some tests and see what her health is like."
After many tests the Doctor talked to the family and told them every test she gave Grace surprised her.
Her heart is like a 40 year old, in fact she was one of the healthiest Seniors she had ever seen
She agreed to do the surgery.
Grace came through the surgery with no complications.
A couple days later she heard somebody talking outside her door and opened her eyes to see four Doctors standing there.
She at first thought there was something wrong, one of the Doctors asked if they could come in and talk.
They told her she was the talk of the hospital and everyone was referring to her as the Miracle Lady.
Grace was the oldest person they had ever operated on.

She was all smiles when she told us about her experience.
It is a joy to see her doing so well.
The new Care Center is not like a nursing home you may be use to seeing.
Grace has a large private room with a private bathroom.
Each wing has their own dining area
so it doesn't seem like a nursing home at all..

Grace loves to read, but now needs larger print.
So I already know what I will be getting her for her birthday.
It was a great day, lunch at our favorite restaurant with a favorite friend and
seeing Grace doing so well.

Tonight is opening ceremonies of the Olympics and I will be parked in front of the boob tube to watch it.