Friday, February 19, 2010

Update !!

Our city has the best Police department in the state, plus the hottest looking chief and officers.

Last night around 10.00 pm I received a call from an Officer asking me if I had lost my check book.
I told him everything that had happened that afternoon, then he informed me that my check book and debit card had been recovered during a narcotics investigation at a nearby hotel.
He passed the information along to the officers who were doing the bust and one of them called me back for all my information.
The officers were almost gleeful that I had a couple locations where they could check surveillance tapes..
Not only did the store where I was shopping have tapes but
our bank also had two locations at Super America stores along with times the card was used.
I told the officer when they checked the store tapes where I had been shopping, I wanted to know if it showed whether I dropped my check book or if it was taken from my purse when I wasn't watching it.
He assured me he would be in touch.

I still can't believe I was so dumb to turn my back on my purse and hoping I learned a lesson.
and maybe my stomach will soon stop doing flip flops.

At least I know my check book and debit card are not in some creeps hands anymore
and somebody is in in jail for having stolen property.hope they can nail them on all of the charges.

Thanks for the good thought sent my way.

Especially Kitty for your thoughtful e-mail.


Riot Kitty said...

I was telling Mr. RK about this drama last night - holy cow! I'm glad an arrest was made. I'll have to come visit to see some of your hot police officers ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow! You are very fortunate to live where you do. I have a feeling that had it happened in either of the two major cities that I am sandwiched between, you'd never see them again.

If I were you, I'd go buy a lottery ticket.

Chris said...

You are so lucky....glad they got the creeps!!!


a pox on them little bastids.