Thursday, February 18, 2010


Today I went grocery shopping at a Cub store, while standing in line I wrote out a check for my groceries all accept the amount.
I put my check book back in my purse.
When I unloaded my groceries and went for my check book, it was gone.
You can't imagine the feeling I had after searching and not finding it.
The Manager came over and took my information and then told me to call 911 and also contact my bank.
He said they would do a complete sweep of the store.
But I knew it wouldn't be found.
I called Hubba and told him to contact the bank, this was within 30 minutes.
When I got home , I received a phone call from Fraud Prevention wanting to verify some large charges that had been made to my debit card.

I wish I would have gotten the ladies name so I could send her some candy or flowers.

Within 45 minutes my debit card had 500.00 in charges.
Luckily we contacted the bank to close our debit account in time.

I called the police department and filed a report and gave them the locations where the card had been used,and what times the charges took place.
Hopefully the surveillance tapes will show something.
I don't remember any one behind me in line, but there was a lady with a baby in front of me and of course I was goo gooing to the baby and not watching my purse.

Meanwhile my stomach is churning and I don't think I would dare take my BP
Keeping my fingers crossed that they can catch this creep who is walking around with my check book.

I am very nervous knowing they have my address and doubt if I will sleep very well tonight.

So please send me some good vibes and keep your eyes on your purse.


Michael Manning said...

I see this happen so often, Gigi! This was a close call. While I believe there are more good people than bad out there, we good people must be take precautions. I am glad you caught this in time! lol! :)

Riot Kitty said...

I hate thieves. I've never understood theft. Hang in there - if they don't have your social security #, you're safe. Plus now there is an alert on your credit report so you will be ok. I can see how that would be nerve-wracking, though.