Friday, January 01, 2010

2010 a year for Peace ??

Hubba and I had an early dinner yesterday and then spent a quiet evening at home.
I didn't even have a glass of wine.
I watched a couple movies and then
I watched the ball drop in Times Square.
I couldn't believe all the people who stood out there for hours just to say they were there..
It has never been something that appealed to me.
My dream has always been to be sitting at a ski resort by a fireplace reading.
I don't ski, but I can Chalet with a glass of wine.
I remember some New Years days when I wouldn't be out of bed before noon, and then walk around all day with a
Why does it take us till our later years to get some kind of intelligence?

Next week, my "adopted" niece Sheila will be taking her winter trip to New Orleans.
She works there as a caterer and also as a bartender.
Last year she didn't get to go because she stayed with my sister in law who was recuperating from an illness.
Sheila lived with my Brother and his wife when she was in her teens and has been a member of our family ever since

When she sends me her update in a month I'll see if she will let me post it.
She leads such and interesting life and I love her to pieces.

I hope the next year will bring some kind of Peace to this world and I hope the racist morons will let Obama
lead this country.

Happy New Year


Riot Kitty said...

Nice post. I'm trying to get that later year wisdom now, so wish me luck ;)

Chris said...

We had a quiet NYE too, and went to an open house today.....I'm just so glad it's over!!!! I'm back in my comfy clothes!!!

Michael Manning said...

I send you Peace and Happiness for 2010, Green Tea! And I hope you have the ski resort moment wit the Chalet next year!! lol! :D)