Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Now What??

In Minnesota on November 7, 1978, David Durenberger was elected in a special election to complete the unexpired term of Senator Hubert Humphrey over Bob Short who had won the DFL primary.
Democrats didn't like Bob Short.
This is what happen in MA. tonight.
Martha Coakley lost because she ticked off voters when she started campaigning 6 months before Ted Kennedy died.
The Voters think they can beat Brown in 2012, and they decided they would rather take that chance then have her for life.
I hope they know what they were doing.
Now if Congress gets their act together maybe they can still pass the Senate version
of Health care.
Or Obama can produce a new bill and pass it with reconciliation.
Excuse me while I go fix myself a stiff drink.


Riot Kitty said...

Pretty shitty to campaign before someone dies, though, don't you think? Although I am not happy about this.

Chris said...

The irony of an idiot winning Kennedy's seat is too much for me to handle!!! Such a violation and tragedy! What is America thinking?
Pour one for me.........

Yes We said...

Gotta love your favorite "news anchorman" take on it:



I wouldn't get my news from the comedy channel, but some daily show humor might lift your spirits!

Anonymous said...

"an idiot"? Seriously?

At least Brown didn't misspell his own state.