Monday, January 04, 2010

Deep Freeze

I am a Winter person, but even I prefer the temps above 0 degrees.
Ke Sera Sera!!

This past weekend 100's of Homeless stood in line at the few Shelters, waiting to warm up.

St.Stephens Catholic church is full every night and now are ordering special sleeping bags to hand out to those that can't get shelter, They are from China and keep people warm in below normal temps. The staff tried hard to find something in the USA, unbelievable that know one makes them here.

I am not gong to complain about this weather, and I get pissed at people who have warm homes that are whining.

This little diddy is from my sister in law who lives near Lake Superior.


Chris said...

Being a displaced midwesterner, I thought the video was a scream!!
Oh, I feel for those people without shelter in that weather! It must be rough....thank God there are places for them to go, and people who care.
I'm feeling hopeful, but like you, each year starts to mean we're older, and makes me nervous too!!! Never minded the growing older thing, but now that I am 60, I do think about longevity issues....
For now, trying to stay positive and do what I can as long as I'm kicking!!!!

Riot Kitty said...

Wow! Stay warm.


that's what I keep telling people when they bitch about the cold weather dont' know what cold is..ha

Anonymous said...

And I thought that we were cold here. Then again, there is a reason why you folks have The Mall of America.