Thursday, January 14, 2010

Prayers for Haiti !

I have been so depressed today watching the horrible disaster in Haiti.
I finally had to turn off the news.
I hate donating on line but today I did get a letter from the Red Cross
and my donation will be in the mail tomorrow.
I was happy to see that Politics have been put aside and President Obama has asked Bill Clinton and George W Bush
to lead the US relief effort in response to the earthquake.
I am waiting to see how much money George can get from his friends in Saudi Arabia.
With all of their billions they wouldn't miss a penny.

I have been trying to think good thoughts, but then I heard the comments made by these two Giant Asshole's!

Thanks Keith Olberman for being a voice for some of us.


Riot Kitty said...

A friend e-mailed me and asked: "Do you think Pat Robertson is mentally ill, or evil?"

And I replied that I smelled sulfur!


it's so sad..

Green tea said...

Almost as nuts as Michele Bachman..

Chris said...

They are quite the group....let's just hope that probably most folks saw the hatred and craziness in their comments, and that they will be shunned as a voice of the nutty right wing!