Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Memories !

We all have memories of past Christmas's some good, some bad.
My favorite are childhood memories,
I remember many Christmas's spent with my Moms
family and my cousins, fun times.

One at My Auntie Lo's, my dads sister and her family.

My mom always did everything to make our Christmas's special, she seemed to read our minds
about what we wanted.
I don't ever remember being disappointed

I hated it when I discovered there wasn't a Santa.
I was in 2nd grade and while I was at school
one day my younger sister found the dolls my mom had hidden.
After that, Christmas didn't have the same excitement.

Sometimes I wonder if we are wrong passing the Santa myth on to our kids.

My worst Christmas's were the result of deaths in our family.

My dad died two weeks before Christmas the year I was expecting my youngest son.
We had just moved into our new home two weeks before that and
we didn't have a tree, and the house was in disarray, so we spent
that Christmas at my Mothers and Santa came for the kids at my brothers house on Christmas Eve
My daughter and oldest son were way to young to realize the sadness in the house that year.
There have been many deaths during the holidays since then, and I am always a little more anxious when December approaches.

As our family grew, our day for Christmas changed to the weekend before,
last Sunday we had our family here for the afternoon.
It was a good day, because we were all together this year.

We were going to spend Christmas Day with extended family in Mankato, but the weather kept us home this year.
We have had a very quiet week and some how I feel much calmer, I hope it lasts through the year.

There are many challenges ahead in the New year, I hope we can handle them with grace.


Riot Kitty said...

My parents told me up front that there was no Santa and no Easter Bunny. They made me promise not to tell other kids at school. Guess what I did the first day of kindergarten?

Chris said...

My grandgirls are 9 and 5 and even though they have been told otherwise about Santa, they are still believers!!!! They are so sweet and just love the whole Christmas thing, which I am so greatful for......I remember being told about Santa too, but my Mom had the most wonderful explanation, and it was good enough.....I had younger brothers and I helped to keep the dream alive for was fun!
I can relate to the Christmas loss....for me now, it's not so much about sadness as incorporating them into the celebration....their ornaments on the tree or on the mantel so as to be a part of the season....that's how I get through it......

John said...

Hi Green Tea:

Just wanted to stop and say hope you had a good Christmas and a Happy New Year.