Sunday, December 06, 2009

Minnesota needs a new Governor, But ,

Maybe it is time to give tests to those who want to run for public office.
Ole Savior is one of Minnesota's perennial candidates for public office.
Yesterday at the DFL State Central committee meeting he was back, this time running for Governor.
The audience was polite but restrained.

Running a State and a Country is serious business Ole,
Minnesota elected Jessie Ventura as a lark and we still haven't recovered.

Next year we have a surplus of good candidates.
There are so many good candidates, I am hoping that the convention recognizes that and doesn't endorse just one of them, that way the cream will rise to the top and one candidate will come out of the primary stronger.

Our current Governor is ignoring this State and traveling the Country searching for support in his race to the White House.
At least Sarah Palin recognized she wasn't going to have time to do her book tour and run a State, I have more respect for her then Governor T PAW.
In about a month the streets will be filled with more homeless citizens because of cuts this prim donna has made trying to prove his conservatism.
Most of the Republican candidates want to lead in the same way, we can't survive another 4 years of cutting services.

Thanks to Dusty Trice,
here is a glimpse of Ole at his best!


Riot Kitty said...

You've got to love the determination of those perennial candidates who are always losing. That's optimism for you!

Green tea said...

Or they are delusional :D


i think all politicians should have to take a drug test every 6 iq test to even run for office. and they should be on probation for 6 months and if they dont produce or fuck up..they're out of here.

Chris said...

You guys can produce some really interesting politicians!!!! Everyone I know from MINN., mostly family, are pretty smart and reasonable people, so what gives?

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