Sunday, July 25, 2010


Crazy couple weeks, Hubba had some medical tests and they not only took time but also scrambled my brain for a while.
His test all came back normal, so that helped my outlook a little, accept
my sister wasn't so lucky.
She has been having a lot of medical problems over the last few years.
Her kids didn't want her living alone anymore so she moved up to the big city
and bought a house with her youngest daughter, about 2 miles north of us.
I was looking forward to the lunches and other things we could share, but she hasn't been feeling good.
She hadn't found a Doctor up here so I encouraged her to look for one.
One day about 6 weeks ago, she found a lump under her arm and she was finally motivated to find a Doctor.
The lump turned out to be an enlarged Lymph Node.
Over the last month she has had many diagnostic tests.
Two weeks ago she was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma Stage 4 , because it had spread to her bone marrow.
Last Monday she started her chemo, she is keeping a positive attitude, which is the best thing for her.
I am just hoping she can get through the next 8 months of very aggressive Chemo without complications.
Today Hodgkin's can be treated and cured if found early enough.

Here is the weirdness of all of this.

My dad died of the same disease in Dec of 1962 at the age of 56.
He had lived with it for 5 or 6 years.
At that time they only had experimental treatments.
It isn't a genetic disease, just one of those strange occurrences.
What cause it?
I don't think anyone knows for sure, mostly speculation.
Some think that working with chemicals may cause it.
My dad worked in his yard and garden a lot and in those days the fertilizers and sprays were much more toxic.
That is one possibility, he also was a licensed gun smith for a hobby.
and loaded his own shotgun shells for hunting.
During the depression he had worked on many construction jobs so who knows what he inhaled over the years.
When he became ill he continued to work as a Security Guard at a hospital for the criminally insane until he could no longer.

There is also evidence of an increased risk of Hodgkin's lymphoma in those who have low immune systems, which could contribute to my sisters case as she has
Crohns disease which could be a factor.

But we will probably never know for sure.

I talked to her today and she is feeling good considering, but said she is tired and is sleeping a lot.
She had just put a cherry pie in the oven and was waiting for it to be done so she could take a Nap.
I told her sleep is healing .

Meanwhile we will be supportive with our prayers and what ever else is needed.


Michael Manning said...

Gigi: You know I have your sister on my prayer list. I'm glad you have reminded us. You're right. Who knows what causes what these days? I pray for her to be well! Lots of Love to You both!!!!

Marie said...

oh ... you do have a lot on your mind -- mind games are exhausting -- to quote the famous Mayo oncologist "when your number is up, you've got it" ... we just gotta live and live well. Lots of hugs...


Riot Kitty said...

Sending you all prayers and good thoughts, and my offer for chocolate still stands!

Green Tea said...

I am trying to get her to start a caring bridge page.
Thanks for the good thoughts and prayers.
Kitty you tempt me with your all I can think about is hot fudge.. :)

Anonymous said...

Watching someone else go through a difficult time is almost harder than living through one yourself. I am sure your sister will appreciate you just being there for her. It is good that you are nearby. All of those sister-y things you can do together will be healing.

Good luck and take care of yourself so that you can take care of others!!

Green Tea said...

Thanks Backrow..:)

Chris said...

OH my! I haven't been blogging lately and didn't know you had so much going on...prayers and hugs!!