Saturday, March 13, 2010

Life Goes On!!

It has been another one of those busy weeks but I wanted to give you an update!

I received a phone call from one of the officer's handling the case of the missing check book and debit card.
An arrest was made for a robbery in a near by community and the suspect was identified as the one using my debit card at a local Super America.
He did confess, but said he found it and didn't take it.
I don't think the result makes any difference
He was part of a ring that has been working in the metro area, I think there are others in custody.

Yesterday a notice from the County Attorney's office informed me that he is being charged and I was assigned a victims representative.
I have a form to fill out in case there is need for restitution.
I am one of the lucky victims in this group, because I discovered my checkbook missing within 10 minutes and Hubba contacted our bank right away, I didn't lose anything other then my trust in people.

I am going to contact the representative because I want to be informed of the case as it goes on.
My guess is, it will end up in a plea bargain to avoid the expense of a trial.
Since he is charged with another robbery I suspect he will see some time.

Tonight we have a Sweet 16 birthday party at my daughters, for Alina the Russian exchange student who is staying there through the school year.

We consider her our Russian G daughter..gonna miss her when she is gone.


Riot Kitty said...

Hope the party is a great! What a lame excuse from that crook. Obviously not the brightest crayon in the box...


yah, they always found it..ha..glad you didn't get hurt worse.

fineartist said...

So cool that you have a Russian exchange grand daughter. I really love that program.

I'm glad they didn't foul up your credit, and I'm especially glad that they caught the guy and your card and identity are safe. Man, people.

Love and light,

Michael Manning said...

I'm glad the crook was caught Gigi. :)