Monday, June 14, 2010

Bill Clinton for King??

I can't seem to get motivated to blog lately. The news has been so depressing and the gloomy rainy weather isn't helping my psyche. Our President is making his fourth trip to the Gulf today and will speak to us tomorrow night. A recent editorial by Nicholas Kristof of the NYT pretty much says what I have been thinking -> Maybe we need a Monarchy.

How is the President suppose to hold peoples hands and also try and turn this country around? After eight years of supporting incompetence in the administration, now the people wake up and expect Obama to fix it over night. It reminds me of a little neighbor boy many years ago, who broke his balloon and wanted to bring it over to our house so Mr. Hubba could fix it. Hubba was known for being able to fix anything, and luckily he has passed that gene down to his kids. But I'm sorry to say even he doesn't know how stop the gushing in the gulf.

People voted for calm intelligent leadership and now they want Rumpelstiltskin to show up. It is bad enough that we have F News and all the right wing talk shows attacking him, but what I find more disgusting, is the left wing of our party who is out there attacking him even more. Yes I mean Carville, Huffington, Bill Maher just to name a few.

Every one knows I was a Hillary supporter, and maybe I am a little more moderate then them. But I support this President and I think it is time for every one else to get behind him and help find a solution instead of whining every time they open their mouths.


Riot Kitty said...

I despise the idea of a monarchy anywhere, but agree being President is an impossible job.

runningwmn said...

Great post!!!! I think that would make a great "letter to the editor"!

Chris said...

My blogging is in the toilet too! Too discouraged to write!! Glad I'm not alone! The prez is at least keeping his head above water as each crisis comes along and all he gets is crap!