Thursday, June 24, 2010

Beware of Pretty Faces !!

I want to warn the rest of the country about our absentee Governor Tim Pawlenty.
He has been pissed ever since McCain picked "She who shall not be named"
over him for VP in 2006.
He is busy cruising the country searching for votes for his possible run for President in 2012 or maybe VP.

Meanwhile he is slowly destroying the Minnesota economy .

Recently he sent a letter to the Health and Human Services Commissioner to inform him that he was not going to accept the 1.4 billion in federal health-carefunding, thus sending it to other states.
Doing this, he is going to be responsible for eliminating thousands of jobs in Clinics and Hospitals, and will also make it difficult to create new jobs and create opportunities in our State.

His only interest is to promote his own ambitions and
I fear what he would do to this country as President.

TPaw as he is called, is a pretty face and a personality that fools everyone.

This time the Republicans have endorsed a candidate not so pretty with a trigger temper to replace him.
He is just as right wing bat crazy, but we sould have a chance this time accept
the Democrats will be fighting it out in the Primary
and as usual will probably end up split.

We never learn in this state and that is why we haven't had a Democratic Governor for over 20 years.


Chris said...

Good luck with getting that fixed! FYI...I just donated money to help get Bachmann voted out....haven't even done that with my own candidates here in Calif!!!!!

Riot Kitty said...

Wow, what the hell is the matter with that guy?

Anonymous said...

I MUST tell Chris thank you!!!!

I am active in the DFL and can't agree with you more about the split in the party. We beat ourselves. I just don't get it. There should be a way to join forces agains a common "enemy" instead of the fracturing of the party to pursue independent agendas. I am not confident of this election, and I shudder to think of a state with this GOP candidate at the helm.

Green Tea said...

Always..I shiver too..