Saturday, December 11, 2010

Ho Ho Ho !!

Sitting inside in the middle of a Minnesota Blizzard working on my Christmas cards and I got bored.

I had so much planned for today and this weather is not being cooperative.
We just may have 20 inches of blowing snow by tomorrow.
The last time we had a storm like this
was Halloween or Thanksgiving 1991 and we didn't get out of our house for two days.

It has been a very eventful last couple months.
Linda ( my daughter, I was 10 when she was born ) and I helped with the recount in our Governors race, she ended up with her picture on the front page of the Mpls Star Tribune, looking very intense as she examined the ballots.
Lucky for the paper they didn't choose the picture they took of me or I would have sued !
Linda also became a Grandmother 3 times between August 6th and Sept 3rd.
Then after my Grand daughter left our family Thanksgiving on the 27th of November
She gave birth to a little boy the next day.
Our family Christmas should be interesting, maybe one of the kids can tape them all crying at the same time and post it on you tube.

I also had cataract surgery on each eye and though it is great to see clearly again I am tired of being reminded of my age.
I kind of like the blurry image I was seeing in the mirror before.

I saw Jane Fonda on The View this past week and since we are the same age I perked up a little then this morning I was channel hopping and came to Madeline Albright ( also 73) giving a speech.
So now I am back to my morose self.

Enjoy the music while I go make fudge.


Riot Kitty said...

Fudge! Yum! With all that snow are you perhaps going to open a theme park? :)

Marie said...

jane fonda has had multiple surgical enhancements and filthy rich ex husbands, i can almost guarantee madeline albright has had neither (sorry spelling and typing are an issue today) ...

i'm thinking jane has never made fudge either --


oh I had 2 pieces of fudge tonight..was sooo good..kinda sorta would like to get some snow here..but only till after we get the drive way and parking lot fixed..Not crazy about hiking all that way in the snow.

Anonymous said...

ooooo-fudge! That sounds good! I should have been doing something constructive like baking, decorating or buying gifts. Did none of it. My tree is in the stand, undecorated.
And I will bet that Jane Fonda has not only never MADE fudge, she probably doesn't eat/enjoy it either! Too bad for her!!!
Enjoy the babies!