Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dog Days!!

Today was Minnesota's primary election.
When I went to vote around 9:30 AM, I was only # 56.
Kind of discouraging for all of the candidates that have worked so hard for the last couple months.
I felt sorry for the election judges, it has been so hot and humid and there
they were stuck in a school gym with no air conditioning.

Hubba stopped around 2:30 and he was # 246.

There are 3000 registered voters in our precinct, I know, many of them who did not vote
will be whining tomorrow
when their favorite candidate didn't make it through this election.
It really ticks me off.
We have 3 very good candidates running for Governor on the Democratic ticket and they
have all agreed to get behind who ever wins this election.
The Republican candidate is a real extremest, he has no plans for fixing the deficit in this state.
He just wants to get elected so he can protect the tax cuts the rich already have .
He is endorsed by Sarah Palin..enough said!!!

My sister ended up in the Hospital yesterday, she was having breathing difficulties.
The doctor's feel it was related to the high temps and humidity.
But her white count is dangerously low from her Chemo, so they are keeping her for a day or two
to monitor her progress..
I guess when your body is pumped with poison we shouldn't be surprised.
She was being so positive and this setback has kind of taken the air out of her.
Keep her in your prayers.


Anonymous said...

Good wishes will be coming from here. It has to be hard to see her have such hard times.

Did your district have any contested primaries?


Green Tea said...


City council only..

Riot Kitty said...

She's in my prayers for sure.