Friday, November 05, 2010

What Now???

The wave that swept through our state was an anti incumbent one.
The wins and losses were localized.
My area Brooklyn Center and some of Brooklyn Park, Democrats won easily, other areas of the state where they were more union and blue collar they" through the bums out".
In one Senate race the republican did nothing more then a couple mailings and beat a popular Senator who worked his ass off.

Remember James Carville's message in 1992, "It's the economy stupid" it was the same this election and Washington ignored it.
Some democrats whined for two years that Obama wasn't liberal enough, maybe he wasn't. But that isn't the way you win elections.

Now Obama and who ever is left better work on jobs or it will be a Holocaust in 2012

What is the worst part of the Republican sweep, we will have to listen to this for the next two years..


Riot Kitty said...

She's such a crazy bitch. Can't imagine who would vote for her!

Chris said...

Despicable....according to my cousin, who knows the 6th district, we shouldn't be surprised.....too bad, as Tarryl Clark was one of those people who worked their asses off, while Bachmann did nothing...and has not accomplished anything during the entire time in Congress.