Saturday, September 05, 2009

Lost Weekend

Our weather has been great and I was so looking forward to the long weekend.
Then another little dust ball hit my life.
A little trip to Urgent Care, only this time for me.
I had a nose bleed that wouldn't stop, so there I was on a beautiful Wed. Night, having a balloon shoved up my nose.
The Doctor was very reassuring ..(Yaa) telling Hubba that my BP was off the chart and if it continued
that high he should get me to the Hosp before I stroked out.
Of Course my BP was high, my anxiety level was off the chart.
This is not the first time I have had a major nose problem,
25 years ago I made several trips to the ER with a similar problem but more severe then because I had been taking aspirin.
The solution then was packing the nose, shots of cocaine in the roof of my mouth and hospitalization because of the thinness of my blood..Large doses of Phenobarbital and Valium to basically keep me down, I call it my lost week. and it reinforced my feelings about drug use.
It took weeks to get that %$#@ out of my system.
, Treatments have improved and now I have this little balloon with a tube taped to the side of my face.
I see the specialist next Tuesday and he will remove it, and my BP will be high again fearing the problem will start all over.
So I am monitoring my BP twice a day to show him it is fine when I am not sitting across from someone in a white coat.

Right now I am stir crazy, I don't own a Burka and refuse to go out and have everyone asking what did you do?

Maybe a little white pill would help this time.

Life happens.



there is a condition called white coat syndrom..its where the thought of getting your blood pressure taken spooks you and just thinking about it makes your blood pressure go dr. has the nurse take my bp when i first get there and right before i leave..and the second one is always lower...garlic and cinnamon are good for lowering blood pressure..check with your dr...
hope your doing ok..i'd go out in public with the ballon on your face and anyone asks tell them its a new way to remove wrinkles and in 2 weeks everyone in your neighbor hood will be wearing one..

Riot Kitty said...

Yikes! Hope you heal soon.

Marie said...

get a burka --- it would be an experience you won't forget ---

Chris said...

Please feel better soon.....and watch that blood pressure!!!!!

Green tea said...

Added twist, I had a reaction to the Sulfa, I think I had this before with another med..
Anyway it reminded me of Hot Flashes from the past. :D
Or a bad sunburn.
Doctor switched my Antibiotic, told me to start it tomorrow.
I am taking Benedryl every 4 hours right now.
Thanks for all the good thoughts..

Gonna look for a Bee veil :D

Green tea said...

Jackie Sue, you make my day. :)

If I had known I would be stuck here for a week, I would have had
a Face lift :D