Sunday, September 27, 2009

Autumn Leaves

Autumn is my favorite season and
the past few days have been gorgeous,

Today I sat on my deck and read for a couple hours,
before the old memories started.

As the leaves swirled down from the trees,
I remember the smell of burning leaves and at one point was tempted to go drop a match

This week is homecoming at my home town High School and I thought about my high school days.
I wonder if they still have some of the
traditions we had back then, probably not

I remember how a large group of us would snake dance down the streets, through the stores and the theater and then end up at the fair grounds for a big bonfire.
Each class would decorate a float and someone, I don't remember who, would award prizes.
The Homecoming Queen and her attendants would ride on one of the floats and then Friday night under the lights,
the big game.

We won some and we lost some, but we still had fun.
To this day I love high school and college football.

A week from tomorrow many of my classmates will be meeting for lunch at Whiskey River in St. Peter
for a mini reunion.
Among them will be some of the former football players and the Homecoming queen.

I am looking forward to it, a casual gathering where we can catch up with each others lives.
Everyone comes to it on an equal basis now, no more cliques.

Turns out all of us had our inadequacies back then, and now we have let them go.


D said...

We have a couple more weeks before the leaves start to change here. I'm hoping to find some time to drive out into the country and enjoy them!!

Chris said...

OMG...this is bringing back some memories for me too...reconnecting with a fellow pom pon girl after 40+ years...can't wait! PS.....I WAS the homecoming queen.....I don't tell just anyone that!

Chris said...
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Riot Kitty said...

That sounds like so much fun! Do you have pics of the snake dance?


autumn in texas is about 45 minutes long.but i like it too..
we are having our home coming this friday and our football team is 4-0..we're pumped

Green tea said...

We have one of the most beautiful drives for leaves in the valley of the Jolly Green Giant.
Starting in LeSueur and around the
St.Peter Mankato area.

Green tea said...

Be Proud Chris. :)

No pics Kitty, in those days camera's were
to big to drag around, and we were all holding hands as we snaked.

Jacque..Ive heard you take your football seriously down there.

Marie said...

you'd better stop and visit me!!!!

Michael Manning said...

Green Tea: I loved your post and Nat King Cole was simply one of the greatest stylists in music! I have heard so many nice stories about this man. In Cincinnati, we once had "The Ruth Lyons Show"--a live TV talk show. Ruth was one of the first women who was briefly syndicated across the country in the late 50's. She had Nat King Cole on as a guest one day and said, "You strike me as a man who is a good dancer. Why don't we dance?" The orchestra played and they danced. Some Cincinnati viewers were offended and Ruth received some hate mail. She went on live television to respond to the mail and actually told her viewers what a fine gentleman Nat was and if they didn't like it, there is a channel changer on their television set. She was tough! And this was live television. This was a neat reminder of the seasons, letting some things go and Nat King Cole. I hope you Blog about the reunion!!! lol! :)

Green tea said...

Be Proud Chris, some day I'll blog about my "Queen" summer.'s back then were to clumsy to carry around..:D

Marie..Will try if your in your office.

I use to rush home from school to watch Nat King Cole's
show on TV..I think it was on at 5:00 in the afternoon.
He is still my favorite singer from that era :)

Flash said...

"some day I'll blog about my "Queen" summer."

And THAT we have pictures of *grin* Muwahahahahaha