Saturday, January 08, 2011

Winter Blues!

I can't seem to get motivated, even though I have a very busy week coming up.
I think it is the lack of sunshine and the below 0 wind chills out side.
It has been a long time since we have had a winter like this one.
Overall I am a winter person, we even got married in January.
I hate the heat and humidity of the summer and have no desire to go anywhere if it
has a humid climate.
But I have had my moments lately where I wish I was spending a few days in Southern California.
Until, I talked to my cousin who has been there since before Christmas and said the weather has been miserable.
I guess I'll just have to enjoy the few minutes the sun peeks through the clouds for now.
The holidays are passed, and I have to get back into a routine.
I have Doctor appointments and meetings this month.

Tomorrow night is the big party celebrating our new Governor, I thought about going for about two seconds, but decided I would just stay home and toast him from here.
I will miss the walleye and wild rice and the Sweet Martha cookies and seeing all the happy faces.

Maybe running woman will bring me a doggy bag.


Riot Kitty said...

Yikes! Those temps and no sun would make me blah too. Or pissed off, actually.

We got married in January also. Happy anniversary!

for_the_lonely said...

Guess who is back to her old blog??? :)

I remember being really depressed during the winter months in SD. I think it was the overcast days that we always had. I think it's okay to just have those blah days and take time to feel whatever it is we're feeling - as long as we bounce back! :)

I hope the snow lightens up for you all and that you have a great day! :)

Love you!!!

Chris said...

You sound like me!!! Trying hard to get motivated about the NEW aside, it's hard to get your mind around the negativity and violence!!

Michael Manning said...

Having been born in the Mid-West, I can say that the snow and overcast skies was okay as long as we were kids. I moved away at 20 and now live in the desert. So, here we are in January with people walking around in cut offs, T-shirts and Flip Flops! I'm serious.