Thursday, March 29, 2007


This week has been a tough lesson for many of our elected Congress
and Senate members.
In my state newly elected Congressman Keith Ellison is getting a lot of heat
from the peace activists who take claim to his election.
They feel betrayed, only a vote for immediate withdrawal would have been accepted.
I think this is an illegal war and
I too would like to see all of these kids come home.
I have friends and family members in this conflict.
One thing I don't quite understand though, if we do not pass funding
what happens to the troops already there?
Do they and their families get paid?
If they decide to bring the troops
home now, what do we use for funding ?
How much will it cost and what happens to those that are the last ones
Will their lives be in danger as they leave?
I still have visions of those last planes leaving Viet Nam ...and it
sickens me.
None of this sounds very simple to me and to keep my sanity, I have to
trust that our Democratic leadership knows what they are doing.
I want to point out that if we could go back to the 2000 election and if
a single issue candidate like Ralph Nader had not been in the race,
Al Gore would not only be President, but we would be looking at an
entirely different world.

I know to some people that compromise is a dirty word, but many times
it is the only way to a solution.
I strongly support what our new leadership is trying to do and I hope
our kids come home, though it may not be tomorrow, maybe it will be soon
so no one else has to die..


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