Monday, April 09, 2007

The Golden Years

Have not had a good week.

Last week my hubba ended up in the hospital with severe pain in his abdomen.
It turned out to be a gall bladder attack, but in the process of diagnosing, the ER doctor found he had been on a wrong prescription for 6 weeks.
The pharmacy made a mistake,( guessing at bad hand writing is no excuse) not a small one, a dangerous one, he was taking a blood thinner instead of the medication was probably the cause of the attack, without going into
details, take my word for it.
He is now on the right medication plus a anti biotic for an infection caused because he was not getting the right medication.
Tonight he had a problem maybe caused by the anti he is off of that till he talks to Doctor in the AM.

He is scheduled for gall bladder removal on Wed. ..maybe..!!
My kids think we should be suing, I don't have the stomach for it and anyway it would just make the lawyers rich.

Meanwhile the claims adjuster for the pharmacy called and will be sending out papers for him to fill out.
After tonight.. I wish I had a family member that was a lawyer...!

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alan said...

I've been a bit caught up "in the whirl" of life of late and missed this when you posted...these mistakes are the scary ones; it's not like driving on a bald tire, or putting off an oil change when you know and can weigh the risks involved!