Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Gun's don't kill people??

Yesterday a parents worst nightmare took place.

At approximately 7:15 AM ET, a young 23 year old college student shot and killed
2 other students.
Two hours later he methodically killed 30 more, before taking his own life.

After hearing all of the stories about the young student who was the shooter, it has become obvious to me,that he was suffering from some kind of psychosis.
Even his roommate has said he acted strangely.
Teachers noticed this complexity and
one of them who worked with him one on one suggested he get counseling.
What is wrong with this picture?
Did they follow up, or contact family to discuss his strange behavior?
On a campus this large especially, they need someone who can recognize mental illness.
Or it will be happening again soon.
With the large number of military coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan, who will be enrolling in college's all around this country, they better come up with some kind of plan to identify, psychosis, panic disorders, anxiety and other forms of mental Illness.
Because the gun lobby with all of their money will never allow any decent form of Gun Control to take place in this country.
No one wants to take away some ones right to hunt, but no one will ever convince me that any one other then a Police Officer needs an automatic weapon.
If this sick young person would have had to stop and reload his gun, just maybe some of those lives would have been saved.

Below is a link to a time line of recent Worldwide school shootings, read it and weep!



Misty said...

Amen to all you said..I agree..The fact that this man walked in and bought those guns with a one minute background check...something is wrong when guns like that are so accessible.

alan said...

This last week I read something that spoke about 20 years or so ago when the gutting of the mental health care system of the country began and how the homeless problem started at the same time.

On NPR they have spoken of how 1 in 3 people in city and county jails would have been in that system somehow were it still intact.

But we need more tax cuts!


Misty said...

GiGi--i saw your post on my blog and i feel the same way about Rosie. She looked so bad--affected (as we all are) and i worry about her. I'm worried this show isn't the best idea for her. If she doesn't renew her contract i wouldn't blame her a bit..too much stress.