Friday, April 27, 2007

First Responders

One of the most tragic things that has happened since 9/11 is the number of First Responders
suffering from respiratory illness.
Today on the View we met a couple of them.
One suffering from respiratory fibrosis in both lungs.
He is unable to lay in his bed at night and sits in a chair straight up to sleep.
He needs a complete lung transplant.
There are 25,000 First responders suffering with lung ailments.
Soon the Federal program to help these brave men and woman will end.
They will be on their own, some of them not covered by insurance any more.
These are more of the tragedies from that awful day.
Rosie and the ladies talked about having a benefit for these victims of 9/11
I hope they follow through with it.

George "the King" does not hear those voices he is too involved in making sure all of his rich friends get their tax breaks.
Along with this, we have thousands of Veterans coming home with injuries and many from the first Iraq war still suffering from mysterious ailments and being ignored by this administration.

How many of these brave heroes will be standing in lines at food shelves in the near future?
I sent a letter to my Senators and Congressman, telling them to do something and if it means raising my taxes, so be it..


alan said...

I can't believe the irony of King George pushing his health care savings accounts so his cronies have another way to make their money disappear while those who need health care desperately are cut from federal programs by the millions!

They promised our veteran's they would take care of them as well; if you did 20 years you would be taken care of for life. When my wife's brother (4 tours in Nam) developed cancer he had to sell his house and meet the Medicare qualifications before the VA would even look at him. In that time the cancer progressed so far it became terminal...


Green tea said...

Well Alan, I hope the next election brings out some intelligent voters.

Anonymous said...

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