Sunday, July 10, 2011

Eaton 4 Senate

It has been a busy month. With the death of our friend and State Senator Linda Scheid, we have been on a mission to find the right candidate to fill her seat. It took some time for us, but we did get the candidate we wanted from day one. When Linda was told a week before her death from ovarian cancer that Chris Eaton agreed to run for the seat, her response was "phenomenal".

Linda's family is on board and willing to help in any way they can,and that is very important to our cause. Now the work begins. Yesterday we spent a few hours working on a fundraising mailing that will got out to about 2500 residents. Chris has to raise 3000.00 in 50 dollar donations to qualify for matching funds from the state.

Tuesday night we will hold our first fundraiser. Chris and her family have been down a very long road recovering form the death of her beautiful daughter form a drug over dose I wrote about it back om May 30th 2007. It took all us by surprise, but Chris and her family grew from the tragedy and from that it has made her a much stronger woman and someone whose causes will be directed to the most vulnerable in our state

Chris has a website Eaton4Senate check it out.



I'd vote for her.

Riot Kitty said...

Good luck! Sorry I'm not there to vote for her.

Green Tea said...

It will be interesting to see what happens..first we need an agreement to end our state shutdown..The Governor can't set an election till it's over...Sure looks like a stalemate right now.