Monday, May 30, 2011


April 14th I spent time with my sister while she was in hospice at home, she died later that night.
Add that to a few other complications in my life and I haven't been in a blogging mood.
This Memorial weekend has been a difficult one, besides losing my only sister to the dreaded cancer and my sister in -law last fall, it is also the 4th anniversary of my grandniece's death.
Is there an afterlife? I don't know, but if there is the the 3 of them are together.
Yesterday Hubba and I took her parents my niece and nephew in law to brunch.
It should be a happy time because it is their 30th wedding Anniversary, unfortunately this weekend will always have sad memories along with the happy ones.

Hopefully things will soon improve my state of mind.
Techy Flash and the lovely Mrs. Flash stopped over today with my cleaned out computer.
Maybe it will get me back in the mood, time will tell.


Riot Kitty said...

Hang in there! Those kind of anniversaries are always painful, but it gets easier as the years go by.

Green Tea said...

I don't have a lot of years left to go by Kitty :)

fineartist said...

Aw, sweetie, I'm so sorry.


I knew if I remembered the day my daddy died every year i'd be a sobbing weeping mess on that somehow I delibertly made myself forget that day..I know he died in june..but I don't remember what's better for me..

Anonymous said...

Yeah, horrible stuff. But then I remember....what would my sister want me to do? She would be telling me to think about her a bit, but do that while I am out doing something fun. Because if she were here, she wouldn't waste the precious day wallowing in grief. The thought has helped me a lot in getting through those tough anniversary days.

Michael Manning said...

Green Tea: My heart is with you as you have been through so much heartache. I am thinking of you and sending along my (((HUGS))) and best wishes at such a very difficult time.

Chris said...

Soooooo hard to lose that you cyber hugs! Sorry I'm so late in sending this message, as I haven't been a very good blogger girl lately either! My grand daughter had to be my guest blogger the other day!!!! Let's get better....we have a president to elect!!!!!!!!