Thursday, February 10, 2011

"Linda and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day!"

It has been one of those months again with lots of drama.
When things cool down maybe I'll share some of it.

Just a snippet for now.

My daughter's Medical Device company was bought by a larger group form Ireland
last fall and they are in the middle of restructuring.
She has been hearing rumors for months that her job may be in danger.
There are a few who think she is overpaid, so they assigned someone to stay close and see what she does.
He reported back to them that if they got rid of her to be prepared to divide the job she does and hire two people. It seemed to slow them down.

They have reassigned her to a new department,
she went from Sourcing Specialist to a Buyer. I think I have that right, if I don't I'm sure she will correct me.
I could add much more but not now.
Yesterday I got and e-mail from her and without her permission I am sharing it.
It made me smile and lifted some of my funk..

"I had a totally stressful day from hell. I called my girlfriend to vent about the horrible sexist remark a male co-worker said to me when we were at a supplier and I was the only female in the room, and this is a guy who I actually like and get along with. He kept referring to "the virgin product" when he was referencing some literature that we hadn't taken out of a box yet. He must have said "virgin product" three or four times and then he finally looked at me and said," oh, I guess I shouldn't be referring to virgins in front of Linda". There was a horrified dead silence and to the credit of the rest of the men in the room no laughter, but it was EXTREMELY awkward that he would make that remark at all let alone in front of suppliers! So I'm venting to my friend about the inappropriate virgin remark and she said " Well, ya know Linda, It could be a lot worse. You could actually still be a Virgin"

Despite the stressful day and after a year of being told I'm overpaid, I got a raise and a bonus, so I guess I shouldn't complain...."


Riot Kitty said...

Tell her this guy has obviously got no dick!

runningwmn said...

Too funny Riot Kitty!!! Would you believe his name actually is DICK! lol Actually he's a good guy who is just a little too old school and up until his remark had always been nice to me. But in his lame attempt to be funny he turned into an idiot.

Oh and my new title: Indirect Commodity Manager. I was promoted.

Riot Kitty said...

No way! That is too good. Hey, congrats!

Anonymous said...

I love to dissect job titles. Does the new title mean that you are an indirect manager, or that they are indirect commodities? A promotion is wonderful.
sometimes, helping the good but "old school" guys along is rewarding. It is the young ones who know better and still are horrible that are depressing.

Chris said...

Great story!!!