Saturday, September 17, 2011

Life goes on!!

It has been the busiest month I have ever had..Babies 1st birthdays, my class reunion and of course the Campaign for State Senate..
Chris Eaton flew through the primary with a landslide victory over her opponent, but now we start all over again.
She has a Republican and an Independent candidate, both going after her, because she is the leader.
She is a trooper and is out there every spare moment knocking on doors.
We have started to get a few more volunteers now that Labor day is past so that will certainly help.

Today I and a friend had brunch with the Governor, it was a fund raiser at a private home, we had to leave a little early to attend a meeting of the State Central Committee.
We have the best Governor.
In a small crowd he is so witty and charming..But his shyness takes over in front of a camera, which is too bad.

Last weekend was my 55th class reunion and it was the best one we have ever had.
All three days were full of activities. As we have gotten older the cliques have gotten fewer and we all just enjoyed seeing each other.
We had a small memorial service for the 9 class members that are no longer with us.
It was lead by Rev Jim a class member and retired Lutheran minister.
We also have one priest, but he didn't make it this year.
Probably busy seeing the country on his Harley.

Coming up this weekend is our Woman's Club book sale..we have over 2000 books and I am afraid we will be stuck with a lot of them.

I went from President to the fund raising Committee, not to bright, right ??

I also need to add my sympathies to the families of Eleonore Mondale and Kara Kennedy..both dying way to young.


Riot Kitty said...

If they asked you to be in fundraising, consider yourself takes a special person to do that as a volunteer. I know. I do it for work.

Anonymous said...

The death of those two women is so sad. It seems as though our governor would have become a little more comfortable in front of the camera by now. It is too bad. If there is one thing most of the Repubs are good at, it is the schmoozing for the cameras. Glad you had a good time lunching with him.


wish you could send me the books..ha..sucker that I am..
sad about them...really sad.

Michael Manning said...

Yes, I found the death of these two women tragic. As a much older colleague once told me in a hushed tone, "Any death is untimely". My thoughts and prayers are with their families.